Tim Tebow….Pittsburgh Steeler?

There is no more polarizing athlete in America today than Tim Tebow. Quite simply you either like him or you don’t. Try to think of another player in any sport over the last three years who has been as scrutinized, dissected, picked apart, picked upon as Tebow. Lebron? Other than his ridiculous ‘decision’ primetime special a few years back he hasn’t endured too much criticism. Tiger Woods? Remember I said sport(golf is a glorified leisure activity, not a sport, sorry). Still trying to think? It’s hard isn’t it?
Now that said Mr. Tebow is unemployed, it’s time to start speculating of potential landing spots where he can apply his particular brand of football. We can cross off the Broncos and Jets. The Jaguars have said repeatedly thanks but no thanks. I must say I am surprised that Bill Belichick hasn’t given Tim a call, if anyone can figure out how to use Tebow it’d be those pesky Pats. Many have speculated that the best place right now for Tim Terrific is the Canadian Football League, and I agree that his style would make him a superstar up there.But hey, why should Canada have the fun, when the best landing spot for him is right here in the NFL. I’m looking at you Pittsburgh.
Now before you throw something at your computer screen, think for a moment. Why not? Why not Tebow in the black and gold? While I’ll never forget the dagger he drove into fans’ hearts two years ago with his OT touchdown that sent the Steelers on a downward spiral, if he can help, I can forgive him. Perhaps the salary cap is the biggest roadblock to this happening, but if he can be brought in for the league minimum or just above it, what’s the harm? Think of him as a bigger version of the original slash, Kordell Stewart. I think Tebow would be great on short yardage or goal line plays, he would pose a legitimate threat to run or pitch in those situations. Line him up anywhere, RB, FB, H-back, WR, I think he would add a dimension to the offense they haven’t had since Kordell became a hero around steel town back in the mid 1990′s.
Without question the year Tebow spent with the Jets was a black hole in his career, he deserved much better than he got. I don’t buy the argument that Tebow was so bad the Jets skipped right past him and went to Greg McElroy when they benched Sanchez. The Rex Ryan-Mark Sanchez relationship is like a Shakespearean tragedy, the two of them are going down with the ship together. I think Ryan and former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum didn’t see eye to eye on Tebow, thus the reason Tim rode the pine when Sanchez was benched. Tebow displayed class throughout that entire mess, and wouldn’t a player with such great character be a nice addition to the Steelers? Be honest, at this stage, they could use a little character with their recent off-the field troubles.
Yes, I understand that wherever Tebow lands, the media circus will follow. However, if he is brought in and his role is clearly defined I think Todd Haley could find some creative ways to use him. I think the Jets were too ambiguous with Tebow, no matter what either party said publicly. Plus I think he’d be a great teammate and a solid locker room presence.He’s tough, a competitor and a winner, regardless of his aborted stay in Denver and the Jets. Look past the awkward throwing motion and the lack of deep arm strength, I’m not suggesting Tebow be brought to Pittsburgh to be a quaterback. Sign him to a 1-yr deal at league minimum, providing Tebow is on board with it and roll the dice. I mean what’s the worst that can happen?

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  • http://twitter.com/CoderTerry Terry Fletcher

    Great article! Hope you are right.

  • Michael Nichols

    First things first – your golf comment is spot-on!
    As for Tebow……I agree he has some use as a gadget guy, I just question whether the roster spot couldn’t be put to better use with say, an extra WR, OL or some other needy area. I also question whether the media circus would be worth it. We’re coming off an 8-8 season and its time to roll up our sleeves and get back to the business of football. Distractions are not welcome.
    On a side note, there’s a rumor that just broke that Belichick “hates” Tebow as a player. For the record, I also thought NE was a logical landing sport for him. Guess Not.

  • jnstrawn

    All he needs to do is come out of the closet, then every team out there would be after him.

    • jnstrawn

      Of course he’s not in the closet, but that makes no difference.

  • Kurt Boyer

    Deep arm strength isn’t the issue. Tebow has a good deep ball. His weaknesses are making complex pass reads and throwing short timing routes.

    That said, the formula for winning with Timmy is to put him on a team with a great defense & outdoor field. Let him wear down a defense with the option attack while the game stays close. In the fourth quarter, the opponent is mentally & physically tired, gives up big plays and can’t tackle him. That’s how he beat 6 teams in a row. It wasn’t magic or Jesus.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DefMode66 Dennis Hutton

      No way he lands with the Steelers. The media circus is nothing that the Rooney’s want for this team. Big Ben’s troubles were enough.

  • jayman419

    The Pats and the Steelers are two teams I think would be able to handle the media circus. Both have some ability to close ranks and shut down the chatter when they want to. If they can handle a (pair of) rape investigation(s) and a massive multiyear cheating scandal that affected championship games, then they can handle a QB(kinda) that some people like and some people don’t.

    But as a fit, I’m not sure I’d be keen to see Tebow on the depth chart as a QB if that’s the only role he’s willing to play. He’d have to be out there on almost every offensive snap if he’s going to be effective as a Slash-type player. He’d have to be willing to line up at any position at almost any time.

    We know that Denver used a simplified version of the playbook for Tebow. What if his issue in New York wasn’t a personality conflict, and wasn’t simply a poor opinion of his talent.. what if he struggled to get the book? Do you think he could fit into any spot in Haley’s system in just one offseason? Even in two?

  • QuanellXYZ

    I like it. Backup QB and situational player. Big Ben is tough, so is Tebow.