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Steelers: YAWN! Can Somebody Do Something?

I was sitting here on a dreary non-NFL Sunday watching that other Pittsburgh Championship Team, you know the one, and well, how can you not wish Sid was out there. Kid’s had a tough road and who knows the struggles that still lie ahead. Positive thoughts out to you big guy. And then I thought, holy hell it’s boring in Steelers land lately.

Gotta agree with dbuzard, we need some meat! (And not the fake meat-like stuff I’m about to plate up here and pretend its Grade A beef). Even the players who usually are blowing up the social media are a snooze. LaMarr is posting pics from a trip to Office Depot.  Harrison is checking out property partially constructed buildings in Morgantown.  Where’s a good controversial Mendy quote when you need one.  Hell, I’ll even take Larry Foote on Dancing with the Starts. When does that start? In fact, across the NFL it seems that the biggest news is Tebow turning co-ed heads at UCLA. Seriously? Is that what we’ve come to? Even Peyton-watch is running out of story lines. And we’re only two weeks out from the Super Bowl.


So I’m attempting to make ‘Pantry Pie’ as we used to call it in college, where you try to make dinner scrounge something edible from the contents of your current food stock. Yes, this was one step below price shopping for ramen noodles and only slightly better than asking the boys next door what they were having.


With recent headway made on the Steelers salary cap through the deal restructures of Woodley, Timmons and Taylor, Pittsburgh is leaning more into the “room to breathe” column.  CBS Sports recently reported that Harrison is looking to get in on the fun and find a new payment plan for his hard earned dollars.  That’s incoming, not outgoing; ie checks to the Commish with “ri-donk-u-lous fine” written in the memo… His rep says “Certainly, we’d be very willing to help”. Gotta love that that little WE he slips in there, I can only imagine the betterment of the Steelers is the first thing on his agent’s mind, right behind his cut off the top and an afternoon at Barney’s.  Who knows, maybe Ben in his changed man state will find it in himself to help out and just take more of his trillion dollars upfront. Oh the sacrifice. Might have to put off getting that souped up Suzuki. and matching helmet. .


In other warm and fuzzy and non-exciting news, seems that Big Ben and Rooney have had a little fire side chat and made nice. (You might remember Ben’s comment at the Pro Bowl… and then that Rooney was wanting to “tweak” Ben’s improv out of the pocket….) But according to number 7, who spoke to DVE, “I never came away thinking he wants to run the ball more”. Hmmmm so what did you come away thinking? That they want you to throw less?


All seems to be boring well on the home front, minus a few head shaking comments and finger points still coming out about Haley. We’ll see if any fireworks erupt between the OC and QB anytime soon…Please?!


So in the meantime Steeler Nation, wash the jersey that brought us no luck this year, finish up the Coors Light you bought for the playoffs that never happened and go back and watch Super Bowl XLIII again. What? You don’t have that on your DVR? Shame.








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