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This Writer To Snoop Dogg: YOU Pay Steelers Mike Wallace

Camp can’t begin soon enough for the NFL, and it isn’t any clearer when one watches NFL Total Access these days.  Access’ latest guest was none other than Long Beach’s Calvin Broadus, Jr…. better known as Snoop D-O-Double G.  If you didn’t know this already, Snoop’s a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He’s been known to hang around players from time to time and has even been snapshotted with Mike Tomlin.  Awesome.  I actually really like Snoop Dogg – at least when I was in college trying to no look too awkward while dancing next to a couple of girls with a beer in my hand in some frat basement.  He’s a cool guy and certainly has garnered an affinity with people young and my age with his music from over the years and random appearances at concerts, etc.

Back to the present topic, Snoop Dogg was on Access to give a little advice to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Rooney’s regarding (now holdout) Mike Wallace: Pay the man.

‘Hey, Rooney, man get ya’ll things together, pay the man…. I know he ain’t proven, three, four years in the game, but we need him.  You tell me somebody else that do what he do.  We need him, get it together ya’ll, go and have that conversation and the get the apples and oranges together so we can move on.’

While I appreciate Snoop’s enthusiasm, I think he should leave the business of football to the Colbert & Co.  Unless that is of course he’s willing to hand over a large chunk of his own Benjamins to pay Wallace what the Steelers can’t afford.  Wallace is not proven as Snoop points out, so why should Wallace get top dollar?  Wallace ranked 11th among receivers in yards last season, yet he wants Top 5 money.  The current economic state of the Steelers and the salary cap does not allow for Wallace to even get that Top 5 money.

So I propose this.  Rather than calling out the owner of an organization you love, maybe you could help out the team of which you love so much.  I propose that Snoop call up Wallace and tell him to sign the tender of $2.7 million.  Then, Snoop can work out his own deal with Wallace to pay him the difference of what Wallace would want for that long term deal.  Seems fair enough to me – he’s got the money.

Maybe that’s his plan.  Maybe if Wallace signs that tender in the next few days somebody should ask him if he’s getting a side deal from anywhere…. or anyone.

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