Urgent delivery for Mr. Wallace!

Serious Declaration Sent to Steelers Mike Wallace



That’s it! I’m calling ‘Bullshit’ on Mike Wallace. A formal, notarized, declaration of ‘Bullshit’ has been filed with the Bureau of Animal Excrement Observation and Identification. A registered letter is currently en route to Speedy Mike AND his agent because once you have called ‘Bullshit’ on someone you must go through the proper channels to inform them. That is more than common courtesy; it’s the rules. This is a serious declaration and I did not seek its endeavor lightly but Wallace’s attitude and now his absence from the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp have left me without recourse.

Mike Wallace has told his teammates that he wants to get a deal done and to be at camp. So, Mike, get it done. Your legs aren’t broke (unlike Mendenhall, Starks, and Hampton). Get in your car (or tractor) and get ye swiftly to Latrobe. Wallace is fast, that’s for sure but he lacks a little in the consistency and sure handedness categories that the immortals possess. He performed very, very well in the first half of last year and …….. then……….. kinda………… tailed……off. Larry Fitzgerald: no tail off. Megatron: Consistent. I mention those two wide outs because Mike Wallace mentions those two wide outs when he talks about the money that he believes he deserves. I, like Keith Richards, play in a band. We, like the Beatles, have four members. I, like Phil Collins, am fleshy and losing my hair. That is where the similarities begin and end.  Mike Wallace, like Fitz and Megatron, plays wide receiver on a Professional Tackle Football team. End of comparison conversation (thus far).

Mile Wallace, unlike me, is a gifted athlete and has amazing potential and the Steelers would love to pay him for his gifts. If you’ve ever tried to get money from a bank you know that you can check interest rates online or call the toll free number to see when they are open, but they like you actually come in to the bank and sign the papers. You know, just to make sure you really exist because giving cash money to someone who only has the potential of paying you back ain’t real good bidnizz. I don’t claim to know much about how having an agent works in the NFL. I just assume there is a lot of “You had me at ‘hello’” and “Show me the money!” but I do know that (a) the agent works for the athlete. (2) The agent gets a percentage of the paycheck that the agent negotiates for the athlete. (4c) Rod Tidwell doesn’t need a towel, and (3.14) Daunte Culpepper played in the NFL without the benefit of an agent representing him. So, unlike a helmet or thigh pads, an agent is not a mandatory piece of equipment in the NFL.

If I could speak to Mike Wallace, one dude to another, I would tell him to quit acting like there is some unknown and invisible force keeping him from signing the one year tender, that will surely be torn up before the ink dries and replaced with a long term deal, and get to Latrobe. I Wallace wants this deal done, it is ultimately up to him. Sorry for cussing earlier in the post but sometimes a guy has to declare what needs declaring. If you are interested in researching other levels of offense as outlined by the Bureau of Animal Excrement Observation and Identification, check out my Twitter feed @davebuzard1

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  • JefferyFiercebluesRahn

    I posted this document several months ago on another group. I thought a broader view of the process might be informative to some.
    I keep seeing Mike Wallace getting blasted by Steeler fans and fans from other teams. Frankly I think it is uncalled for and I assume due to the fact that most fans are ill informed. Here is my 2 cents on Mike:
    Many of the posters haven’t a clue about Mike Wallace or free-agency. Now pay attention! First off Mike IS NOT a cancer. 2nd…….he played through his rookie contract and wants a legit contract (Franchise tag is $9.2+ mill….he made $800,000+ last year). 3rd….his IS NOT jamming the Steelers for Fitz cash (this is ONLY A RUMOR!!!)…he wants a contract at elite WR money LONG TERM. He knows Antonio Brown & Emmanuel Sanders rookie contracts expire next year and wants a long term contract NOW, before there are 3 Steeler WR’s going after the same limited amount of money. 4th…He WILL PLAY EVENTUALLY for the Steelers “tender” of $2.7 million per year (which for the Steelers is a bargain)…..cuz if he doesn’t he will lose a year of eligibility and be a Restricted Free Agent (RFA) for another year and the Steelers can pay him the same amount again. IF a long term deal is not signed, Mike wants to be an Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA) next season so he can shop for the best deal with any team and that team WOULD NOT have to give up a 1st round draft pick (which was the case this year), in addition to his elite WR salary. Also Mike is probably taking alot of direction from his agent…thus may be “captive” to the process. Mike CANNOT practice with the team until a contract is in place…..period.
    What also must be factored into the mix is the status of 1st Rounder David DeCastro. His contract had to be completed before training camp (Wallace’s has no real deadline until week 10 of the regular season). The DeCastro contract should be around $7.85 Million ($6.85 million guaranteed) and a $4.10 Million dollar signing bonus for 4 years. The Steelers are currenly only $3.734 under the cap. This means either DeCastro takes less money or someone else gets cut (probably O-lineman Scott) to make up the difference. But….this also means that the Steelers are up against the wall cash wise, even if Wallace signs the $2.7 million tender offer. Omar Khan has his job cut out for him to get Walllace a long term, elite WR contract done this year. SINCE THIS DOC WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED DECASTRO SIGNED HIS ROOKIE CONTRACT JUST PRIOR TO CAMP (The estimated contract per http://www.nyjetscap.com/2012_Articles/rookiecap.php is $7.7724 MILLION with a $4.122 signing bonus …which is close to what I estimated prior to the signing.)
    Bottom line in my opinion Wallace IS NOT being a malcontent, whiner, diva, greedy ass bitch or whatever adjective being slapped on him…..he and the Steelers are in the process of NEGOTIATING a long term contract, but the team has very limited funds…thus it will be a drawn out ordeal. If not…Wallace leaves next year, after finishing out this season in the Black and Gold.
    One last thing….Mike may hold out (apparently is holding out now) from training camp and some games in order to put some pressure on Steelers management. Do not be alarmed. This is a negotiating ploy (which in my opinion will not work) and Mike will eventually play a significant part of the season (especially the playoffs push).

    • Craig

      There’s the rub in all you say – Elite receiver and elite money. Wallace is not elite. Yet. He doesn’t deserve the money. Wallace is indeed responsible for his own holdout. Sure he’s taking his cues from his agent. But, if he really wants to play and get a long term deal done, then his agent is boning him and he has all the power to fire his agent. He’s not trapped by any means.

      The game of football and the Steelers is bigger than Wallace. Even Mike Tomlin said it was unfortunate for him (Wallace) that he wasn’t going to be at camp yet. His own coach basically threw him under the bus. Wallace may not be a diva, but he isn’t powerless in all of this either. If he wanted to play for the Steelers badly enough he would have done so by now. As I stated in a post from yesterday – players play for the money first, championships second. He wants his dough but is letting it get the best of him. Bad idea.

  • dbuzard

     So you think Wallace is being a super dude by letting all of the other players get their contracts done before he steps up and accepts the scraps?  And why wouldn’t a player of his potential, and upon the advise of his agent, get signed long term before Brown and Bryant have the opportunity to devalue him when the season starts?  Again, none of this was covered in Jerry Maguire so I’m only guessing here.