Unfortunately for Biz Markie, he and Warren Sapp look a lot alike when they talk.....

Steelers D Up Against Warren Sapp (Updated)

Confused about the picture above?  I’ll give you a minute, and we’ll get to it later….

Update: Sapp tweeted a rebuttal when confronted by Steelers Depot Wednesday afternoon.  Sapp said ‘@Steelersdepot Ike Taylor played the worst# game in NFL History as a DB #BiggerIssues Who’s The Other Guy!? #NeedPhoto&Bio’  The feud continues, but will it heat up on the Steelers’ side?  I think the players will let the season record do the talking from here on out.

Last year Warren Sapp opened up that big ol’ mouth of his last season and said the Steelers were ‘old, slow, and done.’  The Steelers rebounded after stumbling out of the gates, finished 12-4 on the season, and had the No. 1 ranked defense.  How’s that for old, slow, and done?  Turns out that in this case Sapp’s mouth was cashing checks he couldn’t afford because The Man has come a knocking at Sapp’s door, and he’s filed for bankruptcy.  Wahh Wahh.

Apparently, he thinks he has mass amounts of credibility because he’s running his mouth once again that paints a less than favorable picture for the Steelers in 2012.  He has recently predicted that the Steelers won’t make the playoffs this year and will be lucky to finish over .500.  Why?  Because of the loss of just a few key veterans – specifically Hines Ward, James Farrior and Aaron Smith.  *scratching head*  Last time I checked Ward, Farrior, and Smith were part of the Blue Hair Club that Sapp so vehemently railed against last season as being old, slow, and done.  So wouldn’t their departure be a good thing?  And if it’s not a good thing, then doesn’t that mean you were wrong in your assessment last season?  Either way Sapp makes about as much sense as an alien working a mail room….

Ahhh now we come to the picture above.  If you ever saw Men In Black 2, you might remember a scene in which rapper, Biz Markie, appeared in the mail room scene.  In this scene Will Smith’s character beatboxes to a large black guy – who turns out to be an alien – who beatboxes a bunch of nonsense back.  Well, Sapp looks and sounds just as foolish as that dude in the mailroom when he talks about the Steelers.

But don’t fret, Nation.  The Steelers D stepped up to the mic Tuesday and gave Sapp their own tongue lashing.  Ike Taylor (who has decided that part of his new contract last season was to say all the RIGHT things) and Larry Foote  went after Sapp during Face Me Ike’s weekly radio show.

“He has other issues. I don’t even want to talk about his other issues.  Man, he is worrying about the wrong thing right now. People are coming knocking at his door.”  - Ike Taylor

Taylor is clearly going after Sapp and his bankruptcy problems.  Foote joined in the volley by citing the reason why Sapp has such a grudge over the Steelers.  He recalls the Monday Night game from 2002 when the Steelers played the Bucs and Sapp crossed team lines during warm-ups.  Foote said that Joey Porter and Jason Gildon grabbed the Sapp and Nate Webster by the throats before things got out of hand with the larger group of players.

“He came out there hopping like a little girl, and they snatched them up. If he disagreed with what I said, have him call in. I am sure we have footage.”  - Larry Foote

It’s no secret that Sapp has a beef with the Steelers because of this.  I know that Sapp gets paid to give his opinions on NFL Network.  But, his shock jock’ing by saying ludicrous things about teams, especially the Steelers, is a bit much.  It’s about as annoying as some shock jock political a-holes out there – pretty soon it’s just a bunch of white noise to my ears.

I’ll just end this by saying the obvious.  Warren Sapp, grow up.  Flush your bitter pills down the toilet along with your football and analytical careers AND all your money.  The Steelers will end the season over .500.  In fact, anyone with half a football brain knows that they will be in hot contention for the AFC North (as always) even though they have a new offense under Todd Haley.  And, in case you couldn’t understand me, let me put it in terms that you can understand – blerp bleep bloop bwap pwherft flibbity boodah bing dabba dabba ahemina ahemina.  Got it?  Great.


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  • Kimmy

    Favorite line: “Turns out that in this case Sapp’s mouth was cashing checks he couldn’t afford because The Man has come a knocking at Sapp’s door, and he’s filed for bankruptcy.  Wahh Wahh.”  Well done Craig, well done.  

  • craig.nicepickcowher

     @Kimmy Thanks Kimmy.  Kept thinking of that line from Top Gun when the skipper says Mav’s ego was ‘cashing checks his body couldn’t handle’.  Only this time for Sapp, HIS GOOSE is cooked.  Get it?? Get it??? Boom, roasted. 


    Sapp is a SAP….. SUCKER!!!    His mouth is bigger than his wallet!   Come next February, he will find out that HIS MOUTH wrote a check that his body can’t cash!
      Remember Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay saying, “Who the hell is Mel Kiper Jr. anyway”?  Well, who the hell is Warren Sapp?
    Although HE DID actually play in The NFL, Sapp was a MARGINAL talent @ best! {NEVER motivated to excel @ His Position… And ALWAYS  “Crying” to the Officials that he was being held “ON EVERY DOWN!”} The same can be said for his “Skills” as an “Anal-yst”…
    Yeah, that’s right!  He’s JUST ANOTHER A****LE!!  
      Bring it on Warren!  
      YOU SUCK!  
    For OUR Pittsburgh “Stillers”, SEVENTH Heaven is but a Season away!   
    ***> A 36 Year Season Ticket Holder! 

  • dbuzard

    QBKilla’s last victory was beating his house keeper, Sonya, in that Playstation commercial. “you can’t bring the draw on third and long, Sonya”…….


     @dbuzard   As the “Old Man Burns” Character on The Simpsons would say….
    EGG-CELL-ENT!    :p

  • DomDiTolla

    criticizing Sapp for being: a second-rate announcer with an obvious vendetta against the Steelers, and someone who has been ridiculously negligent with their finances are a couple of things we can all agree on because they are true and have factual evidence to back them up.
    Yet to say that he was a “marginal talent at best” is not only misinformed on your part, but somewhat foolish overall.  Sapp will be a Hall of Famer likely next season, which will be in his first year of eligibility.  Sapp was named to 7 Pro Bowls, was the 1999 DPOY, and notched 96.5 Sacks from the Defensive Tackle spot.  Furthermore, him and John Randle redefined the 3-Technique position in the 1990′s in Cover 2/Tampa 2 schemes.  Sure the dude popped off and annoyed people (including me) during his playing career, but to say he was a “marginal talent” is a tad farfetched, and you might want to do your homework.


     @DomDiTolla  Sapp is a LOUDMOUTH!  You know it!  And admit it…  If you Dom, REALLY believe he is a First Ballot Hall of Fame player… You Sir NEED to do your “Homework”…
    Lynn Swann was CONSIDERED a First Ballot Hall of Fame player in the eyes of MANY Football “PUNDITS” (such as you).. And it took him 14 Years to get in!  As far as “on the field of play”, Sapp was NOT a “Dominating Force”!  His Statistics were GREATLY influence by the “Double Teams” applied to OTHER members of the Tampa Bay Defensive Line! Give John Randle MORE credit than than Warren Sapp for “revolutionizing” The position…
    So SApp was DPOY one Season, & went to Seven Pro Bowls… Swann was a Super Bowl MVP & went to Nine Pro Bowls! 
    So, when it REALLY comes down to the “facts”, YOU need to do “THE HOMEWORK!”  Before you go “running off @ the Mouth” like Sapp! 

  • DomDiTolla

    If I wanted to, I could pick apart your “argument” all day, but I’ll just address the three most obvious holes embedded in your last post:
    First, you discuss Sapp’s success as being padded by his teammates around him.  But you don’t think that Swann enjoyed the luxury of a passing game led by a Hall of Famer like Terry Bradshaw?  Or being a part of a WR corps with another Hall of Famer like John Stallworth (who had better statistics than Swann in every major category (Recs., Yards, TD’s, and almost identical YPC no less) and produced at a high level long after Swann retired with QB’s like Cliff Stoudt, Mark Malone, and David Woodley at the helm?  Or a running game with Hall of Famer Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier, Frenchy Fuqua, Sidney Thornton, and so on?  Or how about a Hall of Fame Line anchored by Mike Webster, and littered with talented guys like Jon Kolb, Steve Courson, Gerry Mullins, Larry Brown, etc.?  If I use your train of thought, Swann’s output was just as helped by his talented teammates as Sapp’s was.  And I certainly didn’t see many other (if any) 3-Techniques which produced at as high a level as Sapp did over his career/era other than John Randle.
    As for Swann’s Pro Bowl nominations, I don’t know how you came up with 9, but that is downright hogwash, and you, me, and most everybody in Steeler Nation knows it.  Swann made 3 Pro Bowls and was named All-Pro once.  It’s out there, go ahead and look it up.  In fact, Swann only played 9 seasons in the League, maybe that is what you were thinking of before you started typing.
    Finally, to your overall argument in general, Swann vs. Sapp is like comparing apples and oranges.  Both played completely different positions (WR, 3Tech DT), in completely different eras (70′s, 90′s-00′s), and comparing each of their accomplishments from a statistical standpoint makes zero sense.  It would be like comparing/contrasting somebody like Randy White from the Cowboys of the 70′s and 80′s to Hines Ward, and how their statistics stack up against each other.
    Just because a guy with an abrasive personality like Sapp talked garbage about the Steelers is no reason to get entirely upset.  It’s what the media does, they try to create controversy and discussion.  And what better way for Sapp to do it than attempting to pick on the franchise with one of the biggest fan bases after a down season.  Thus, take it easy and let the Steelers’ Defense prove him wrong on the field in the coming seasons.
    So please, if you are not going to bring any legitimate commentary to the table backed by facts, or are trying to elicit outlandish responses from the NPC Staff with your patented CAPS LOCK insults and childish Quotation Mark laden posts in the “Comments” area, don’t bring any at all.
    Thanks though,