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Mike Tomlin Bans Table Games From Locker Room


Mike Tomlin, ever the “disciplinarian,” apparently banned all players from table games in the Steelers’ locker room according to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In his article, Dulac mentioned exactly what Pittsburgh’s head coach did:


Tomlin has taken away the pool cues, ping-pong paddles and shuffleboard discs that were as much a part of the South Side locker room as the players themselves. And, according to several veteran players, he won’t return them until the Steelers get “back on track.”


I’m not going to lie, this move by Tomlin is nothing short of ridiculous. This is the type of punishment a parent hands down to their children in grade school, not professional athletes in their twenties and thirties.

How or why Pittsburgh’s head coach thinks that this will either help his team improve on the field or instill any sort of discipline is nothing short of a joke.

Call me crazy, but shouldn’t this team be focused on winning an important road game instead of worrying about who is playing table games?

I hate to be a “Negative Nancy,” but taking pool cues away isn’t going to magically create more pocket collapse. Prohibiting ping-pong is not going to make the offensive line gel any faster or play any better. Furthermore, eliminating table shuffleboard is not going to turn Pittsburgh’s stone-handed cornerbacks into “interception machines.”

Then again, I guess regulating and banning board games is a more pressing matter for Tomlin to deal with instead of finding ways to end the Steelers’ current 2-9 regular season skid.

Of course, this is simply another “all sizzle and no steak” publicity move by Tomlin and nothing else. I’m curious to know exactly what will happen when Pittsburgh continues to drop games down the stretch.

Will Tomlin take away their television privileges? Will he send them to detention? Or is he going to call their parents, send a note home, or schedule a dreaded “parent-coach conference?”








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  • bk

    They wouldn’t let poor Mikey, play in any table games… are you kidding me?
    Oh yeah, that’s the issue. WHat next? No I-Phones in the locker room, no I pod on the plane? Bed checks?
    Time to send Tomlin to the unemployment line.

    • Dom DiTolla


      Last time I checked, banning table shuffleboard did not directly lead to more turnovers or pocket-collapse from the defense and better blocking from the offensive line either.

      • Kimmy

        You’re right, this move is ridiculous but I don’t think it’s exactly a publicity stunt by Tomlin considering it’s not like he came out in his press conference with “Obviously, for obvious reasons, I’m obviously banning obviously fun games in the locker room until we obviously can win a game, obviously.” (That’s how I figure he would have said it if he did include it in his press conferece) The door for this crap was opened by the “veteran players” (it stinks of Ryan Clark) thinking they were teaching the young guys a lesson by limiting their playing time in the first place. It’s kind of a “Dad” move for Tomlin to then turn around and take it away from all of them too but I think if I was a head coach of a winless team I’d be kind of irritated to walk into the locker room and see the veteran guys taking it easy playing some pool. I wish this kind of stuff didn’t make its way out of the locker room in the first place because it’s just a bunch of crap that doesn’t make any difference anyway.

        • Craig

          Obviously, someone is keeping track of Mikey’s favorite word.

          • Kimmy

            Those wonderful guys at Benstonium! I heard someone say on WDVE that they’d like to give Tomlin a thesaurus just full of synonyms for that word.

          • Dom DiTolla

            That video is glorious. Should I add a “post-game addendum” to my drinking game which includes taking a shot for every mention of “obvious” or “obviously?”

            Or would that be too cruel since I design each one in general to make sure those participating will get wasted? Lol.

          • Kimmy

            LOL! Maybe just add a preface that it should only be taken on by the hardcore drinkers who obviously don’t have anywhere important to be in the subsequent 24 hours. (couldn’t help but use that word again LOL)

          • Dom DiTolla

            Hahaha. I’m totally changing Tomlin’s nickname to “Captain Obvious.” Not sure if it was as good as the “Ginger Spice” moniker I gave Andy Dalton, but it totally fits.

  • Justin

    We’re 0-4 and this is the only major shake up to come out of bye week. Would be hilarious if we won out the rest of the season.