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It's Time Steeler Fans.


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I like the rest of steeler nation have been in a state of shock since about 8:07 PM on Sunday night. I can’t even say for sure I was aware the game ended. Perhaps my mind was protecting me from the trauma, much like it would upon sudden impact. I have avoided ESPN like I avoid green vegetables. I have shunned colleagues who expected answers from me.  I have used the words “football is dead to me” more than once.  But its time. Time to wipe our snotty noses and dry our crying eyes.

We as a nation have but one duty, to hold our head high.  We can take a lessong from the great Mayor of Pittsburgh (he is great right? I mean I didn’t hear his campaign slogan or anything..) who made good on his bet and sunk down into tebow stance right in front of the steel city skyline. Though I do commend him for not exactly getting the gesture right, a small reprieve in a sad sad tale of two cities.


I applaud the folks at Denver International for this little doozy… too much too soon? I think not. Had we won, I cant imagine the shenanigans that would have occurred. All the names we would have thought up for Timmy, all the “I told ya so’s”.

So what I think is we need a little perspective and I’m just the one to put the rose tinted glasses over those cynical eyes of yours. Here, borrow mine.


We as steeler fans have come to expect a lot from our guys. Is that wrong? No I say. No way. Every August we undoubtedly have Super Sized aspirations and if my memory serves me correctly we’ve waltzed in the big dance 8 times out of 45. And 3 of the last 6 years. Let’s not get greedy folks.  I mean we could be Cleveland. People in hell want ice water, it aint coming.  We DO have a lot to be proud of from this season. How abouts we dwell on that for a bit.


Anyone remember that little (HUGE) win we had over some Adonis (his words not mine) named Tom Brady? Anyone? Buhler? That was epic. We were on fire that night. We stepped up to the plate and went all Kirk Gibson on his ugg wearing ass. We BEAT the Pats.


We have a receiving core that is nothing short of spectacular. Young guys, eager guys, disciplined guys who are taking this team vertical, and they are only getting better.  Hines swears he’s coming back next year, but I guess that is up to management. But the guy got his 1000th catch. You gotta smile about that. You know HE is. It was an amazing accomplishment for all of Steeler Nation to be proud of.


Redman. Love this guy. He’s patient and moves the ball. After a rough 2 fumble day against Cleveland, he had to come out and perform on Sunday. We were counting on him. He did that. With Spin ‘n Fall’s ACL return not certain,  he’s where the future of this team is. i believe that.


We faced adversity at every turn and came out with a 12-4 record, hard fought from guys who maxed out their medical flex spending accounts.  I for one don’t think its an inflated number or a misguided result.  We had guys going out every game, jesus, every quarter. Knees, ankles, heads, hammys. Our starting O-line was rotating more than the turnstile at a Kenny Chesney concert. Players on both sides of the ball were missing snaps.


And let’s face it. Being knocked down a few notches is going to force some hard looks at the season, the players. And maybe some of the decisions will be better going forward. Some of our guys ARE ready to ride off into the sunset. We have a Draft to look forward to, picking up some young fresh talent to help propel this team forward, build on the successes that we did have.


Lets be happy we HAD football. That little Lockout situation that held us all captive for many months put some nasty thoughts out there. A fall with out ESPN Red Zone? Unthinkable. What were we going to do at one o’clock? Watch pro bowling? Though I might have been content to go a few months with out hearing Phil Simms’ voice.

Finally I leave you with Coach Wilson, who lest we forget has been battling for his life these past few days, and underwent surgery on Monday. He’s part of our Family.  Thoughts and prayers still with him.

We all love our guys. No doubt. And I respect all of the discussions surrounding the season, agree with much of the commentary and am as miserable as anyone about the abrupt ending. My point is to not sweep the concerns under the turf, but instead throw out a little reminder that we are a blessed black and gold bunch. Maybe just gotta look a little harder for the silver linings this year.


So bottom line, lets get back to business. Wring out the towel, take a deep breath and cheer on the Texans, the only remaining AFC team I can stomach.


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