Who could play Unitas better? Joe Flacco or this statue?

Steelers MMQB: NFL Offseason News

What We Learned This Week in the NFL Offseason:

  • Joe Flacco to star as Johnny Unitas in film
  • Rob Gronkowski suffers set back with arm injury
  • NFL to install cameras in locker rooms for fans inside stadium to view

Break out your Hater-ade it’s time to take some more shots at Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco.  Apparently Flacco has added movie star to his new titles which include Super Bowl MVP, highest paid QB, and overall boring dude.  If you saw this headline yesterday and had an “Um, what?” moment; you’re not alone.  More reports regarding the drama behind the film are coming out now and are pretty entertaining, if you ask me.  Seems as though Mr. Unitas’ son from his second marriage is behind the production of the biographical movie and his older children and grandchildren are none too pleased.

Joe Unitas, John’s son from his second marriage is the one producing the film based on a book by Tom Callahan (who apparently is not Tommy Boy, another disappointment) and is thrilled to have Flacco cast as his father.  John Unitas Jr., and his son JC Unitas, however, aren’t exactly in the same boat.  JC took to his Facebook page to explain his feelings about the choice of Flacco as “embarrassing”.  He added,

“My grandfather and his legacy deserves only the best, and this is not it.  Has Baltimore forgotten that Trent Dilfer also won a Super Bowl while playing for Baltimore?”

Awesome.  I couldn’t have put it better myself.  The story gets better to reveal the family drama surrounding the production of the film.  John Unitas Jr. spoke with USA TODAY Sports to explain how Joe has been estranged from the rest of his half-siblings and they consider him just trying to cash in on the Unitas name.

“It is awful.  The guy’s a turd.  He never talked to me.  He never talked to any of the first five children.  He’s a guy that’s just making money off of my father.  They’re trying to do anything on the coattails of my father’s name.  It’s like prostituting yourself.  My father would have nothing to do with it.”

Apparently the “turd” reference was to Joe Unitas and not, in fact, Joe Flacco although we can all just assume he meant Flacco was a turd as well.

Seems as though The Gronk might have some issues in his recovery from his 114th arm surgery and might be in jeopardy of missing the opener with this latest setback.  The Boston Globe reported that Gronkowski has been battling an infection in the area in which a metal plate was installed to restore his broken left arm and the plate might need to be removed to clear the infection.  There is no confirmation that the infection has come from his propensity to hang out with porn stars and party at nightclubs shirtless, but we can all draw our own conclusions.  Looks like he will need another surgery which will definitely push back his return to the team quite possibly after the start of the season.  This is bad news for the Pats, who have already lost Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd to free agency this offseason.  If you’re a bitter, spiteful Steeler fan like me you always enjoy some bad news for the Patriots.

The NFL is once again attempting to enhance the fan experience at game stadiums, without lowering ticket and concession costs of course, by installing cameras in NFL locker rooms to give the fans inside the stadium a glimpse into the pre, post, and halftime game speeches.  I’m only assuming that’s what the idea is since I wouldn’t think the NFL is specifically trying to give the fans a peep show.  If that is the case, however, anyone know where I can get my hands on some season tickets?  The NFL has also encouraged teams to use their jumbo-trons to show the unbiased replays in which the refs review, to give the fans in the stadium a more “insider view” on things to counteract how much access a fan watching the game at home can get.  That’s an awesome idea.  I’d gladly pay 3 times face value for seats, $25 for parking and $8 a beer so I can watch the same replays that I could watch from my couch and see Ben get his ankle re-wrapped for the second half when I’m not waiting in line for the bathroom.  I’m being sarcastic of course, but I am a fan that does enjoy the experience of going to games even without these half-assed attempts to improve them.  It’s a little insulting that the NFL can’t bother to improve the game experience in ways that are actually meaningful like lowering ticket prices or increasing fan interaction with players before or after games.

What do you think Steeler Nation?  What’s your opinion on Joe Flacco as Johnny Unitas?  Do you like the idea of locker room cams for stadiums?

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