This could very well represent the Steelers and their house of cards if they can't pull out a win in Cincy.

Can Steelers Overcome Themselves To Beat Cincy?

Every team in the NFL is beatable.  Some are just tougher than others.  Some easier.  The Steelers have had the Bengals number for quite some time.  Sure they’ve had some losses from Cincy while Marvel Smith desperately tries to pull that team from the depths of bad reputations and bungling ways.  But, for the most part the Steelers do a fairly good job of exposing the kind of team the Bengals really are.

This season is a very different season for the Steelers.  The defense (for the worse) and offense (for the most part for the better) are uncharacteristic to what Steeler Nation is used to seeing and expecting from their beloved team.  That’s what is most frustrating about this season – the Steelers are quite simply beating themselves.  Each of the teams they’ve faced so far this season are very beatable.  The Broncos have finally found their stride and hope with Peyton Manning, but they were a different team and very exposed in Week 1.  The Raiders and Titans (THE FRIGGIN RAIDERS AND TITANS) were and still are very beatable teams.  The Steelers have become quite good at the 4th quarter implosion.  The Cincy Bengals and Raggedy Andy – also very beatable in 2012.

So my friends of Steeler Nation.  Will the Steelers be able to overcome themselves in order to pull out a victory on Cincy soil?

Will Steelers be able to overcome themselves to beat Bengals?

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  • dowyler

    I love the Steelers and have been a fan since 1975 when I first started watching football. I lived through the glory years, and the not so glory years ( Cliff Stout anyone??). With that said what, in the last couple of games, makes anyone believe they will beat any other team this year? When Troy is out, the defense suddenly seems to forget how to play defense??? Every week I hear talk about them not getting enough turnovers. Well that is not going to happen the way the corners and secondary are coached and play. I don’t get it? How can Dick LeBeau, the man who played as part “of a Detroit secondary that was one of the most feared in the NFL” ( Wikipedia quote), who retired with 62 interceptions (the most by a player in Lion’s history), somehow can’t teach this teams secondary how to step in front of passes and simply catch the ball ( Ike “Stone hands” Taylor)? Watch other successful team’s secondaries and they play bump and run and step in front of balls or at least catch them when they get hit in the hands. Maybe it’s time to play a permanent nickel or dime package, and pull some of these linebackers who can’t seem to cover or apply pressure anyway. I know it’s easy to criticize from the living room, and I’ll probably get blasted for this post, but watching this slow bleeding torture every week is maddening

  • Ross

    @dowyler…Totally agree.