And Then There Were Four.

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Who's it gonna be? images courtesy of the NFL and ESPN.

The road to the Super Bowl is going to end with one of these franchises. I can’t say I’m all that happy about it for the most part, but as a fan of the game, its not like I can just turn the TV off and ignore that there are some big games to be played. Besides, its 29 degrees outside, who needs to be out in that? And as my competitive nature gets the best of me, there has to be a pre-determined side to take. I’m just not able to watch football for the fun of it. To me, its phenomenally better when you can cheer for third down conversions and yell “aw come ON” when a fumble isnt called a fumble (kinda like yesterday.. huh Giants fans?). So what’s a Steelers fan to do, but jump onto one of these wagons and ride it into Indy. I’m just having trouble deciding which one….

 AFC Championship: New England vs. Baltimore
Wow. If there were ever a time to wish for the apocalypse. I mean, I’m not saying everyone needs to meet their maker, maybe just the field could open up at the 50 and the sarlacc from Return of the Jedi would appear and burp down a few guys. I’d be completely content to let the two teams from the NFC duke it out for the Lombardi. To me this game has but one purpose, that is if you have children, it is the ideal lesson to teach the concept of ‘the lesser of two evils’. And with that my thoughts:
Pros (to cheering for them): OK as much as this pains me, I love what they are doing with their two tight ends, chewing up defenses in every way possible. Think you can cover Hernandez? Gronk is going to come across the middle, knock over a few guys and probably score. Turn your attention to him and suddenly Hernadez is lined up in the backfield and taking the handoff for a first down. Its actually kind of magical to watch. Couple the dynamic duo with the two little keebler elves (Woodhead and Welker) and its a powerful arsenal. These guys are playing their best football right now. And tell me that defense didnt look too shabby on Saturday. Besides, we do owe them something for shutting up the media about Te-blows.
Cons: I hate Tom Brady. Yes. Hate him. Hate his ever-talked about hair, his smug grin, his arrogance. And Coach B, aside from me being done with the whole half a sleeve thing (did he have TWO cut off sweatshirts on Saturday night?) is quite possibly the most conniving, shady, un-human man in football. Lest we forget Spygate. He makes the kid from the Omen look like Wally’s kid brother the Beav.
Pros: They are not playing pretty football right now, but they took care of the ball on Sunday and had no penalties. When you do that you tend to win games. Maybe I feel a little like they are due, they haven’t even sniffed the Lombardi in a decade, much of that at the hands of the guys in black and gold. **snicker** They ARE part of our little (dysfunctional) AFC North family. But maybe the best reason, I feel like they are beatable by either NFC team in the SB, therfore defaulting them from the over all title anyway. Seeing Joe Flacco sporting that ridiculous Fu-man-chu mustache for a solid three more weeks, when he himself has admitted it is absolutely awful, is also unmistakably rewarding. There is talk of Ray Ray retiring if they win the big one. How nice would THAT be.
Cons: Please.  They took us to the woodshed twice this year. And their entire Defense is the living definition of ‘Thug’.  And they are the ravens. What kind of person would I have to become to find myself pulling for these guys. I shudder to think about it.
Final Verdict:  This is a tough one. Kind of like being at a crappy wedding where your entree choices are pork chops or eggplant parm. Both are going to make you sick.  I guess I’m going to have to go with the guy in the UGGS.
Next up the NFC…..
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