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There are already two #1 Picks in this group, so there should be no reason to have question marks.  Unfortunately, there are some: how much longer in the tooth for Keisel? Will Hood ever play to his full potential? Is McLendon the answer at the all-important Nose?  There are some fantastic talents at the top of the Defensive Line in this year’s Draft Class (Floyd, Ansah, Jordan, Mingo, Lotulelei, Okafor, etc.), but based on my prior posts I think the Steelers look towards this position’s potential in the 6th Round.  By that time, we could be looking into:

  • Sam Montgomery – LSU: shouldn’t be around by the 6th, but if pushed down has a major motor, capable as a run-stopper and giving chase
  • Joe Kruger – Utah: yes, Brother of Paul (formerly of the Ravens).  This is absolutely my pick in the 6th for the reasons I’ve listed elsewhere in this post, and the high development potential for a NFL career Kruger has. With Starting positions already known along the D-line for the Steelers, this is a perfect pick to develop that has great upside
  • William Gholston – Michigan State: has the physique and agility to develop as a 3-4 DE
  • Devin Taylor – South Carolina: great frame that is only getting bigger; great developmental pick at DE

There is a ton of talent that may force Colbert into a D-line pick earlier, but I foresee the Steelers waiting for a 6th Round Pick in Joe Kruger.


Selected in the 1969, 1974 and 1972 NFL Drafts, respectively, the Pittsburgh Steelers Select:”
Defensive End – L.C. Greenwood, Arkansas-Pine Bluff
– Defensive Tackle – “Mean Joe” Greene, North Texas State
– Defensive Tackle – Steve Furness, Rhode Island
– Defensive End – Dwight “Mad Dog” White, 
East Texas State

The Steelers Steel Curtain

The Steelers Steel Curtain

This lineup says it all; no further commentary required.  Although, Greenwood’s Official Website is pretty cool (but not nearly as cool as those Gold cleats!)


Draft Joe Kruger. Otherwise, the answers we need are going to have to be found on the current roster; Hood needs to be beyond imposing. Do not bring back Big Snack; we can’t afford to carry him even at league minimum.  I like mean and nasty; Cam Heyward is that, and needs to be on the field, hurting people. Thoroughly invest in developing Ta’amu at Nose.


This is a tantalizing Draft group; major talent is to be had here.  It won’t surprise me at all to see Colbert & Co. going to this area much earlier than I predict, but in the here and now I think they feel the real investment has already been made at these positions for this year. One addition for Depth & Development, and this group ups their game in 2013 with a mean streak.

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