Trading Out of Round 1, Should the Steelers Consider Moving? Part II With Abridged Mock Draft Scenarios

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Final Thoughts

Before I close this post, I should add though that the Steelers have never traded out of the 1st Round during the 12 years of the Kevin Colbert regime.  Nevertheless, there is a first time for everything, and the way the Draft Board could potentially shake out in terms of the players available at #24 and the offers Pittsburgh could field, it might make logical sense to move down for later picks where players at positions of need for the Steelers (Guard, Inside Linebacker, Tackle, Nose Tackle, Safety, etc.) are still highly talented, but most of all available.

It will be interesting to see what Pittsburgh ultimately does because of their position in Round 1, and I will be on the edge of my seat watching how the entire 1st Day (and then Days 2 and 3) will unfold.  Whether or not the Steelers end up choosing to slide down has yet to be seen, but you have to at least consider that it is an attractive option for a team in Pittsburgh’s spot.

Regardless of what the Steelers do, I can’t wait for next weekend!



Now it’s time to share your thoughts readers.  Are there any teams you could logically see Pittsburgh trading down with?  Will the Steelers take other players if they do indeed trade down?  Or will Pittsburgh stand pat at #24 and just choose somebody else not named Hightower?

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  • bryan10s

    I am impressed with your research for a fan site. You arent just throwing out opinions that arent thoughtful. I am hopeful we (Steelers) draft Kellen Moore late in the draft to back up Ben. I think the BYU DT Hebron Fangupo is in the mix because they have had success in defensive linemen from BYU in the past. I like your Paulson, Van Bergen and Corp insight. I am still hopeful we get Poe or Baron in round 1. I think Stevenson Sylvester deserves a shot at the ILB job but I’ll take Hightower.

  • DomDiTolla

     @bryan10s Well thank you for the kind words bryan10s.  Also, I’m glad you commented on the Brigham Young D-Linemen as well.  Keisel and Hoke did/have done a nice job over their careers.  I like Fangupo a lot though because he has a squat frame similar to Hampton’s, can clog the middle and he played some 5-Technique to boot.  He will be 27 at the beginning of the season (Mormon Missionary Trip) and won’t provide much from a pass-rush stand-point which is a bit disconcerting, but he would at least help to provide adequate depth all along the Defensive Line and could contribute like Keisel (when he was a role player) and Hoke did.  In my opinion he is a rotational guy, and the team did bring in for a visit this offseason.

  • MarkArmor

    Here’s an option I haven’t heard anywhere else.  Why not trade Mike (ME) Wallace to Indianapolis for their second round pick.  That would give them a great wide receiver for Luck, and would give us the 24th pick, the 34th pick, and still keep our own second rounder.  Plus, we wouldn’t have to figure out how to pony up that much money for Wallace. 

  • DomDiTolla

     @MarkArmor I like where your head is at MarkArmor in terms of finding ways to go up early in Round 2, but at this point no team (especially a team with as many needs as the Colts do) would make such a trade.
    Most of that has to do with the fact that they would have to give up a high draft pick for Wallace and they would also have to work out a long-term deal with him before he became a Free Agent in 2013 (think Santonio Holmes and how the Jets had to sign him after he was traded there the year before he became a Free Agent).  Teams like Indianapolis, Minnesota, St. Louis, Jacksonville etc. would be better served waiting until Rounds 2-5 to acquire a talented player at a fraction of the price without having to allocate so much money to a player like Wallace who wants to be “Oprah Rich” and still be on the hook for a long term deal.
    Plus, Pittsburgh will likely receive a 3rd Round compensatory pick in 2014 after Wallace leaves so the price to trade him will likely be more because his off-field behavior is not what Santonio Holmes’ was.  It would take a 1st or a high 2nd to let Wallace walk, and because of how expensive he is, and the threat of him becoming a UFA down the road, he will remain with the Steelers in his final contract year.
    In sum, I don’t believe from a financial and football standpoint that there are/will be any Font Offices looking in his direction this week.  Teams would be better served to wait until this season ends where the only thing they would have to give up is a contract, not a contract plus draft picks.  Plus, if Wallace struggles this season, his price could go down, and those in the market for him could get him at a bargain rate as well.