Cordy Glenn turned some heads on Saturday. Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

NFL Combine Day 2: Potential Steelers Draft Pick Results

Today is Day 2 of the NFL combine.  Feels good to see these guys running around on the field after a few weeks of the ‘no football zone.’  Our own Dom has done a hell of a job with his mock drafts thus far – see 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.  With those mocks in mind, as well as what we feel are other needs for this team, here are the results of players who have participated today that are on the Steelers potential radar.

First up is Cordy Glenn out of Georgia.  Glenn recorded the sixth fastest 40 time today with a time of 5.15.  He also had 31 reps at the bench.  Glenn impressed many pundits today during his trials.  Seems like most didn’t think much of him until he started posting his numbers.  Glenn also recorded a 23.5 vertical, 93 broad jump, 8.13 seconds in the 3-cone and 5.0 seconds in the 20-yard shuttle.  Mayock could be heard on NFL Network voicing positive comments about Glenn.  Brian Billick felt the same way and was impressed with Glenn’s overall agility.  Glenn has certainly made a case that he can perform at tackle at the NFL level.  The advantage he would have being with the Steelers is he can be a floater on the line early on in his career.  As we know, our linemen tend to get injured early and often for some bizarre reason.  Having Glenn in the lineup as someone who could play the outside as well as the inside would be invaluable to this team.  Glenn’s performance today turned some heads.  Hopefully, not too many before the Steelers can nab him in the first round.

Other notables:

Brandon Washington, Miami (FL)

40 time: 5.25

Bench: 28 reps

Vertical: 25 inches

Broad: 101 inches

3-Cone time: 8.22

20 yd shuttle time: 4.87

Kelechi Osemele, (G/T) Iowa State

40 time: 5.36

Bench: 32 reps

Vertical: 26.5 inches

Broad: 104 inches

3-Cone time: 7.91

20 yd shuttle time: 4.87

Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin

40 time: 5.39

Bench: 32 reps

Vertical: 29 inches

Broad: 101 inches

3-Cone time: 7.77

20 yd shuttle time: 4.61

Lucas Nix, (G/T)Pittsburgh

40 time: 5.43

Bench: No reps recorded

Vertical: 29.5 inches

Broad: 102 inches

3-Cone time: 7.81

20 yd shuttle time: 4.90

Ryan Miller, Colorado

40 time: 5.27

Bench: 32 reps

Vertical: 28 inches

Broad: 100 inches

3-Cone time: 7.72

20 yd shuttle time: 4.78

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  • DomDiTolla

    I was stoked to see Glenn do so well today too.  Now I’m worried though that he could go before 24.  But as I alluded to in my post today, this is a pretty deep Guard Draft so that helps the Steelers immensely.

  • craig.nicepickcowher

     @DomDiTolla Exactly.  Even some of these guys had better numbers than Glenn.  I’m not worried, but I hope that the Steelers see the value in going with a guard within the first two rounds.  I was chided last season for stating the Steelers needed to trade up to get Mike Pouncey because the desperately needed a guard.  Nothing has changed with that need, that’s for certain.  They are fortunate that the class is so deep that there’s not need to panic and make an inadvisable trade.

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  • DomDiTolla

    Totally.  Wasn’t so much on the Pouncey bandwagon last season just due to how much it would have cost to acquire him, and the Steelers needed a 5-Tech DE, a solid Tackle, and some CB help (thankfully they got all three) in 2011′s Draft.  Would have loved to see the Steelers trade up, but still too many holes to fill and not enough picks.  It’s essentially my argument as to why acquiring DeCastro would not be in their best interests this season.
    I’m most intrigued by Ryan Miller myself.  Dude is a beast and is about the same size as Glenn (6’7″ 320), played/started at Right Tackle at Colorado as well, and could be had in Rounds 3-4.  Lots of experience, (RS-Senior that started almost 4 years), and a good run blocker.
    Local guy from Pitt Lucas Nix also should be familiar with the organization, and Brandon Brooks (who wasn’t invited to The Combine) from Miami (OH) is a massive developmental prospect can be had in Rounds 3-5.  Keep an eye on Brooks over the coming months, I read about him about a month ago, and McShay and Kiper a couple days ago discussed their shock that he wasn’t invited to Indy this week.
    The way I see it, they should go for one pure Guard like a Zeitler or a Washington, or Brooks and then also a swing guy (G/T) like Glenn, Osemele, Miller, or Nix.
    As much as I like Glenn, I see him gone before #24 now.  If the Steelers like Hightower he will be a BPA at a position of need at that spot, so they could go there in Round 1.  Otherwise, the more I think about it, the more I see the value in the Steelers trading down from #24.  I’ll do a post either next week or this week on that subject.

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  • craig.nicepickcowher

     @DomDiTolla So what are your thoughts on what lotus is putting out there about ‘inside’ info on Steelers trying to acquire Saints Carl Nicks?

  • DomDiTolla

     @craig.nicepickcowher In all honesty, and I hate to put down a readers views, but I believe it’s downright ridiculous.  I mean you know as well as any Steelers fan that the F.O. is and always has been very discreet about the information they let out regarding their players and their business.  Furthermore, the Steelers have never made a habit about going after “high-profile” Free Agents, let alone expensive ones like Nicks to boot (especially when the franchise is so strapped for cash and are scrambling to get money to retain Wallace).
    I guess Lotus just has too much time on his/her hands and is wishfully thinking that the Steelers can get Nicks.  I’ll believe this “inside” information when I see it, but as of right now, and at least having an understanding of how the Steelers’ Front Office has treated Free Agency since its inception, the “inside” info sounds like hogwash to me.