Possible 1st Round Trades, the Steelers, and the 2012 Draft

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The Steelers, Their Situation, and What Could Happen

I hate to say it, but after top notch performances by OG/OT Cordy Glenn and NT Dontari Poe at the Combine, coupled with their resume of solid play displayed throughout their careers, and overall upside the Steelers will likely not see either player come pick #24.  As of now, it looks as if Dont’a Hightower has the best chance (of the prospects Craig discussed) to be available to Pittsburgh at their current slot in the First Round.  However, with Hightower’s experience as a 3-4 ILB in a Nick Saban Defense, his overall football I.Q., and his positional versatility, a 3-4 team might trade up for him before the Steelers are on the clock at #24.


The Steelers Trade Back?

The Steelers need not fret though if Glenn, Poe, or Hightower are nowhere in sight at #24.  In fact, in event Colbert and Co. have to trade back, it could actually be the smartest move for the franchise with regards to this Draft Class.  With their biggest needs at OG, NT, ILB, the Steelers could benefit immensely because the Draft Classes at OG and NT are extremely deep, and a number of quality players could be had in Rounds 2-5 at OG, NT, and even a few at ILB in 2012.

The Steelers can trade back from #24 and in turn accumulate picks from teams looking to do any number of moves.  RB’s like Lamar Miller or David Wilson could be available and a RB hungry team could pursue them from early to mid Round 2.  A QB like Tannehill might still be on the board (if Cleveland takes “RGIII” or passes), and a team like Seattle, Washington, Kansas City, or even Miami (basically whichever teams lose out/don’t pursue Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, or “RGIII”) could be willing to part with multiple picks to acquire his services.  And if a 4-3 DE pass rusher like Whitney Mercilus or Nick Perry is still on the board at #24, Pittsburgh could defer to another team in need.

With the Steelers’ positions of need being very deep in this year’s Draft, and possible prospects being available for other teams to select and trade for at #24, Pittsburgh should at least consider trading down and acquiring multiple picks in Rounds 2-5 because they could find multiple gems at OG, a NT of the future, and even an ILB.


Final Thoughts:

No matter how Free Agency shakes out, Round 1 of Draft Day should be littered with a lot of movement.  And I for one cannot wait to see how it all unfolds.  The Steelers could find themselves in quite the advantageous position to trade down if the players which they have Pittsburgh “Mocking” do not happen to be there.

Or who knows?  If a guy like Poe, Glenn, or Hightower is around in the #18-#20 range, or consensus top rated Guard David DeCastro slides in their area (#17-#21) they could make a move upwards if they really like him.  Personally I believe that trading down would best benefit a franchise needing help at their specific positions of need in 2012, but I digress.

I’m just amped that it’s “Draft Season,” and it’s time for “Projections” and “Mocks” galore.  So get ready “Steeler Nation,” this year’s 1st Round should feature plenty of movement.  And who knows?  The Steelers might be doing a bit of moving of their own.


Now it’s time to hear from you the readers:  Will Glenn, Poe, or Hightower (or more than one) be available at #24?  If so, should the Steelers select them?  Should Pittsburgh trade up?  Should they trade down?


Let me know, and the floor is yours.

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