This may or may not be a picture of the Bengals fan in question - but more than likely is.

Cincy Fan Hates Steelers And Writes About It

Shocker I know.  Here’s the link.  Discuss.  And let the discussion be something other than how stupid she is, or how stupid yahoo is for publishing this as ‘something’ on their site….. those are givens.


Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Woodleyforprez

    Pretty lame reasons to hate the Stillers. She’s bitter Ben is so awesome, she’s bitter Carson got injured and she’s bitter there are so many of us. Sounds to me like she is jealous of the success of the Steelers!

  • Kimmy

    It’s not even funny. The least she could have done was crack some jokes at our expense.

  • Robert

    Yahoo just proves again how shitty their sports coverage really is, just by the fact that this was published.