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A Steelers Fan Hits Rock Bottom



Well, it finally happened this weekend.  Saturday morning.  It was right between the 7:00 AM shoveling of the snow and the 7:25 AM salting of the sidewalk.  Yes, that’s when it happened.  Like an avalanche of depression, I realized professional tackle football was done for the season.  Sure the Steelers had been done for a few weeks but I was clinging to that precarious thread of referred association: The Steelers played the Broncos.  The Broncos won.  The team that beat the Steelers is still in the hunt, so I still have some interest in how this all turns out… The team that beat the Steelers goes to New England and gets its ass handed to it. The team that beat the team that beat the Steelers is moving on… Like the alcoholic that runs out of booze, then drinks up all the cough syrup in the house, and is left to do nothing but shots of nail polish remover, I had accepted a lesser and lesser buzz until the bottle finally ran dry.

I was glad the Super Bowl ended like it did.  The team that beat the team that beat the Steelers was beaten by the team that is, in my opinion, the most like the Steelers.  The Giants have a storied franchise run by a solid family.  They have a class of 2004 quarterback with two Super Bowl trophies.  They’ll never be my Winnie Cooper (Steelers) but they’re not Nelly Olsen (Patriots), that’s for sure!

It’s lonely out here on the sidewalk; just a man alone with his thoughts and his broadcast spreader throwing out a sodium rich, non skid grit and thinking about football.  This came to mind:  Everyone thinks the Pro Bowl blows (and in this case, EVERYONE is correct) but if the NFL was to play the Pro Bowl in say June; its ratings would be through the roof.  Fans hungry for competition, I mean contact, OK guys with football uniforms on the same field as an actual football, would draw serious viewership!  I considered the free agents too; they would represent their former team one last time and maybe be playing with new teammates too! (Special feelings equal ratings bonanza). 

I am positive the Steelers will look significantly different the next time I see them on the field.  I am sure that in the coming weeks there will be much to discuss about the team we all love the most.  But right now it’s just snow.  I hear that the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Hello, my name is Dave.  I am a full blown Steelers junkie and I need a fix.

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