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This Steelers Fan Will NEVER Change Colors

Steeler Nation is a global commodity.  You’ll see Steelers attire and memorabilia just about where ever you go.  It’s a pretty special thing.  So, it’s no surprise that Steeler fans exist in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It’s no surprise that Steeler fans may want to attend another team’s camp in order to see and possibly meet some men who formerly wore the Black & Gold.  And like a true Steeler fan, why not just wear your jersey in ‘enemy territory?’  But would a real citizen of Steeler Nation change their colors when threatened?

On Monday, Zach Simmons (a supposed Steelers fan) arrived at the Indianapolis Colts’ training camp in a James Harrison jersey.  A nice statement if you ask me.  Show up in hostile territory with a linebacker’s jersey who’s been known to ‘take out’ young QB’s.  Get the message Andrew Luck?  But his intentions aren’t exactly the same as the rest of us might think.  Mr. Simmons wore that Harrison jersey to garner some attention, but not to intimidate or turn some heads of the offense like Luck.  Mr. Simmons wore that jersey to get the attention of former Steelers personel Bruce Arians and Mwelde Moore.  Ok, that’s cool… I guess.  MeMo’s a nice guy and was fun to watch when he was on the field as a Pittsburgh Steeler.  And, I guess a meeting with Arians could be fun.  Though, I think I’d be more like, ‘Hey, so what’s it like to be on a team that’s at least 5 years from getting back to the Super Bowl?’  Turns out that Simmons did get attention, but from the wrong pair.  Former Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski recognized the #92 and went and whined to his daddy coach Chuck Pagano.  Pagano approached Simmons with an Andrew Luck jersey and gave him an ultimatum – put on the Luck jersey or get kicked out.

Now this is where Simmons receives a huge wag of a finger from me.  Simmons had a choice – show your true Steeler pride and say ‘no deal’ and walk from the field, or take off the Harrison jersey and wear another team’s colors to see (in my strong opinion) two washed up former Steelers.  Simmons decided to cave and wore the Luck jersey.  He caved.  Simmons struck a deal with Pagano and was able to me his two… idols?… in exchange for the jersey swap. :slow applause:

Was Simmons’ move a bad one?  Yins better believe it.  Did he turn his back on the Black & Gold? I pretty much feel so.  Should Simmons eternally hope that he’ll never ever run into James Harrison?  If he wants to have a long and fruitful life he won’t.

Not to get on my high horse and ride it all the way to Indy, but I would never ever ever ever ever change my colors.  Never.  I live in Cheesehead’ville and get crap anytime I wear my Steelers gear – before that Super Bowl loss and even more after.  But, I always wear my Black & Gold with pride.  I can’t believe this dude took his jersey off – for any reason.  And why did he do it?  To meet Bruce Arians?  Really?!  I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.  If he’s dumb enough to like Arians, he’s dumb enough to do this.


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  • disqus_Hlb1A70Mq3

    Man, this is ignorance at its finest. For starters, it’s Anderson, IN. And for two, it was all in good fun. It was all smiles from coach Pagano. There was no “ultimatum.” Zach is a life long steelers fan with more pride than most steelers fans wish for. He has steelers tats, a steelers room, every players jersey, and still wears his “lucky ben” jersey from high school on game days. He’s lost friends over his fanship while living here in Colts country. He has a terrible towel he takes to camp every year hoping to get some ex steelers to sign it. And you’re knocking him for making that happen? His only connection to his team he’s so passionate about. Maybe you should learn the story before you get keyboard tough with your words. And he sold the Luck jersey. So you’re knocking him for taking the deal that made him money on an authentic jersey, and let him meet the only steelers he has the chance to this summer. All while making headlines. You sir, are misinformed and should probably check details instead of trying to portray a good dude in the wrong light.

  • BossSteelerChick

    I probably wouldn’t have taken off my Steelers jersey but I understand why Zach did what he did; however, what has me most puzzled is that this story actually made the news. Proves once again how much the Steelers are a part of our city, our heritage, the very legacy we leave our children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/theswaggadaddy Zachary Michael Simmons

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  • steve311

    Im the buddy that took Zach to Colts Camp with me. There should be no one questioning his dedication to the Steelers. He constantly wears his Steelers gear in Colts country. He also has a tattoo with the logo and each Super Bowl they have won. Me being a Colts fan we talk smack to each other and just in general enjoy talking football. Believe that this dude represents black and gold to the fullest. He comes to camp with me just for the chance of getting former Steelers autographs. Believe me from one of the few non bandwagon Colts fan thats been with them from the time I was born…Zach is a true black and gold supporter.

  • Dachozen1

    I dont want to hear this whole “he has more Steeler pride than most of us”. Wearing a Steeler jersey every day doesnt make you a true Steeler fan. It has to be in your heart. There is no way I wouldve wore another jersey under those circumstances.

    • disqus_Hlb1A70Mq3

      Lol out of all that, all you came up with is the jerseys? Stop trying so hard. You sound stupid. Of the whole list, you picked the most miniscule point? Great argument.

  • disqus_wdLdx4W76r

    I only own 3 Steelers Jerseys..Mean Joe..Swann and the All Century Team which I never ware cause it cost $1500..Anyway I live in LA, where everything is Silver and Black..before Steve (a native Pittsburgh resident) opend Iron City Tavern I was at the local sports bars on Sundays catchin major shit from Traider fans..a few almost came down to gun-play..I was also at the Coliseum the last time the Steelers came to LA with my Terrible Towel and my Berry Foster #29..had pennies,ice,and water tossd at me..not to mention being black around a bunch of drunk Hispanics..that being said ima always ride black & Gold..if I was old boy I just would have left..nobody wants to see an EX-STEELER ANYWAY!