Is Rooney doubling down with this Mike Wallace play? Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE

Doubling Down: Steelers’ Rooney Genuine Or Truly Gambling With Mike Wallace?

“The sooner the better as far as we’re concerned but there’s two parties to it.  We’ll have to see what we agree on so I don’t want to put any particular time frame on it or restrictions on it because these things take time and I wouldn’t want to box myself in on it.”      - Art Rooney II

That’s Arty talking about the Steelers’ whimsical thoughts of signing Mike Wallace to a long term deal.  The reason why Art and the Steelers don’t want to put a time frame on it and box themselves in is that they feel content to keep Wallace at the tender they placed on him a couple weeks ago.  I’ll even go as far to say that they won’t sign him at all this year and then franchise him next season.  That gives the Steelers two years of productivity out of a wide out who could potentially get big bucks when he becomes an unrestricted next season.

Sorry, but the longer a deal is not done, and the more I keep hearing from the front office this kind of drivel like what we see above, the more it’s hard to believe that the Steelers will make an honest attempt to offer him a big long term deal.  Oh sure, they’ll offer  him a long term deal, but it will be in the range of $8-9 million – far from the $10+ Wallace wants.  It’s a bit of a game – bait other teams to jump at Wallace so they can get that second first round pick to either use or trade, and if that doesn’t work just keep Wallace on the cheap.

How the game will end is unknown.  I’d be of the notion to think the other GM’s in the league are smart enough to see the Steelers’ play and not take the bait.  After all, why rush to sign a receiver to big money when his own team isn’t willing to sign him the same?

Thoughts? Is Rooney playing a bit of a game with this whole Wallace contract, or is he truly laying awake at night trying to figure out who to cut/restructure in order to find the funds?


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  • ZacharyBest

    The Broncos could target Wallace. Would be interested to see if they would give up the 25th overall pick for him.

  • fbrrocket

    @steelersbuzztap gamble is worth it. Not a ten mil a yr guy. Doesn’t run great routes. Doesn’t fight for the ball. Quiet in big games.

  • JP4Pitt

    I doubt they’re losing sleep. Time and time again, network close-ups showed Mike Wallace clearly disgruntled when Ben misfired or threw to someone else–which isn’t necessarily bad. A receiver who doesn’t want the ball isn’t a player. I could be wrong, but the impression I had was something different–that Wallace’s funks were about Wallace & his 2,000 yard season.
    Yes, Wallace is scary fast, and yes, he’s added a wicked underneath crossing route to his one-pony bag of tricks. He’s definitely a valuable weapon when Ben has time to throw, when Ben can put the ball on the money, when Wallace keeps his competitive focus, and the moon is in Gemini while Venus rises. Otherwise, give me a franchise nose tackle or versatile o-lineman who can pass block like the Siegfried line and run block like a tank.  

  • craig.nicepickcowher

    @ZacharyBest I think you are absolutely right. I’ve written a couple posts about it. In fact the case for Denver is even stronger now that they have an arm to throw to some one like Wallace.

  • JP4Pitt

    Good points all, @SteelerBuzzTap! Not a ten mil player. I mean…season on the line, clock running out, you’re behind by 6, whom do you target: Fitzgerald, Mike Wallace, Calvin Johnson, Wes Welker, Santonio Holmes, Andre Johnson, AJ Green, or Antonio Brown? I could suggest a whole second tier of wide receivers and tight ends, and I suspect Wallace would be the last of both lists. He’ll never be more than a fast receiver with average skills unless he changes his mental approach.