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Potential Management Shakeup: Steelers' Khan To Speak With Rams

When you’re hot you’re hot, and when you’re not you’re not.  Or in the case of the NFL – when you’re hot everyone wants to hire you and when you’re not you end up begging for a job in Arena Football.  Unfortunately for the Steelers, being really good for a really long time has its consequences on top of its rewards.  As a Steelers fan, it can get real frustrating real fast when you see good personnel walk out of the South Side facility for the last time…. unless your name happens to start with a ‘B’ and ends with a ‘ruce Arians.’  One can get down right frustrated to the point where you just want to yell up to the night sky and yell ‘Kahhhhhhhn!’

The Trib Live reported on Wednesday late afternoon that the Rams have contacted the Steelers and asked the team for permission to speak with Omar Khan with the intent on courting him for the new GM in St. Louis.  Newly appointed Rams head coach, Jeff Fisher, can be seen slicking his hair back and checking his teeth in the reflection of the Rooney’s office window awaiting his date with Khan.  Fisher certainly has his hands full with being charged to rebuild that team.  Khan has cultivated a reputation of being a down right bad ass in contract negotiations.

Khan has been with the Steelers since 2000.  The dynamic duo of Colbert and Khan has built this team into what it is today.  Side rant: I get pissed whenever people dig into Tomlin and yell ‘Win one with your own team!’  Like Tomlin is somehow riding Cowher’s coat tails.  Let’s be clear here – Kevin Colbert along with Khan and the Rooney’s have built this team to what it is today.  He is a genius in keeping the players that the Steelers need to keep from year to year.  He’s so good at it, you think he was the one to invent the word ‘restructure.’  If he’s in the room, you know something big is going on.  He’s wicked smart and good at what he does – and that hasn’t gone without notice.  Two years ago the Seahawks contacted Khan to become their new GM.  GM.  That’s a huge deal for anyone on the management side of this business.  Control over personel – great power and great responsibility.  Something I would think Khan could do in his sleep.  However, Khan chose to stay with the Steelers.  And, that has everything to do with the Rooney’s.  Or at least that’s what I believe.  And you people got your Hines Ward #86 boxers in a bunch when he let Arians go – interfering too much?  How about not enough?

So here we are again with Khan being wooed by potential suitors.  He may leave this time.  He may not.  It’s tough to say.  He seems satisfied with his work here in Pittsburgh.  He will become a GM at some point in his life.  Will it be with the Rams is the immediate concern.  Are they too screwed up to be fixed even by someone of Khan’s mental fortitude?  Perhaps.  But they could just be a few brilliant picks and free agent signings away from being a team in the hunt for that ever elusive NFC West.  Jeff Fisher is a good coach, and tose two could have something special in St. Louis.  He’s no Bill Cowher, and it’s being speculated that Khan may just be biding his time until Cowher comes out of retirement and become his GM.  If that’s the case, we should all just enjoy the ride while it lasts.  Once Khan leaves, I feel the team will really begin to suffer during the crucial offseason contract negotiations.

Hey Bill, you look great in the studio.  Maybe you should just stay there…..

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