Is Newly Drafted Landry Jones The Future of The Steelers?

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Was Landry Jones selected to directly replace Roethlisberger?  No.  But, he is absolutely a contingency for 2014/2015 and beyond.  The fact that the Steelers did not interview Jones prior to selecting him weighs no bearing on what Jones means to this team.  There’s enough tape on this guy that they know what he’s about.  For all we know, the Steelers Brass could have called up Big Ben’s wife and asked about Jones and the family because they all know each other.  How’s that for a character reference?

I gave Landry a C+ as my own draft grade, but I think we all need to reserve criticism for now and hope that the Steelers can groom Jones into the next starter.  He may not be the ultimate future for this franchise, however, there’s going to be a period of Landry Jones as the leader of this offense.  Unless the Steelers can move up the draft board into the top 10 – through either trading up or having a terrible record – they won’t have many shots at getting the next ‘great QB’ in the next few years with this pass hungry league.  And I for one would rather see winning records and a few more championships before that torch gets passed.

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