No need to rub your eyes. That's what these three dudes predicted.

Analyst Clowns Place Steelers Third In AFC North

Jag’ville is a fairly populated place these days.  Well three new citizens signed up for their residency cards today when they decided to place the Steelers as placing third in the AFC North.  Who, you may ask, are these lucky clowns?  Herman Edwards, Marcellus Wiley and Bill Polian.

ESPN, fishing from a very dry well of analyst talent, brought these three clown on to do predictions – well before any completion of OTA’s or training camp.  I have no problems with predictions.  We do them here all the time – mainly for fun and to stir conversation.  What’s really annoying with these three jags is the air of authority with which they speak – no surprise there.  But we should all really know by now the predictive prowess of Edwards, Wiley, and Polian, right?  Masters of the crystal ball.  So what was the big reason why they consistently placed the Ravens and the Bengals over the Steelers?


Yes.  That’s right.  Change.  If you just asked yourself, ‘Of what?’ you, my friend,  you are already light years ahead of these three magnificent boneheads.  Aside from losing Ward, Aaron Smith, Chris Hoke, James Farrior, Chris Kemoeatu, and Willie Gay, the team is is mainly intact from last season.  Let’s look at that for a sec…..

Ward: Retired after team DIDN’T WANT HIM BACK.  Production was that of a 3rd or 4th receiver.  No big deal

Smith: A fairly big hit to the defensive line.

Hoke: A great backup who, with the combo of losing Smith, makes it a bigger loss.

Farrior: The defensive leader of the team in the locker room.  Production wasn’t that great, and is replaceable.

Kemoeatu: Worthless from day one.  It was already like he wasn’t playing on the team.  So no loss there.

Gay: The #2 corner.  Which Gay was going to show up this year, nobody knew.

So in essence, the Steelers lost 2-3 significant contributors to their team.  And, that all of a sudden means that they go from 12-4 and placing 2nd (only after losing a tiebreaker to the Ravens) to 3rd in the division?  Where in the hell is the logic in that?  Where’s the big change they speak of?  It’s crazy.  If anything, the Steelers went through some huge changes after the draft was over, and it was a change for the better.  If anything, the Steelers improved their chances significantly in winning the AFC North.  The team addressed some significant needs on the offensive and defensive lines, as well as added depth to linebacker and running back.

I’m no homer, and I always call it the way I see it.  Even if that means having to dig into the Black and Gold a bit to prove a point.  There’s no way the Steelers have been shaken up in a negative way that causes this team to falter.  I think what these ‘boys’ are really banking on is the new offensive schemes of Todd Haley no jiving well with an offense that had visions of bubble screens in their dreams on a nightly basis.  Yes, the team will have its bumps and bruises over the course of the season.  At times it won’t look pretty.  But, the Steelers know how to win and still have a defense mainly in tact that will always give them a chance at winning no matter what the offense is like.

Lastly, there was mention of Tomlin being on the hot seat this season.  Excuse me while I grab my list entitled ‘Most Asinine Things People Say.’  Tomlin, as his two predecessors proved before him, has proven to be a strong coach and knows how to run a football team.  Seems like Stooges Inc. (Edwards, Wiley and Polian) needs a refresher on their Steelers history.  The Steelers just don’t drop coaches after a stumble.  Tomlin’s won a Super Bowl since arriving.  They’ve made the playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons and Super Bowls twice since Tomlin joined the team.  Hot seat?  I think not clowns gentlemen.  Oh it should also be noted that the Steelers don’t usually can their guys after one bad season.  They gave Cowher a contract extension after the team went 6-10 the previous season.  So yeah… there’s that.

Quick get these guys some different drugs.  I think they just announced that they think Colt McCoy is going to win the league MVP because he ‘deserves’ it after so much adversity.

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  • DomDiTolla

    I would say that when I watched this garbage my jaw hit the floor, but I was not shocked because this is the type of misinformed garbage to be expected nowadays/last decade from the “Worldwide Leader” in sports coverage.  I basically had the same feelings as you about the “change” that was supposed to hurt the Steelers in their eyes.  I see the changes (upgrading the Offensive Line with DeCastro and Adams, adding and developing Offensive Defensive depth, and hiring Todd Haley) as positives as opposed to negatives.  Plus, Harrison and Woodley should be 100% which should help the pass rush/turnover creation quite a bit.
    What steamed me the most however is that these guys gave a free pass to the Ravens who are missing their top pass rusher, have a Running Back with contract issues, a rapidly aging Defense, and a title window that closes by the year.  Sure the Bengals have improved the talent on their roster over the 2010 season, but call me when they beat a team with a better than .500 record and play consistent winning football.  Plus, Cincy still has to develop the talent they drafted and acquired, which is something they have not done a stellar and consistent job of over the last two decades.

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  • Kimmy

     @DomDiTolla I totally agree.  This is ridiculous.  The losses on defense aside from Farrior were to guys that haven’t had much consistent playing time in the last few years anyway.  Smith hadn’t finished a full season since 2008 and Hoke has played sparingly as well.  Ward played little to nothing last year and Gay’s season was only surprising because he’s been so consistently underwhelming in previous seasons.  They have actual depth at the CB position this year.  The Steelers just had some major upgrades this offseason and the Ratbirds have done relatively nothing.  The Bungles can just as easily have a weaker season.  Marvin Lewis hasn’t all of a sudden become a coaching genius after having spent the past few seasons as a total and complete joke, he more or less got lucky with Dalton not completely sucking and the young wide receivers out performing expectations.  There’s no way Tomlin’s seat is even room temperature, let a lone hot.  He might as well be sitting on an ice cube.  If the Haley experiment crashes and burns most people still don’t fully believe it was his call anyway.  

  • RickHarmon

    I set my reminder so I could see this..thank God my. Daughter had a game that day. When I saw the results the next day it really didn’t surprise me. That whole network anti Steelers, minus Hodge and Bayless..if u ask me the Ravens are the team in question, and I guess the Ginger kid Dalton is the Savior for the Bungles despite going 0-2 against Pitt,yes we took a key loss “kinda” with Smith, but then again he was gone the last 2 seasons anyway. Lmao the same pol who said we had an A grade in the draft place us 3rd in a division that basically has been ownd by 2 teams since it began..I LOVE IT..its clowns like them and Warren SAPP that drive the Black and Gold

  • MarkArmor

    You guys take this stuff WAY too seriously!  They only reason they want the Steelers to lose is the same reason they want the Patriots to lose.  They’re tired of always having the same winners.
    I mean, really.  How would you like to wake up every morning as a Browns fan.  Why even bother?

  • craig.nicepickcowher

     @MarkArmor People (and by people I mean NFL fans from anywhere other than New England) want the Patriots to lose because they cheat.  People strongly dislike the Steelers, but usually there is a ‘respect’ there for being a solid organization.  Don’t know when I saw ESPN hate on the Pats, though.  Wonder why?????
    And, I would be pathetically sad if I had to wake up as a Browns fan.  Not because other teams keep winning, but because my sorry ass of a team can’t win if their lives depended on it.  Don’t hate on other teams winning all the time.  Hate your own team for not being able to win.  If the Browns want an easier time, they can head over to the AFC/NFC West.

  • craig.nicepickcowher

     @DomDiTolla Completely agree about the complete disregard to the ‘issues’ of the Ravens and Bengals.

  • DomDiTolla

     @RickHarmon What I can’t stand is all this media-fellatio (cough*Bill Polian*cough) over Andy “Ginger Spice” Dalton.  Dude has a noodle-arm and an average all-around skill set.  He just has the luxury of throwing anything in the air to A.J. Green who has the ability to make ridiculous catches and in my opinion is the best WR in the Division now.  Nevertheless, the Steeleres and Ravens made Dalton look like a joke in all four matchups, and he tapped out in the game at Heinz Field.
    All I have to say is that when Cincinnati starts beating both Pittsburgh and Baltimore consistently, and Andy Dalton can start completing passes longer than 25 yards down the field that aren’t prayers to Green, then I’ll take notice.

  • RickHarmon

    @DomDiTolla Amen! Crazy..they were saying the samething about Colt MC he’s on his way back to the bench or out the door.. he’s probably still dizzy from that hit #92 gave him..and Flaccos semi success is a result of Coach Dicks bad decisions mixed with Trots need to gamble on crucial passing durations..all that being said, I think Pitt still is the cream of The AFC NORTH