Draft? I don't feel a draft.

HELP! I Am Draft Clueless!


Bill Parcells has done and got himself back in the football news recently.   Two Tuna headlines are currently wasting bandwidth: “Will The Tuna Coach the Saints in 2012” and the much less interesting, “Crazy Ass Owner Trying to Bait Tuna to Run Vikings”.  I think it is more than likely that Big Bill will be insulting Saints players and management while alienating the New Orleans press corps this season.  I just don’t see Parcells putting the effort into shoveling snow and salting the walk everyday from the October through May just to cash checks from Ziggy Wilf.   This soon to be Pulitzer nominated gem really has nothing to do with Bill Parcells’ future, or even his past for that matter.  The NFL draft is just a couple of weeks away and that always brings my favorite Tuna Talking Point to mind.  Parcells, then head coach of the New England Patriots, was miffed that Robert Kraft didn’t allow Bill in on the draft process.  Parcells quipped:  “They want you to cook the dinner; at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries”.  Parcells is a big fella and food is regularly on his mind.  I too loves me some grub but I live by the philosophy that if you are enjoying that sausage, you REALLY don’t want to know how it’s made.   I guess that thinking also sums up my overall interest in the NFL draft. 

NICE PICK, COWHER has been running amazing draft articles by very well informed writers who must do a ton of research and give extreme consideration to the future needs of our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.   These columnists are encyclopedic in their knowledge of the NFL’s Farm Team (some uninformed folks call it “COLLEGE” football.  har har).  I have posted blogs here wondering what The Home Team is going to do to fill many of their positional vacancies this coming season only to have Dom, Adam, Kimmy, Kari, or Craig (Jeff hasn’t got me yet) tell me:  “Northern Arkansas State Poly Tech at Fayetteville has a corner that would fit with LeBeau’s system perfectly”.  Thanks gang.  Now I know how our dog feels watching Jeopardy…. “What the….”  “How did…..”  “I need a nap……”    Then once the pre season starts, I get to feel like someone’s out of touch uncle:  “Who the hell is that guy and where the hell did HE come from?”  “When the Hell did they cut the draft to seven rounds?”  “If he was unsigned, what the hell is he doing out there?”  “Where the HELL is Gregg Lloyd?”  “There’s two #78’s out there!!”.   “ahhhh! I pooped by pants…”  It just goes on and on until the roster is set.  Then I’m all good and have a dumbass opinion on every one of them!!

Keep reading NICE PICK, COWHER for the best in Steelers draft coverage.  I’ll be in the basement trying to figure out how  a hammer works…….

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