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Strength of Ben Roethlisberger Saved Two Important Points Yesterday


According to Ryan Clark, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ designated media-whore, Ben Roethlisberger needed to tone himself down from “doing everything” and alter his approaching to playing the game with his unique skill-set.

While it would certainly be nice to see “Big Ben” have to do less on the offensive side of the ball, a quarterback is usually unable to play well if their offensive line cannot pass-block for them on a consistent basis.

Roethlisberger has had to extend plays out of necessity many times during his career, and the numbers of sacks he has avoided throughout his career have to be in the triple-digits.

It’s been a “double-edged sword” sometimes, but I’ll take the “Houdini-ing” of “Big Ben” any day of the week. Take yesterday’s game for instance when Roethlisberger avoided a sack from Muhammad Wilkerson in his own end zone in the first quarter.

After the game was over, Wilkerson was still racked with regret over the play according to Rich Cimini of ESPN New York.

The massive defensive end essentially walked Kelvin Beachum back into the end zone before getting past him for a free shot on Pittsburgh’s Pro Bowl quarterback. Wilkerson went high on the play and leveled Roethlisberger for what should have been a safety.

Of course, hitting “Big Ben” high did not help the Jets’ 2013 leader in sacks, the Steelers’ signal-caller spun away, avoided the sack, and kept the game scoreless at a crucial juncture.

I for one wonder what Clark would have said if his quarterback went down in the end zone or “turtled” for a safety like so many other signal-callers around the league would have done. That jagoff’s post-game comments probably would have been along the lines of: “Well, we were already down 2-0 thanks to our quarterback…etc.”

So kudos to you “Big Ben” for your efforts out there yesterday, and only continue to take advice from yourself, your offensive coaches, and guys who have actually played the position. Your skill-set is what has made you a great player, and we all appreciate that about you, sir.





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  • Carl Eagan

    You are so right there any other quarterback would have given up that safety and had been sacked at least 3 more times.

    • Dom DiTolla

      I think it was Jason Taylor or Trevor Pryce who said that tackling “Big Ben” was the equivalent of taking down a polar bear a couple of years ago. Lol.

  • Redd Mahoney

    You live by the sword…you die by the sword. This week you give kudos to Ben.
    Next week you’ll be killing Ben for holding the ball too long. Ben said it himself the last couple of sacks in the Jets game were “on him”. You keep on having fun killing the “turnstiles” though :)

    • Dom DiTolla

      In case you didn’t see, Beachum was walked back into Roethlsiberger far too often in the last game and Gilbert committed far too many penalties and had issues run blocking.

      • Redd Mahoney

        I will concede that Beachum had some issues early that may be attributed to nervousness (being his 1st start at LT and all) but compared to the way Adams had been playing I don’t think it was necessarily a “jailbreak” on Ben like previous games. They did’nt look pretty but in the 4th quarter when the TEAM could smell a victory…I think the O’line play pretty tough. The Jets D’line knew that had a fight on their hands especially on those consecutive run plays. Again granted it wasn’t pretty but it was good to see.

        With Brown being out what do you think is the plan for LT now? Beechum at LT full time…Adams back as the starter or calling Max Starks again?

        • Dom DiTolla

          I just don’t believe that Beachum is strong enough or has enough “sand in the pants” to anchor as a starting left tackle, nor does he possess the frame (6’3″ 303 lbs.) to handle power and speed rushers off of the edge.

          He is a serviceable backup make no mistake, but they can’t hang their hats on him starting long-term. It’s too bad because he is a tough guy, but his frame/strength/agility combination make him a better fit at either center or right guard in my opinion.

          We’ll see how well he handles Dumervil and Suggs this weekend.

          They’re going to go with Beachum for the rest of this season, or at least that is what all indications point to right now. By not adding a tackle, which I will discuss in a post later today, they’re basically telling the rest of the NFL and their team that Beachum, Gilbert, and Adams are their top three in the rotation for the rest of 2013.

          • Redd Mahoney

            Well I have much more confidence in Beechum than Adams but hopefully Adams has learned from this experience and gets some fire in his belly. He plays a much too nice of a game….he needs to be much more nasty. He has way too many D’lineman salivating to play against him. But Ben continuously gives Adams his blessing which is great to see.

            Since he doesn’t have the prototypical size to play LT, it will be all about technique for Beechum. But I have confidence that he can be if not dominate, serviceable enough to get the job done.I remember the Steelers used to have a guard that was just 5″11. I think his name was Terry Long.

            Do you think the status at LT will alter any of the play calling? Maybe perhaps more quick passes on 1st down to settle down those antsy pass rushers Suggs/Dumerville.

          • Dom DiTolla

            Adams is the definition of the word “soft” when it is applied to an offensive lineman. That’s really the only way to describe him. If he had Beachum’s nastiness, they’d have a solid tackle on their hands. He might be cut next year, especially if the team drafts a left tackle high.

            “Beachum’s” technique isn’t a huge issue, but if he cannot get stronger he will be a liability out there long-term. His arms aren’t long enough (to keep potential pass rushers at bay) and his frame (6’3″ 303 lbs.) is not big enough (to withstand bull-rushes) to play such an important position, which is a shame. Like I’ve stated multiple times, he’s better suited at guard or center .

            Terry Long played in a far different era and also had some performance-enhancing help as well.

            Todd Haley had better alter the play-calling, and I have an article set to publish tomorrow about how they can keep Suggs and “Dumervil” at bay. Otherwise, those two will feast on “Beachum” and Gilbert all evening long if they are left alone.