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Steelers fans are without a doubt the best in the NFL


Growing up a Steelers fan, there are certain teams that you are raised to hate.  The most important teams to hate would be the teams within the division.  As time has progressed, the division has changed, and new rivalries have emerged based on meetings in the playoffs or overall dislike for the city, coaches, or players.  Here is a compilation of the teams I feel are most relevant now for Steeler fans to hate and root loudly against.  Let the smack talk begin.

First, I must share a disclaimer.  Hate is a strong word.  The hate used in this post is merely in the football sense of the word and not meant to invoke or elicit any acts of violence towards these cities or fans of their teams.  If you take it that far, you have completely missed the fun involved in smack talk, and you should probably seek some kind of counseling for your anger issues.  That being said, here is my haterade.

Dallas Cowboys:  I hate the Cowboys since the moment I heard them referred to as “America’s Team”.  I’m convinced that Jerry Jones is Satan and he made a deal with Neil O’Donnell to throw those two interceptions to Larry Brown in Super Bowl XXX.  No one has been able to convince me otherwise since.  The rivalry between the Cowboys and the Steelers dates back to the 70’s when the Steelers beat them in Super Bowl’s X and XIII and then heated back up for Super Bowl XXX.  Both teams are tied with the most Super Bowl appearances, with 8, with the Steelers edging them out with a 6-8 Super Bowl record.  The rivalry has diminished slightly, mostly because the Cowboys aren’t making it back to the promise land anytime soon.  But it still stings to hear them referred to as “America’s Team” when Steeler Nation, and all the fans in the visiting stadiums across the country, know differently.

Philadelphia Eagles:  I actually never considered the Eagles a rival of the Steelers.  Sure there’s the whole interstate rivalry going on, but they play each other every 4 years so what’s to get all emotional about that?  It’s like having a rivalry with the Leap Year.  The state of Pennsylvania would explode with emotions at the thought of an interstate Super Bowl, but while we’ve made it there 3 times in the past 6 years, the Eagles have fallen short.  They have stacked themselves up this offseason, making many people wonder where in the world they have all this salary cap space, but all the pro bowlers in the NFL on your team won’t make a difference if Andy Reid still can’t seem to manage his time-outs in critical games.  Time will tell if the state will ever get its wish for a Turnpike Super Bowl.

Oakland Raiders:  Talking about the Steelers rivalries would not be complete without including the Oakland Raiders.  They couldn’t be more irrelevant, now since Crazy Al Davis still has a strangle hold on the franchise, making ridiculous decision after ridiculous decision.  But, if you grew up a Steelers fan, you were told of that amazing December afternoon in 1972 when Franco came out of the blue to scoop up the ball and score the winning touchdown in the AFC Divisional Championship, known as the Immaculate Reception.  Raiders fans still contend that it was an illegal play, and Steelers fans still contend that it was the most awesome friggin thing that ever happened on a football field.  Do yourself a favor right now and You Tube it and watch the goose bumps rise on your arms.

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  • JennMT

    I could agree with you more!!

  • BarbaraFairMyers

    GO STEELERS! In my home town of Erie most people are either Bills or Browns fans, but I was smart enough to marry a STEELER fan!

  • emery

    I agree about the Cowboys (for -exactly the same reason- the self-annointing as “America’s Football Team with Cheerleaders”). I always though that the Cowboy Cheerleaders were cheesy, it was much more important to play good football than to bounce and flounce. And if there’s a team that I really disliked, it’s the Raiders. As far as the Patriots, when they got good they ruined one of my all-time favorite off-color jokes. (’2 good tight ends’…) I understand the Ravens and Steelers teams don’t like each other, but frankly I really enjoy watching Ravens games (as long as the Ravens lose.) Cleveland, Cincinnati and Philadelphia? Meh!

  • Kimmy

    @emeryI should have added honorable mentions for the Jaguars, Jets, and Titans but I figured it was long enough. LOL

  • JamesE.Ellis

    are you kidding me or have you spent too much time in happy valley. no long time steeler fan would start any list of rival teams without putting old cleveland now the ravens on the top of the list. obviously you are too young to remember those bus trips in the 50′s & 60″s to cleveland and them coming to the burg. read your history my man. nothing will replace the fights, only getting end zone seats, the weather, etc. to this day when you meet someone from cleveland and say your are from the burgh, we automatic get in the fighting stance.

  • Kimmy


    I didn’t put them in any kind of order. Didn’t mean to make the old Browns/Ravens seem like the least hated team by putting them last.