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Thoughts From Pittsburgh Steelers Owner Art Rooney II Makes Me Want To Puke

If you are tired of hearing from Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark living in his delusional world of same old same old with lack of accountability, if you’re tired of hearing the same pathetic sound bytes from head coach Mike Tomlin, then things won’t get any better for you if you ever want to hear from the top dog, Art Rooney II.

As you can imagine, folks in the media (and even fans) are very curious what the Steelers owner-in-chief thinks about the state of this team now that it has gone to its first 0-4 start in 45 years.  Rooney is apparently refusing a ‘real interview’ and instead sent this little nugget down to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

In a football season you can’t worry about your last game, or your last four games.  The team has to focus on the next opponent and do what is necessary to improve each week of the season.  If we continue to work hard and play with intensity, good things will come.

Rooney can thank his PR department for that little write up.  What?  Did you really think he would take the time to write that three sentence piece of garbage to the media?  I highly doubt he did.  But if he did, that actually makes it even worse.

I admit that I agree for the most part with his thoughts on not getting too wrapped up in the last game.  Those things have a way of eating at you from week to week if you let them.  But should a team – coaching staff and players – worry about a clump of games and any glaring trends coming from those results?  You bet your hairy yinzer rear end you do.

What really makes me want to puke with Rooney’s ‘statement’ is his lack of any accountability towards him or the team.  He must be drinking the Ryan Clark kool-aid to think that just working hard week in and week out will bring positive results.  The team is bad, the coaching worse, and the owner of the team thinks that working hard and playing with intensity just might be enough to overcome the craptacular play calling and college level (and sometimes middle school level) of execution.  Excuse me while I dunk my head into my porcelain throne and hurl up my Chipotle burrito I just had for lunch.

You would like to think that through the last month and a half (because one should not discount the atrocious pre-season mess) the Steelers top brass would be fuming at how this football team is crumbling right before the city of Pittsburgh’s very eyes.

Eh well.  That’s cool, Art.  Keep playing hard.  Draft poorly.  Train poorly.  Coach poorly.  Execute poorly.  Win 3 to 4 games a season.  Rinse and repeat.  Always repeat……


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  • Kimmy

    Wow Craig, tell me how you really feel? LOL I’m disappointed too because of the fact that after the Steelers loss to Denver in the playoffs two years ago (where the Steelers went 12-4 in the regular season) Art II came out and said the offense needed to be “tweaked” and then proceeded with the Bruce Arians “retirement/firing” debacle but now that the team has yet to win when lined up against NFL competition in 2013 and it’s no big deal, just keep moving forward? This is all he has to say?

    • Craig

      If I told you how I really felt, I would lose my co-editor’ship.

      You are exactly on point, Kimmy. Nothing has been ‘right’ about this team since that playoff loss, and the wheels have been coming off since Week 11 of last season. I think even Jerry Jones would have something more to say if his Cowboys were this terrible.

  • Dave Buzard

    I’m pretty sure that Hairy Yinzer is my neighbor here on the North Side! But in all or at least semi seriousness; I’ve seen something that I’ve never seen from the Steelers and that is a lack of effort. There has been a lack of effort on the field this season and now it has become apparent where that came from. If Art Rooney II isn’t going to make the effort to put himself out there for a ‘the buck stops here’ speech, then the fan base can’t expect the players, or anyone else below ARII, to give a damn.

  • Carl Eagan

    Not sure why anyone would be surprised by Art’s pre-written statement. in 2008 he proved he has no integrity and not admitting his Tomlin experiment failed proves it further. Owners jumping ship, coaches jumping ship shows the organization is rotten from the top down.

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