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Former Steelers Great Doubts Freeh Report



Franco Harris loves him some Joe Paterno and he’s not afraid to say so.  You go, Franco!  Upon Paterno’s termination in November of 2011, the former Steelers great composed a letter to the Penn State Board of Trustees.  A portion of that letter is shown here via the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

“I feel that the board made a bad decision in letting Joe Paterno go,” said Harris, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “I’m very disappointed in their decision. I thought they showed no courage, not to back someone who really needed it at the time. They were saying the football program under Joe was at fault.

“They really wouldn’t give a reason. They’re linking the football program to the scandal and, possibly, the cover up. That’s very disturbing to me. … I think there should be no connection to the football program, only in the case that it happened at the football building with an ex-coach. I’m still trying to find out who gave him access to the building, who signed that contract.”

Sounds like Franco had an investigation of his own under way to root out the snitch who was part of the faction who was responsible for the witch hunt at the center of the black listing…….. The mere fact that Franco went on the record to support his former coach and mentor resulted in Mr. Harris getting nixed from his gig encouraging folks to gamble their paychecks away at the Meadows Casino.

The statement from The Meadows reads like this:

“In light of the recent developments with Franco Harris regarding Joe Paterno’s dismissal, Franco and The Meadows have mutually decided to put their business relationship on hold at this time, while these matters are looked into further.”

Does this mean that The Meadows was also launching an investigation into:

The Jerry Sandusky child abuse accusations?

Penn States’ administration’s  role in covering up the crimes? (alleged crimes at the time of Franco’s dismissal)

Joe Paterno’s depraved indifference (thank you, Law & Order) when faced with evidence of wrong doing on his staff.


Was The Meadows just choosing to pass judgment on a dude for sticking up for a man who was extremely instrumental in his development as an athlete and a person?  This from a company whose product comes with a warning label, like cigarettes or yard darts……

Gambling Problem?  Call 800-848-1880

No problem though.  I’m sure Franco learned his lesson. As a community leader and businessman, he wouldn’t risk placing his good name alongside the sullied reputation of Penn State University, right? Nope!  The Super Bowl MVP and Professional Football Hall of Fame member has gone on the record stating that he doubts the information recently disclosed in the Freeh Report.  Franco, Franco, Franco…. These are real live former G-men with a uniquely specialized set of skills for digging up the goods on people.  These cats have files on everyone and let’s face it “Franco’s Italian Army” sounds like a fascist regime!  That extra click when you answer your phone?  That’s these guys.  That SUV in your rearview mirror?  That’s them too.  Scruffy looking guy going through your trash….. You get the picture, Franco.

Franco Harris has never been shy about courting a little controversy.  The Autumn Leaf Festival is a celebration of chilliness like you have never seen!  It takes place in Clarion Pennsylvania and the festivities are capped off with a huge parade.  2006.  Lynn Swann, Super Bowl MVP (like Franco), Professional Tackle Football Hall of Fame Member (like Franco) was there campaigning for governor of Pennsylvania.  There was #88 in all of his glory.  He was riding in a convertible, waving to the crowds, and handing out ‘SWANN for GOVERNOR’ pins and stickers.  It was all kissing hands and shaking babies!    But then here comes Franco Harris not six cars behind his former teammate.  Franco is also riding in a drop top, waving to his many fans.  He is there to make sure everyone gets out and votes for governor too.  Only Franco’s car was a rolling billboard for Ed Rendell!!  Franco was pulling for a winner that time.  Rendell defeated Swann 6 zillion to 3 in the final count.  No negative fallout from that allegiance.   Franco was still selling spaghetti sauce and encouraging the good people of western PA to insulate their homes to cut down on their gas bills.

Franco Harris never said that Lynn Swann is a terrible person and that Ed Rendell is a saint.  He was just sticking with “his guy”.  It was nothing personal.  Swann-y and Rendell were just two men whose names were in the paper for being on opposite sides of the same issues.

We can probably expect Franco Harris to stick with his guy to the end.  And Franco’s guy is Jo Pa.

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