December 4, 2011; Pittsburgh,PA, USA: Pittsburgh Steelers director of football operations Kevin Colbert (left) talks with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin (right) on the field before playing against the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field. The Steelers won 35-7. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USPRESSWIRE

Kevin Colbert Throws Down the Hammer: Changes Coming To Steelers

Yesterday, Kevin Colbert met a small group of better known and respected Steelers’ beat writers in Pittsburgh. The results, as show via Twitter, are a blaring red flag for any Steelers’ fan who owns the jersey of a current player.

The moral of the story: 8-8 is not good enough and requires change. Colbert admitted it was probably the 12-4 season that held back previous changes but the current roster isn’t good enough. Thus, no one is safe.

The cap situation is manageable, but that doesn’t mean players with an outside chance of sticking around will. Rashard Mendenhall is probably gone. The running back position as a whole was a disappointment. This could mean new blood going into 2013. All other unrestricted free agents will get to test the water. Don’t expect a franchise tag to keep anyone either, Colbert feels no one is deserving.

Even Ben Roethlisberger may need to worry a bit. While Colbert isn’t worried with the relationship between Todd Haley and Ben, He did say that anything was on the table to improve the team including drafting a quarterback with a decent pick.

From the top down, the organization is not happy with how 2012 ended. Some are speculating more changes to the coaching staff could be coming. If anything, this shows to me that no one is safe. Unless a guy is willing to sign for cheap, there is no way the Steelers are bringing back anyone the team feels has already maxed out their potential.

Changes are a coming Steelers fan. There is no more doubt about that.

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  • disqus_wdLdx4W76r

    I’m a advocate if CHANGE..I’ve seen almost all the Steeler greats leave/ hurts alil especially when they end up on another team,but NO player is above the Steelers Brand..not Ben..Not Troy NOBODY! I’m a Steeler fan..I don’t hitch my feelings towards any players. My favorite player growing up was Lynn Swann.When he retired it stung..but it was his time. I just don’t want multiple bad seasons while this change takes place like in the 80s..Reload..Rebuild. Should be easier then it was back then.

  • Joe Falco

    Why is BB getting picked on here with colbert? Without BB, we would stink! Get the guy a decent O-line that can block, a little anyway and see what happens! Too many malingerers on this team!

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