The Morning Cup of Black & Gold: Steelers News & Notes

Oi.  Somehow I feel like tomorrow morning when I wake up, I will see in the news that Troy Polamalu pushed a nun in front of a bus.  James James James.  With an opportunity and a platform to be taken seriously, Harrison lashes out in the most immature way possible.  Harrison has been criticized before about his complaints from being fined, and I’ve defended those complaints thinking they were not so ill-placed.  But this is just well… it makes him sound truly like an idiot.  The truly sad thing about that article is that his bashing of Goodell and his teammates, Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall, completely overshadows points about what non-guaranteed contracts do to players approach to hitting and other meaningful issues.  Pundits think he will be fined, others feel he’ll be suspended, others still feel that it’s just James being James and life will go on.  I do know this, once camp starts, Tomlin is going to have his hands full getting these guys back to football. 


Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Trib dishes out some medicine that is pretty hard to swallow.  One thing I take pride in (and it’s a mantle that is now quite shaken up) is being able to say to many critics of the Steelers that this team and organization is historically one of the classiest organizations in the league and in all of sports – from the top down.  The past two years have really tested that statement and more so the past few weeks.  It will be hard to take Tomlin seriously when he will give out statements that his guys are focused and full of class.  Guys like me when talking about players who are on the market, like Plaxico Burress, can’t use the excuse that the Steelers would never pick up a guy like that – one who has baggage and a questionable character.  It’s starting to not hold much water.  I still think that the team and organization rise above all others… but damn they are making it tough to stand by that lately.


Derrick Mason of the Ravens thinks that players who are critical of Flacco are just scared of Flacco… and dumb.  In an article in the Carroll County Times Mason says, ‘When you’re good, people are scared of you.  Honestly, that’s what I’ve seen. When people realize the potential that you have, they get very, very scared and then you see them scrambling to say bad things about the guy.’  I really don’t think that’s the case.  When a team or player ‘has your number’ such as the Steelers have for the last four or five years, I don’t really think it’s fear that is driving LaMarr Woodley’s criticisms.  It’s a pretty weak attempt by Mason to stand up for his QB – resorting to the ol’ ‘Don’t stir the sleeping giant’ slogan.  Until Flacco starts stepping up in games that truly matter and beat teams like the Steelers in the AFC Championship, he will continue to be heavily dumped on.

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