Steelers Offensive Maneuvers in the Dark

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With no offense towards 80s syn-pop posers OMD, I thought I’d take my first post opportunity here on Nice Pick Cowher and offend at least the sensibilities of, well, basically everyone.  Put my best agitant-foot forward, if you will.  Give a good bad first impression, that sort of thing.

Bradshaw fits the Steelers

Ahmad Bradshaw is a great fit at Running Back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Muse some meaning out of a cummings-esque flair of saturating with punctuation the eternal run-on sentence, all on a sports blog.  Make a lot of people wonder if I’ve got my head screwed on straight, even.  Antagonize even more and have a few, somewhere, chuckle in conspiratory sarcasm.  I like disclaimers a lot, so here are a couple as introduction for your expected comments to anything that I end up saying here:

  • no, that’s not what I meant.
  • yes, I considered that angle, as well.
  • irregardless, the Ravens are still not as good of a Football team as Pittsburgh. Period.

Yes, I’m ready for the damned Draft, too – unlike some recent years (goose-egg returns in 2006, 2008 in particular), we are seeing some maturity from our most recent Draft classes albeit not enough, nor fast enough.  What with a very deep 2013 Class of talent to begin drawing from at #17, I think Colbert & Co. get it done this year with a very solid, contributing group.  They will have to (contribute), all of them (both Colbert and the Draftees), if the Steeler’s are to regain our deserved Playoff and Super Bowl potential and form.


Taking a good degree of comfort and confidence in our upcoming Draft selections, I decided at work this morning to get frivolous with Cap money we don’t have (even with the circa $5 mil coming to us in June from Willie Colon’s release) and play GM on some highly uncharacteristic Free Agency moves under the cover of darkness and primarily predicated on sports medicine miracles in getting the Steelers back to being official Bully of the AFC North.

To get us there here are some off-the-grid, under-the-radar, mistweeted by Rapoport, on-the-down-low, keep it on the hush offensive personnel maneuvers in the dark I wish Pittsburgh had made, or could make:

  • Move 2 Make – Ahmad Bradshaw: right, no shock value in this one seeing how we’ll be revisiting his new screw in a seemingly feeble foot again here soon, but if the wheels on the mend have gone well enough, Ahmad Bradshaw needs to be signed.  I really think Ahmad could be a major add to this football team: I like his toughness, I like his attitude, I like his work ethic, and I like his production, even while playing hurt.  No, I am in no way thinking “the wheels on the bus go round” in this giving us another Jerome Bettis scenario, but Bradshaw just looks and feels like a Steeler to me, and has the hands to play out of Haley’s so-called Rosetta Stone.  This guy fits the ‘Burgh; healthy and effectively plugged into our system while not having to be an every down back, and I think he comes up big for Steeler Nation.   Ahmad, Dwyer and Redman – that’s a Running Back corps that can get it done in 2013, people. Plus, wouldn’t it just be cool to see “Bradshaw” across the back of a Stiller uni again?! Tell me you wouldn’t buy one of those, just because?
  • Wish 2 Make – Dennis Pitta/Ed Dickson:  unfortunately, there’s a 2nd and 3rd Round draft cost associated with these two, respectively, but I sure would love to flush one of these out of the Ravens nest while at the same time making Big Ben just that much more difficult to defend.  Make no mistake, Heath Miller’s return is of major concern on how well our Offense performs next year.  The tight end position is a reinvigorated lethal weapon in a pass-happy league.  Last season, the AFC and NFC Conferences produced 16 tight ends (8 in each conference) with 50 or more receptions.  Of those sixteen, five (5) of them led their teams in catches and Gronkowski not only set a record for the position with a whopping 17 touchdown receptions, but led the entire league in that category.  For a deserved change, Heath stands to put up big numbers in our Offensive Co-Ordinator’s philosophy but I am leery of getting Superman back sooner than later this coming season (and actually am worried his injuries are worse than reported).  Pitta in particular would be sweet, taking away one of Flacco’s favorite targets to boot.   I personally would like to see some dual tight end sets and am tired of watching Pitta give the middle and seams of our Defense a c-section; Pitta/Dickson gives Big Ben Roethlisberger another great, versatile target with or with out Heath.  I can only say two words for wishing we could sign Pitta or Dickson: “FIRST DOWN“.  Need three? Try “MOVE THE CHAINS“.   
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