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Antonio Brown Wants The Ball


Ben Roethlisberger voiced his concerns over Todd Haley’s new offensive system throughout the 2012 regular season, and it looks like “Big Ben” now has some company in the form of Antonio Brown.

The 2011 “Pro Bowler” was apparently unhappy with the number of targets he was receiving in the passing game, and he was at odds with his offensive coordinator during Monday night’s loss according to Ed Bouchette of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The tensions however did not die down, and both were “still seething” about their argument as late as Tuesday according to Bouchette’s article.  Bouchette also mentioned that Brown also complained about the number of targets he received last fall as well, but “not to the extent” of Monday night’s confrontation.

I cannot say I blame Brown for his frustrations.  After he recorded 69 catches for 1,108 yards and two touchdowns in 2011, his numbers sank to only 66 grabs for 787 yards under Haley last fall.  Used as less of a vertical and intermediate threat because of scheme, Brown has also had to share targets with Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery through the first two games this season.

This “in-fighting” seems like the norm more than anything else in Pittsburgh’s organization as of late.  Whether it was “anonymous” comments made about LaMarr Woodley’s work-ethic, Roethlisberger’s aforementioned complaining, Mike Wallace’s concerns over his role in the offense, and now this, the Steelers seem to be a franchise headed into steep decline if this garbage continues.

How this team will address this issue will be interesting to watch, but I cannot imagine that the offensive players do not have much confidence in their offensive coordinator if their starting quarterback and both of their starting receivers from the 2012 campaign have already voiced their concerns with him.




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  • Rick Aucoin

    Well, an article burning Haley in effigy? I predict very little controversy or argument there.
    Haley’s not the problem this year so far. The problem is that 4 minutes into our season, our all-Pro Center suffered a season ending injury, wiping out months of practice and work by our offense, forcing them back to square one (or maybe two) in the heat of the actual season.
    Haley didn’t roll into Pouncey’s knee, DiMarco did that, and for no observable reason (go look at the replay, it’s mystifying why he dives at Pouncey’s knee).
    Haley is a 100% improvement over Arien’s of The Bubble Screen. Hell, my dog would be a 100% improvement over Ariens.

    • Dom DiTolla

      Where in the article did I say that “Haley is the problem,” Rick?

      I simply stated that Brown is upset at his lack of touches, and I understood why he is frustrated. I nowhere in the article condoned his actions, and had you read any of my other posts you would know that I do not place all of the offense’s woes on Haley. I only referenced that Brown is not the
      only member of Pittsburgh’s offense who has publicly illustrated his disdain for his offensive coordinator.

      Also, where on Pittsburgh’s roster is there a “DiMarco?” I’m scouring the depth chart right now, and I just don’t see one. I know a “DeCastro” who starts at right guard and rolled into Pouncey’s knee. Is that the guy you’re thinking of, sir?

      It’s also not mystifying why DeCastro dove into Pouncey’s knee. The tub of lard tried to execute a cut-block, and he pathetically failed on the attempt. In addition, if you’re going to criticize Pittsburgh’s former offensive coordinator, at least get his name right. His last name is “Arians,” not “Ariens.”

      • Rick Aucoin

        Heh, yeah, DeCastro has made so few starts with our team that even a fan who knows O-Line players names can easily forget his name and its spelling. Which tells us all we need to know about DeCastro, other than the fact that he cost us a first round pick last year AND Pouncey for this entire season.
        And Arian’s isn’t important enough for me to spell check, but thank you for the pendant lesson, man.

  • Carl Eagan

    Haley isn’t the problem, Tomlin was actually right it’s the execution. However blaming the offensive line woes on Pouncey’s absence is ridiculous. Pouncey has been over rated since last year and this past game the center position was the best on the field how long has it been since anyone could say that honestly?