Manny took time out of looking at cars to let Steelers Nation know a few things about last season. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Steelers' 'Manny' Sanders Says Roethlisberger Checked Off Runs

In a blog post from, blogger Dale Lolley says that he was part of an interview with Gerry Dulac from the PPG.  They interviewed Steelers wide out Emmanuel Sanders.  During the interview Lolley says Dulac asked Sanders how many times Ben Roethlisberger would check out of a running play.  Manny had this to say – Big Ben was given a run play and a pass play when going up the line.  20% of the time Ben would check out of the run and go pass.

The Steelers ran the ball 47% of the time while on offense.  The team has been known to be above 55% when it comes to running the ball in past seasons.  Could Ben’s allowance and choice to check off the run so much account for swing for a pass heavy offense?  It’s probably one reason why Ben loved Bruce so much – freedom to make the final call at the line.  Will new OC Haley allow this?  Is this why Ben is a little ‘upset’ that Haley is the new OC?  Could I ask any more leading questions to stir up more drama???????

Thoughts Nation?  Do you think Manny is right in his estimation, and what does that mean going into next season?


  • Kimmy

    I remember the one of the big stories coming out of training camp was how Ben was going to keep all of these talented WR’s “fed” so that there wouldn’t be any “gimme the ball” drama. I love the leading questions though! As much as he was upset about BA getting canned, I think there’s enough time to let it go and jump aboard a new approach to the offense. He can’t keep holding onto the “I had 4,000+ yards and 2 WR’s had 1,000+ yards so everything was great with the offense” mentality.

  • SonnyDrysdale

    Who cares, teams check out of plays all the time, this is newsworthy?

  • RickHarmon

    That’s not uncommon..depends on down and distance, so that 20% could be misleading..but I agree with Kimmy.. when you have 4000 yards and 2 WR with 1000 but your 21st in ppg dose it matter?? Hell Naw!

  • randyjs

    This is really such a non-story. Every elite QB in the league has the freedom to audible at the line – Ben is no different.