October 7, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles center Dallas Reynolds (66) blocks against Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward (97) during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. The Pittsburgh Steelers won 16-14. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers Starting Cam Heyward Just Another Way Of ‘Saving Face’

The turnstile-like blocking of the Steelers offensive line has breached it’s ways into the defense in the form of the depth chart becoming a turnstile over the last couple of weeks – and certainly days.  The coaching staff and front office have been making moves – desperate ones – within the depth charts and roster in hopes of igniting a spark and get this team to win a game.  Check that, these moves are being made to save face.

The Steelers and their hopes of getting to the playoffs in 2013 have sailed down the Ohio River, probably before the regular season even started.  At 0-4, the Steelers sit near the bottom of the league, and the prospect of improving is slim to none.  Many of the fans see it, and I believe the coaches and front office see it too.  Otherwise, bolder moves would have been made to get this team to a state where it could actually be on the right side of the final score for a change.  The moves of acquiring tackle Levi Brown and Will Allen, signing Stevenson Sylvester back, demoting Cortez Allen and promoting Gay, taking away games in the locker room are all just shuffles and moves to ‘save face’ that the coaching staff and front office are doing ‘something’ to improve this team.

The demotion of Hood and the ‘promotion’ of Heyward is just one more example of the true definition of Tomlin’s ‘Raising Hell’ – make this team such a mess that Steeler Nation feels like they are living in their own personal hell of experiencing crappy football from an organization with such a strong tradition of winning and no end in sight.  Heyward may have ‘earned’ his way into the role of starter in combination of his improvement, but he’s still just as average as Hood.  It’s reps for a guy that should had been starting a season ago.  This team doesn’t need reps for busts.  This team needs players who can help this team win.  At the end of the day and at the end of another 10 point loss on the horizon moves like this are just desperate PR moves, so that when the team lands at the bottom of the league at 3-13, those at the top can stand at the mic and say, ‘Well obviously we did everything we could with trying to find the right combination of players to get the job done.  And obviously we couldn’t find it, and obviously we’ll have to get the right combination next season.’



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  • Dom DiTolla

    Spot on, Craig. Those jagoffs in the front office and who are a part of the coaching staff are “obviously” just window-dressing to save their bacon after this team finishes in the cellar.

    • Redd Mahoney

      Go Root for the Jags “Steeler Fan”.

      • Dom DiTolla

        What exactly is wrong with pointing out that the front office and coaching staff led by “Captain Obvious” are scraping the bottom of the barrel in an already “lost” season?

        Also, what is a ‘Jags “Steeler Fan?”‘

        I think that you might have forgot to put a comma in there :)

        • Redd Mahoney

          The NFL draft is a crap shoot. You win some….you lose some. Any organization will tell you that. You and the rest of these bloggers observations are hardly ground breaking. Not sure who your calling “Captain Obvious” or why your calling him that but when they get back on top you”ll be singing a different tune.

          Oh Yeah. Thanks for the education “Professor Know it All”


          Go root for the Jags, “Steeler Fan”.

          • Dom DiTolla

            Ah, I see someone learned how to use a comma. Hahaha.

            I also guess you didn’t see that video on “Benstonium” either. It might help if you got a sense of humor. Then again, fanboys like you take things way too seriously.

          • Redd Mahoney

            Oh, but I find your articles plenty comical my friend.
            A is season over after just 4 games!?….HILARIOUS! :)

            I know that it’s only a game…I just bleed Black/Yellow.
            I aint mad at cha my friend.
            Opinions vary.

          • Dom DiTolla

            You seem to be pretty irate and interested since you keep coming back here to piss and moan. Oh well, we do appreciate the traffic. :)

          • Redd Mahoney

            It’s just that ignorant rants amuse me :)

            You’ll be back kiss’n the Rooney’s booty when the Steelers are back on top again.

            Until then….keep on hate’n!

          • Dom DiTolla

            Well I’m sure they do, you seem to have written plenty of them over the last few days. :)

            Enjoy the sub-.500 season.

          • Redd Mahoney

            Takes 1 to know 1 buddy…How doing your OWN reporting instead of using quotes from others.

            Keep on Steeler hate’n Negative Nancy :)

  • Kyle

    They should fire everyone. Tomlin. Colbert. Rooney. Bring back the Bubbster. Chuck Noll is still alive, right? I hear LA is looking for a team.