November 12, 2012; Pittsburgh , PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace (17) just misses a catch against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first half of the game at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Wallace Has More Harsh Words For The Steelers

I’m sure that I’m not alone, but I believe that Mike Wallace needs to kindly shut his ignorant cake-hole.  As many of you have noticed over the last couple of months, “Butterfingers” has had plenty to say about his former franchise.  After these two negative gems (here and here) this spring, Mike uttered the following over the weekend:


Everybody has a college mentality around here.  It’s a lot different than where I came from.  Everybody’s hungry.  Everybody wants to get better, get to where we need to be – that’s a winning record.


These statements kind of make me wonder what Wallace was doing last season in Pittsburgh.  You know, because he was “soooo hungry to succeed and get better.”  You remember Mike Wallace, right “Steeler Nation?”  He was the same jagoff who sat out the entirety of the preseason and offseason activities because he refused to sign his RFA tender, had issues holding onto passes and publicly complained about his role in the team’s new offense.  And that was just last season!

Furthermore, what’s with Wallace’s fabricated notion that nobody is “hungry” or wants to “get better” in Pittsburgh?

I hate to do this Mikey, but the Steelers have produced the following over the last ten seasons:


  • Four division titles


  • Six postseason appearances


  • Three A.F.C. titles


  • Two super bowl titles


  • One sub-.500 season (2003, 6-10)


Call me crazy, but I would say that a majority of the organization during those years would be committed to winning football games and hungry to do so on a weekly basis.  The Dolphins on the other hand have made the postseason only once since the 2003 season, and the franchise has won a total of ZERO playoff games over that span as well.

I should also add that the “college” mentality could backfire on his team if they don’t come out of the gate hot to start the season.  Miami plays Indianapolis, Atlanta, New Orleans and Baltimore in weeks 2-5 after opening the year up at Cleveland.  I wonder how farther immature/”college” mentality take the Dolphins if they begin the year 2-3, 1-4 or 0-5?  Their fans can crow about how much of a “splash” that their favorite team made in free agency, but lets see how much team chemistry exists in Miami once things get particularly tough.

Moreover, what I might ask will happen if the offense doesn’t revolve around you, Mr. Wallace?  What will your play take a dive when you play in frigid conditions like New York, Foxborough and Buffalo?  And what will happen if you fail to get in sync with Ryan Tannehill?  Will you piss, moan and grouse publicly like you did last year?  Will you lolleygag it with your route-running like you did at times in Pittsburgh?  Will your run-blocking become non-existent?  Will you call out your offensive coordinator if things don’t go your way?  Will you “alligator-arm” balls across the middle if you don’t want to get hit?


Final Thoughts

Look, plenty of wide receivers have left Pittsburgh over the years for “greener” pastures through the free agency process.  But none of them have tried their hardest to disparage the franchise’s commitment to putting a winning football team out on the field on a year-in-year-out basis.  Then again, it’s probably for the best that the Steelers no longer have #17 and his attitude around to poison the locker room and influence younger pass-catchers like Markus Wheaton and Justin Brown.

In fact, it wouldn’t shock me at all if Wheaton made us all forget about him by the time his second year is finished.  He’s already a better route-runner than Wallace is, has a better set of hands, can stretch the field vertically and I am sure that Colbert & Co. are confident that he can step in and help the offense immediately.  Wheaton aside, Wallace’s recent unprofessional words and antics have not surprised me in the least, especially when one considers how he handled himself before the 2012 season began.

Luckily for Wallace, he will get his chance to prove the Steelers wrong on December 8th of this year.  Unfortunately for him, I’m sure that many members of Pittsburgh’s secondary are less than thrilled with his passive-aggressive offseason comments about the franchise.

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  • Craig

    Every day that goes by I’m glad he’s no longer in a Steelers uniform. And every Sunday I will look for that Dolphin score and his stat sheet, and I will smile like the cheshire cat when I see how poor they are. Good riddance.

  • Guest

    During the time Mike Wallace was with the Steelers I supported him and never had a bad word to say about him. I wasn’t happy with him holding out last season, and like most of Steeler Nation, we all knew he’d be gone after the season. Now that he’s gone, I’ll say it. He not only held out, he turned down a 5-year deal, didn’t learn the play book (regardless that he said he did), and then he pretty much played half-@$$ed most of the season while admitting that he at times lost focus because he wasn’t getting the ball enough. Whine, whine, whine. What a prima donna. If he had had a stellar season last year, I’m sure events would’ve played out differently. He put himself above the team. He possesses an inflated ego and is truly all about the money. (If not, he would’ve accepted the Steelers deal last year. C’mon, everyone on the planet knows how the Steelers FO works!) I don’t wish Mike any ill will, but for him to imply that the Steelers weren’t hungry, well, he can lay that at his own feet. I believe he was a cancer in the locker room. If one person on a team isn’t on board, isn’t all in, isn’t playing as a TEAMMATE, then the whole team suffers. Many factors, not the least of which were injuries, played a roll in the Steelers 8-8 season but Mike Wallace did little to help. Steeler fans are spoiled. We expect far more than 8-8 any season. We expect the playoffs and a Super Bowl every season, however unrealistic that seems. Mike Wallace’s words, to me, hold no weight. He is no longer a Steeler. I wish the Dolphins all the best in their upcoming season, but expect a good old fashioned ass-whooping on December 8. And here’s to Ike Taylor and Cortez Allen intercepting a Wallace pass, and may Ryan Clark and Troy Polamalu knock Wallace on his ass. It will be well-deserved.

    • gdog0411

      u r upset he is gone to the fins

      • BossSteelerChick


      • Shella Fronzaglio

        We r glad he’s gone! No big loss!!

    • Lori P.

      Well said

  • gdog0411

    Do not be upset because mike wallace is taking his talents to south beach to be part of something that is on the rise after years of being down so get over it, and about the comment someone made about palamalu knocking him on his behind you know like i know he is on his last leg!!!!!!!!!

    • BossSteelerChick

      Ha! I also said Ryan Clark but I’d love to see you tell Troy that to his face. Believe me they will be gunning for Wallace same way Harrison will be gunning for Ben. BRING IT.

    • Isa Bela

      gdog, we are not upset…and Wallace isn’t taking his talents to South Beach cause the Dolphins don’t pay there. Their facilities is in Davie, and the stadium is in Miami Gardens..See you Dec 8

      • gdog0411

        like i said south florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u live here

        • Craig

          Thankfully no.

        • Shella Fronzaglio

          I’m happy now to say I no longer live in that drug infested hellhole, but you said south beach – NOT the same thing. But then I see proper speech isn’t your forte. LMAO

    • Daniel Mccarty

      LMAO! You know Dolphins fans are desperate when they actually want a cancer like this guy on their team.He’ll just be another Chad Johnson.But,then again,the organization can’t be too bright to dish out that kind of money for a guy that doesn’t know that he’s supposed to close his hands to catch a ball.Hey, Mikey! Maybe you should stick to track.

      • gdog0411

        since he left you”ll he’s a cancer now, what did he do to be called a cancer hold out huh get a life hero!!!!

        • dangable

          You should learn to write before posting.

      • gdog0411

        oh by the way i guess big ben is on his last leg of that cancer with his personal affairs, mike wallace just wanted money

        • Craig

          Dear Troll,

          Wallace was a problem and a poor attitude – even when he WAS doing well. I know that Dolphin fans are a bit desperate for a shining light to help pull themselves out of the cesspool that is ‘south Miami.’

          The concerns with Wallace are valid. Quit drinking the kool aid and do a little bit of research on Wallace.

          Thanks for playing and we’ll see you on December 8th.

  • PGHfan

    This really isn’t a forum on Miami’s lackluster record. Seems they signed Wallace to try and improve their offense. As a lifelong Steelers fan, lets take the high road regarding Miami and just say GOOD LUCK with Wallace, you’re gonna need it, and as for Mr. Wallace GOOD RIDDANCE to bad rubbish! He had a chance to learn, grow and excel with the most decorated and highly regarded NFL Franchise (and city) in the league. Decency is not that hard, sir. Until he learns that, he has no where to go but down. GOOD RIDDANCE!
    Here we go!

    • gdog0411

      go where you’re getting old ask palumalu

      • Hen

        Did you ever play football? I doubt it or you wouldn’t be mouthing off about one of the greatest safeties in the league even if he is getting older GO PALUMALU AND STEELERS

  • bigmaq

    No one was mourning the loss of Wallace as both Brown and Sanders were and are overall far superior (better routes, hands and YAC). Wallace’s missed catches alone last year could have been the difference for the Steelers not making the playoffs. His attitude only reflects his disappointment at being rejected by the Steelers. The real slap in the face came when they gave the big contract to AB. He is just trying to get a little childish payback. When it comes to Wallace, that is the operative word “childish”. It is understandable that the less knowledgeable fan of any team that got him will be crowing in May, but, with knowledge will be eating crow in November.

    • Richard

      What would you have said if the Steelers didnt match the offer the patriots gave him? He went and sought another team, negotiated with them, and agreed to terms. REAL LOYALTY!!!

  • dangable

    Best thing the Steelers could do is let Wallace go. I’ve never seen a pro athlete who seemed to care less about his teams success than Mike Wallace. He was a detriment to the team when he was on the field last year and I fully believe that Pitt would have made the playoffs if Wallace wasn’t a Steeler last year.

  • Shella Fronzaglio

    He’s as big of a crybaby as TO & Ocho! It’s always someone else’s fault when balls aren’t caught. It’s never the truth that the talent just is not there & that the player is overrated. What was that song several decades ago my grandparents listened to? Thank God & Grayhound Yer Gone!!!

  • Jeff

    Maybe Mike you’ve realized you won’t win a super bowl or even make the play-offs in fin country. Get real you weren’t worth the money the steelers needed to pay you, so bye bye

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