The Steelers, Under-the-Radar Yet Still Important Positional Needs, and The Draft

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Wide Receiver (Maybe)

Taking a WR in the Draft is mostly contingent upon whether or not the Steelers can retain Mike Wallace in the event that he signs an offer sheet with another club and Pittsburgh cannot match it.  Furthermore, Pittsburgh has already cut Hines Ward, and Jerricho Cotchery is an Unrestricted Free Agent.  If Pittsburgh is unable to keep Wallace, then Cotchery must, I repeat must be signed.  If Wallace bolts, and so does Cotchery, the Steelers might be in a whole heap of trouble, and would then need to look for a WR.

While I personally believe that Wallace will end up staying at least through this season and not be tendered by any other club this offseason, it can’t hurt for the Steelers to be looking at other options for the future if he cannot be signed long-term.  Compounding the possibility of Wallace leaving is the fact that Cotchery might not be in Pittsburgh in 2012 and Antonio Brown might bolt via Free Agency in a couple of years as well.  While Pittsburgh might not be scouting WR’s right now, all it would take is the “Wallace Domino” to fall and everything would immediately change.


Final Thoughts

As I previously alluded to, these 5 (6 if you count WR) positions of need are not the ones which need to be filled the fastest or are the most dire on the roster.  Guard, Nose Tackle, and Inside Linebacker should take precedence over each of them this offseason.  Yet, as Kevin Colbert and his scouts have proven over the last decade, they are always “one step ahead” of the game, and are looking to fill what could be positions of need down the road.

There are few in the League that can top Colbert and Co., so let’s at least count ourselves lucky that we have that group accumulating talent for the franchise.  So keep your eyes peeled for Colbert and Co. to take some players at these positions this April.  While they may not be the most important right now, you can bet that in a couple of years that you will be glad the Front Office decided to look for upgrades at one or more of those positions.


Now Let’s Get Psyched For Free Agency and The Draft!

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