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Mike Tomlin ‘Open’ to Trade, Steelers Have ‘Nothing’ to Offer


I will admit it, I chuckled when I read the following tweet from Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:



Never big players in the “trade market,” Pittsburgh’s front office has actually made a couple of moves since the month of August. During the preseason they sent outside linebacker Adrian Robinson to Philadelphia for running back Felix Jones, and earlier this month they acquired offensive tackle Levi Brown from Arizona.

Those moves however were made more out of desperation than anything else, and it is unlikely that this franchise will be active before today’s trade deadline at 4 P.M. ET.

Of course, the Steelers do not have much to offer any other franchise around the league when one looks at their roster and considers potential trade candidates.

Some might call for Emmanuel Sanders, Ziggy Hood, and Ryan Clark to be traded, but those are next to impossible since all three players will be UFAs once this season ends. Other franchises could simply pass on all three until they hit the open market in six months.

As an aside, the Steelers really blew it when they matched New England’s RFA offer for Sanders this spring. Sanders is unlikely to garner a third-round compensatory pick with his production this fall, and Pittsburgh’s brass could use as many draft picks as possible while they try to rebuild.

LaMarr Woodley is a potential trade candidate to others, but his enormous salary is what will keep him in Pittsburgh. No team in their right mind would want to add a soon-to-be 29 year old outside linebacker with weight and motivation issues, particularly one who is set to earn $8 million in base salary next fall, $8.5 million in 2015, and $9 million in 2016.

With nothing of value to offer, the Steelers are sure to remain quiet until the trade deadline passes later this afternoon no matter how “open” Tomlin is to wheeling and dealing.




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  • Craig

    “I’m open to it.” is code for ‘We’ve got shit to offer, but we’ll see if some sucker bites.’

    • Dom DiTolla

      Well played, sir.

    • Rick Shaffer

      Foolish and stupid words. All you complainers are not Steelers fans but fair weather fans. Crybabies who think we should have a Superbowl team every year. Deal with reality or find another team.

      • Dom DiTolla

        Aww…thanks for the kind words. I missed that memo though where we were informed that you were the “authority” on who “is” and “isn’t” a “Steelers fan” though. I’m glad you got us up to speed with your “foolish” and “stupid” remarks. :)

        I for one see nothing wrong with providing some valid criticism about the franchise, and it never hurts to question what actually went into some of their bone-headed decision-making. Heaven forbid constructive criticism come from somewhere.

        Also, I didn’t see any teams beating down Pittsburgh’s door to acquire some of their “fantastic” players at the deadline.

        • Rick Shaffer

          There’s a vast difference between valid criticism and axing people as craig did. The remarks weren’t directed toward you but obviously you weren’t able to discern it. I have not had a problem with your comments because they are generally respectable. My remark has to do with people who are always ready to jump ship when we have a losing streak. I have followed the Steelers from the 70′s as a loyal fan and get sick and tired of the complaining from people who don’t know how to stick with a team through thick and thin.

          • SamyyCiao

            Rich – most teams including our Steelers have learned that over the last 5 years more than ever this is a young man’s game – no more big contracts unless your QB is great or you have a once in lifetime postion player after 28 – we made lots of mistakes Troy has been hurt for last 4 years – this year playing ok but has lost 2 maybe 3 steps shows flashes of his old fantastic slef but not for what he is getting – that would get us a Pro Bowl 25 year old LT – Steelers need to gut their training staff way too easy on these old guys – I saw Woodley in Latrobe and he was out of shape from day 1 – told Pittsburgh writers about they blew me of – he one game and he was the second coming – he is done and that contract is a killer. Clark FA and gone after seaon, Hood gone, Kiesel 1 more year, Heyward at least the guy is trying, Adams bust, Gilmore out of shape from Day 1, Pouncey injury prone like Colon dump him for draft pick if possible, only player of any value on Defense right now and he has a broken hand is Timmons. Tough next 2-3 years – I would trade Ben in heartbeat for high #1 and #2 if some team would do it – Colts did not take long to rebuild – had one real bad year and 1/2 of another now look real good – no reason Steelers can not do the same!

          • Dom DiTolla

            Point taken, but Craig’s comments were simply in jest. The point of this entire article was to illustrate that the Steelers do not have many “trade-able” pieces on their roster, and how they must rebuild their team through the draft.

            Also, most people on this site (me included) did not believe that the Steelers were a postseason caliber team this year, and I was shocked that they even won eight games last fall.

          • Rick Shaffer

            Thanks. I need to make myself more clear in the future when posting rather than allowing my feelings to rule my intellect. Thanks to SamyyCiao as well. I believe we have the caliber of players necessary to make a run, but they need a lot of seasoning, and I was not under any delusion that we would be a playoff contender this year barring some miraculous intervention. We have been dealing with a banged up offensive line for a long time, and it continues this year too. It’s difficult to see your team hobbled by injuries like we have this past two years and still cheer them on, but I am very optimistic that this organization will rebound as they always have in the past..

  • bk

    It’s gonna be a long, long, couple of years for us Steeler fans… major rebuild is in order and until the Rooney’s figure out that the current HC, GM, etc are inept… it will just delay the inevitable…