Brett Favre says it was his fault his departure from Green Bay was less than amicable. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers MMQB: NFL Offseason News

What We Learned This Week in the NFL Offseason:

  • Brett Favre finally admits fault in Packers break-up
  • Dallas Cowboys DT Josh Brent tests positive for marijuana while awaiting trial for DUI manslaughter
  • T.O. still trying to get back into the NFL
  • Steelers talking about past concussions

In case any of you were wondering, we are just three months shy of waking up on Monday mornings with our heads full of a Sunday’s worth of NFL highlights.  There is no greater time of the year than football season, in my opinion.  Sure I’ll enjoy some grilled foods and frosty beverages this summer but in my mind and on my phone I’m counting down to kickoff.  But, while we wait, we can still take cheap shots at some of our favorite targets.

Finally enjoying retirement and actually sticking to it this time is Brett Favre.  And what do you do if you’re a retired quarterback with nothing but tossing the football around the high school to do?  You give radio interviews for a Buffalo radio station, of course.  Nothing odd about that at all but what’s newsworthy about the interview was that for the first time since Favre left the Green Bay Packers, he publicly admitted fault in his retirement/nonretirement fiasco that eventually led him to play a season with the New York Jets and then end up playing for the NFC North rival Minnesota Vikings before officially calling it quits for realzies.  For anyone that lives under a rock and doesn’t remember how the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers in maybe somewhat early preparation for Favre’s eventual retirement but rather than retire when he said he would, and held tearful press conferences saying he would, Favre kept coming back to play, keeping Rodgers holding the clipboard until the Packers eventually told him not to come back.  The breakup was ugly and messy.  And, if not for some bountiful hits (pun-intended) Favre took against the Saints in the 2009 NFC Championship game, might have been an even uglier breakup for the Packers.  Well apparently now Favre is admitting he was “at fault” in the whole process.  Um, yeah, ya think?  What else are you going to say to shock us Brett?  That you don’t really think Wrangler’s jeans are the best?  Apparently talks are in the works for an open reconciliation/love-fest for Favre to come back to Lambeau Field and have his #4 jersey retired.  I just hope Brett is careful with the text messages when he’s inviting people to come out for that.

Dallas Cowboys DT Josh Brent is awaiting trial for intoxication manslaughter stemming from the December crash that killed his teammate and practice squad member, Jerry Brown.  Instead of maybe trying to follow laws a scooch better and showing that he might have learned some kind of lesson Brent has tested positive for marijuana and now prosecutors in the case are going to ask a judge to revoke the players $100,000 bond and issue a warrant for his arrest.  Brent had a previous DUI while in college at Illinois.  This kind of thing gets me so baffled.  I realize there is a stigma on people (regular people and not necessarily athletes or celebrities) who have had a DUI but the reality is that the biggest difference between most of us and someone who has had 1 DUI is that they’ve been caught and we haven’t.  Getting a second or more DUI is just ignorant. Everyone who enjoys an adult beverage from time to time has driven over the legal limit whether they’ll admit to it or not.  But to go through the legal headache that a DUI entails once and have that experience not change you enough to change your habits and use a driving service when going out to drink, especially with the financial means of an NFL player is just completely unacceptable.  Now this man can’t even manage to pass a urine test while awaiting a trial over causing an accident that took the life of his teammate?  Nice one dude, nice one.

T.O. is taking a break from not paying his child support to express his interest in returning to the NFL.  T.O. couldn’t get an NFL job when he was on the wrong side of 30 and now he’s about to be on the wrong side of 40 and still wants in.  Good luck with that buddy.  Maybe him and Ocho should just do the dumb reality show on VH1 again?  People watched that right?

So since it’s the offseason and we don’t have a whole lot of new stuff to talk about, it’s time to start bringing up old stuff.  Let’s break out past things that have happened and get all worked up about them again like your drunk uncle does at every family picnic.  Actually, UPMC recently held a concussion conference in which Ben Roethlisberger’s 2009 concussion was discussed again at great length.  Roethlisberger was sat out of a 20-17 OT loss against Baltimore loss due to a concussion he received in the Steelers’ previous game against Kansas City, also a loss.  That was a fun season remember?  Actually, let’s not.  Either way, Ben was held out for his own good after flip flopping most of the week about his readiness to play and his symptoms.  The exampled proved how vital concussion tests that don’t involve just asking the player if they’re ok really are.  Sometimes the players really do need saved from themselves and Ben Roethlisberger is a prime example of that.  He’s played hurt many a time and the NFL culture that rewards “warriors” such as him for playing through injuries clearly needs to shift when it comes to dealing with head injuries and concussions.  Especially with that ex-player lawsuit looming around, am I right Rogeez?

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