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Steelers MMQB: Super Bowl XLVI Wrap Up

Ah man! Eli did it to me again! Image courtesy

What We Learned during Super Bowl XLVI:

  • You still can’t spell “Elite” without “E-L-I”
  • A safety ruins people’s football squares all across the country
  • Super Bowl commercials over-promise and under-deliver every time
  • Madonna lip synch’s pretty good for a 53 year old
  • Brady and Belichick still winless since “Spy-Gate”

It hit me this morning like a ton of bricks.  No football for six months.  At least the last game was entertaining.  There were some highs and lows, the commercials were ok, Madonna put on a good show, and Eli still has Brady’s number.  Saturday went a little like I thought it would with Jack Butler, Dermontti Dawson and Curtis Martin earning their spots in Canton while The Bus still has to wait another year.  I have no doubt that next year will be Jerome’s year to get in and although it would have been tremendous to have three Steelers enshrined in one year; it’s great to see Dermontti finally get in after all these years.  I have to admit a little piece of me would have died inside if Ochocino would have gotten a ring and Brady got into the 4 Super Bowl club with Montana and Bradshaw. 

Ok who bet on a safety from intentional grounding would be the first points scored in the Super Bowl?  I can only imagine what kind of payout that would be.  Eli was scoffed at early this season for saying that he considers himself in the “elite” status of quarterbacks.  No one even considers him the best quarterback in his own family.  He’s now outplayed Tom Brady twice in Super Bowls to have the Giants become the first team to win less than 10 games in the regular season to win the Super Bowl.  I sure like to make fun of his boy-ish looks and his “aw shucks” face but he sure can kick some Patriots ass.  Whatever comes next for this Manning, he is entitled to some respect as a 2-time Super Bowl MVP. 

As far as the commercials go for the Super Bowl, my personal favorite was the Doritos one with the dog bribing his owner.  It’s funny to me how excited everyone gets about the commercials for the Super Bowl without realizing that two months from now we’ll all be tired to death of seeing them.  I would like to know if anyone actually enjoys the Go Daddy commercials?  It seems to me that if you go and run to your computer to “see more” after watching their commercials you have a very sad existence.  Madonna put on a pretty good show in my opinion.  She took a bit of a tumble early, but recovered nicely and threw in enough current artists in her attempt to be relevant again.  For all those who complain about the “old” artists getting the nod for the half-time show, first off the Springsteen half-time show for Super Bowl XLIII was friggin awesome, and second, last year’s Black Eyed Peas performance was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. 

As far as 4th quarter comebacks go, Eli seems to have the ability to pull one out of his ass at will.  Thanks to a 38 yard completion to Mario Manningham who perfectly tapped his feet in bounds before falling out, the Giants were set up to score the game winning touchdown by Ahmad Bradshaw.  Clearly Bradshaw had second thoughts about scoring and leaving time on the clock for Brady to return to the field but he had run out of field and had nothing left to do but back into the endzone.  The Pats got the ball back with just under a minute left on the clock with the Super Bowl on the line.  Brady was missing his Gronk something awful the entire game as Pats fans realized just how debilitating a high ankle sprain is for any position in the NFL.  Thanks to some key incompletions by Welker and Hernandez, Brady was unable to pull a win out and falls to Giants again in a Super Bowl.  I’d like to thank Eli and the rest of the G-Men for sending the Hoodie and Pretty Boy Brady home with no trophy, even though Vegas already has them as the odds-on favorite to win it all next year. 

It was a good ride, not the way Steeler Nation wanted it to end however.  At least if the Black & Gold couldn’t hoist up the Lombardi trophy, the Pats or Ratbirds couldn’t either.  If anyone is counting the NFC has won the last 3 Super Bowls.  The Giants proved once again that the hottest team in December and January is the most dangerous no matter what the regular season record is.  Let’s hope next year it will be the Steelers who get hot and stay hot through February.  Although I’m not quite as depressed as I was this time last year, the end of the football season always gets me down.  Good thing football season never truly ends as long as we are here to talk smack.  Go Steelers!


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