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Steelers Show Faith In Mike Adams, Will He Reward Them?


Many believed that the Pittsburgh Steelers would sign a free agent offensive tackle after they placed Levi Brown on injured reserve. I mean, the move itself would have made sense. Depth at offensive tackle is a must in the NFL, and the Steelers have Kelvin Beachum and Marcus Gilbert as their starters with the recently demoted Mike Adams as their top reserve.

The team is apparently comfortable with those three players as their top offensive tackles, and still surprisingly have confidence in Adams according to a recent tweet by Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:



I’ll admit, I started to laugh and cry a bit too when I read that “Adams has to be ready to play better.”

Does that statement mean that the second-year tackle tasked with protecting the blind-side of the team’s most important player was unprepared to play during his first four starts of this season?

Regardless of Adams’ preparedness, the decision to not sign an offensive tackle to replace Brown signified that the Steelers’ brass were confident enough to have the former Ohio State Buckeye in place as the team’s top backup at both offensive tackle positions for the rest of this season.

As it stands, Adams is only one play away from seeing the field and poor performances by Beachum or Gilbert could force the team to turn to their 2012 second round pick again as well.

I just hope that Adams can take this recent vote of confidence and take advantage of it down the stretch.




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  • Redd Mahoney

    Do you think that Adams is still on the team because of financial reasons? The Steelers will have plenty of egg on their face if they were to let him go this season.

    • Dom DiTolla

      No, Tomlin has pointed out on multiple occasions that they are keeping him around to see how he responds and to see if he can win his job back.

      With that said though, if they draft a left tackle in May, keep Velasco and Beachum as the backups (along with Long, Embernate, or another OL), then the loser of the potential battle between Gilbert and Adams for the starting right tackle position next summer/fall could either be traded or cut.

      “Egg on the face” means nothing if the guy can’t play, regardless of draft status. The team has cut multiple picks who were drafted in the 2nd & 3rd rounds in recent seasons (Alonzo Jackson, Ricardo Colclough, Willie Reid, Limas Sweed, Bruce Davis, Kraig Urbik, etc.) after only short stints in Pittsburgh. So that does not necessarily apply.

      • Redd Mahoney

        Just how far back would it set the Steelers if Adams doesn’t play up to his draft status?

        • Dom DiTolla

          Not very far, like I’ve illustrated above, they’ve made do with 2nd and 3rd round busts before.

          • Redd Mahoney

            Tunch Ilken says that Beechum has the hands, feet and athleticism to play LT for the Steelers. Tunch says that size is “overrated” if you play with smarts and sound technique. He should know….he played LT for the Steelers at only 6″3″ 265lbs against the likes of Reggie White. I like Beechum too. I’m not as nervous when he’s protecting Ben’s blind side as opposed to Adams/Gilbert.

          • Dom DiTolla

            We’ll see how he does against a pass-rusher like Suggs.

            I just don’t see him possessing the strength to handle bull-rushes or keep power guys at bay with his shorter arms. Beachum’s footwork is not an issue, and he probably has the best footwork of all the tackles on the roster. That is why I hope that Baltimore tries to match Dumervil with him as opposed to Suggs.

            Steelers will face a number of talented edge rushers down the stretch so it’ll be a good litmus test for the youngster. I just hope he holds down the fort until they can acquire someone better through the draft.

            Ilkin also played in a different era, so that point about size is moot. Players were smaller back in the mid 80′s, and the NFL was littered with sub 300 lbs. linemen back in those days.

          • Redd Mahoney

            I get your point about Suggs but I like Beachums match-up with Dumervil. Think about it. A majority of the great pass rushers today are not 6’5″ or 6″6″ defensive ends but 6″1″ to 6″2″ outside linbackers with low centers of gravitiy. This may be a PERFECT match-up for young Beachum. He’s stated that he perfers to play LT because that is his NATURAL position. He played 52 games at LT for SMU so I’m sure he’s faced every kind of pass rusher there is, speed, power, swim, spin, bull, etc.

            Besides I just love his nasty streak. Did you hear is comments after the Jets game about bogus holding penalty in the red zone? Beachum said “I don’t agree with that call because all I was trying to do was put that guys face in the dirt and bury him”! Isn’t that just beautiful?

            As far as Tunch’s point being moot, I’m sure that Hall of Fame guys like Reggie White, Howie Long, Bruce Smith an Richard Dent that Tunch played against could’ve played in ANY era. Also, look at the top 5 no the top 10 sack leaders this season. To argue your point about 300 pounders do you see any on that list? Nope. So I think Beachem can hold his own against any of them. But as you say….”We’ll see how he does”.

          • Dom DiTolla

            First of all, I stated above that “Beachum” is better suited to block Dumervil. In fact, had you actually read my previous comment, I stated:

            “I hope that Baltimore tries to match Dumervil with him as opposed to Suggs.”

            Dumervil is under 6′ and does not have the longer arms or ability to utilize power moves like Suggs, so it would be much better for Beachum from a leverage standpoint if they are matched up together.

            Still I’m sure that Dean Pees will find ways to match the 2011 DPOY against the young tackle in obvious passing situations and let Dumervil (along with Courtney Upshaw) utilize his quickness and deceptive power against an over-matched Marcus Gilbert. Then again, if they put Dumervil on Beachum, Suggs will absolutely destroy Gilbert on the other side.

            Call me crazy, but I don’t think that Beachum faced the caliber of blind-side edge-rushers at SMU and in C-USA (during his 52 game career) that are on par with or possess the professional experience of Suggs, Dumervil, Michael Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, Paul Kruger, Jabaal Sheard, etc.

            Also, if a holding penalty took place in the end zone, it would have been a “safety.” Did you mean “red zone?” Because while it was ticky-tack it still was a penalty and killed the drive on that 2nd and Goal play in the third quarter. Toughness aside, drive-killing penalties are never a great thing to see.

            As far as the different era is concerned, I used it to allude to offensive linemen like Ilkin, not the pass-rushers. Being under 6’3″ with short arms is not a great combination for a left tackle at the NFL-level, and opposing teams will try to exploit those deficiencies with their stronger edge guys. I just hope Todd Haley gives him plenty of help over the coming weeks with chips, screens, and quick-hitting patterns in pass-protection.

            Unless Beachum can anchor better and cover up for his size deficiency with technique on the outside, Big Ben could be in some serious trouble until they find a long-term solution at left tackle next May.

          • Redd Mahoney

            Adams with the so called prototypical size of 6″7″ 300lbs whiffs constantly on the edge with his so called long arms. The 6″3″ “Beachums” at least gets in the way and fights(penalties and all) to protect the edge with his “short arms”.

            Since you want to minimize his career at SMU, tell me, how many of those pass rushers you mentioned were 1st rounders? So how do you know what caliber of pass rushers Beachum has faced. He could’ve been facing excellent pass rushers that just fell through the cracks and still made it to the NFL. The NFL is littered with guys like that. Was James Harrison drafted before he became NFL Defensive MVP?

            I beleive that Beachum will “anchor better” and improve on his technique,simply because he has the heart/desire to and that’s half the battle.

          • Dom DiTolla

            Talent and scheme-fit also comprise the other half of that battle :). Beachum will be a solid o-lineman, he’s just better suited at another position like guard or center.

            He has definitely proved that he is the team’s best option to finish the season at
            left tackle before they shore up the position through the draft this May.

            To his credit, he did look solid on Sunday and kudos must go to him as well as Haley. Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator did a fine job helping his tackles by sticking with the run game and calling quick-hitting passes and scheming protection to help them.

            Checked SMU’s opponents during those years (2008-2011), and I did not see many top-tier pass rushers who are lighting it up at the NFL-level.

            For your own information though, Suggs was a first rounder (seriously, he was
            picked in the top ten of the 2003 draft), Kruger, Sheard, and Dunlap were all
            early second rounders, Johnson was a first round talent who slipped to the
            third round due to behavioral concerns, and Dumervil was drafted in the fourth

            I’m not sure what “6 inch-3 inch Beachums” are, but I’m sure that you could tell me. Or maybe it has something to do with the lack of an apostrophe as well as an inability on your part to comprehend the difference between feet and inches, Nigel Tufnel.

          • Redd Mahoney

            You understood what I meant your just trying to be a smart alec Mr.Editor,stick to your day job.

          • Dom DiTolla

            Awww…well it’s hard to understand what you mean when you can’t do some of the simplest things correctly. :( Might I suggest sticking to your “day job” too?

          • Redd Mahoney

            At least I’m not professing to be a know it all Mr. 34-17. Can you understand that or shall I say 34-17 again for ya? As far as “doing the simplest things correctly”, I bet that you NEVER make a mistake,,,. but oh wait….34-17 Ravens right smart guy? Bet you understood that! :)

          • Dom DiTolla

            Picking an NFL game, especially in a parity driven league, is much different than constructing a sentence with the correct words. I also still picked the Bengals, Bears, and Vikings to beat the Steelers unlike many pundits who thought that Pittsburgh was “due.” Then again, I’m sure someone like you noticed that. :)

          • Redd Mahoney

            My,My…Today, we’re learning “Perfect” grammar again from Mr. Perfect….don’t you have any new material? Awww, I get it…. Mr Perfect is all bent out of shape because his perfect 34-17 Ravens prediction didn’t work out. No worries brother,you’re only human.

            Well according to you sir, I have an “inability” to write a blog so why would you ask such a thing?

            I don’t make predictions on Steeler victories. Simply, I just believe that they HAVE A CHANCE to win every game on their schedule unlike some people. They were 6-3 last year before Ben got hurt and now this season they’re (for lack of a better word) a lottery team?! Naww, I’m not buying it. Also, I’m not so “blinded” to say that they would go 14-2, 12-4, or even 11-5. But going “5-11″ as you have suggested is just wayyy too over the top for me. If they got into the P-word with just an 8-8 record that would be fine with me. You gotta be in it to win it….check circa 2008/2010 6th seeds…Steelers/Packers.

            Good Day:)

          • Dom DiTolla

            Still in the AFC North cellar, although they’ll be interesting to watch down the stretch.

          • Redd Mahoney

            Yes, they’ll be VERY interesting to watch down the stretch of a marathon….not a sprint. (:

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  • Adam Banig

    I think Adams will play better. I think he got the message by being benched