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Steelers Demote Jarvis Jones, Jason Worilds Starter Again


Well that didn’t last very long.

According to Scott Brown of, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ coaching staff were obviously less than pleased with Jarvis Jones and his lack of production since he became the starter at right outside linebacker almost two months ago:



The move itself does not shock me in the least. Outside of Pittsburgh’s game versus the Jets, Jones has provided minimal pocket collapse since he assumed the starting job. At least to me, he lacks the necessary strength and technique to succeed at the position right now as a pass rusher, has even failed to record a single sack, and his play against the run has left much to be desired!

Let that sink in for a second, “Steeler Nation.”

Jarvis Jones has more Subway commercials (one), than sacks (zero) during the first six games of his professional career.

Granted, the old-new solution of Jason Worilds as the starter is not much of an upgrade. Yet at this point, there is nobody else for the Steelers to turn to at this point in the season.

How much Jones will eventually play is still a mystery, but it is not good news at all to learn that he was unable to fend off an underachieving veteran like Worilds for the starting gig.




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  • Craig

    Harsh words, Dom. I think Jones is doing ok and certainly more consistent than Worilds. Let’s be honest, did anyone really expect Jones to rock it out as a rookie – especially when the coaching staff is not used to utilizing a rookie on defense since the creation of the tablets on Mt. Sinai? And really, do you honestly trust the assessment from any of these coaches right now to think they know ‘what’s best’ for this team? I think it’s the wrong decision just like so many other choices they’ve made this season.

    Jones is getting pressure, he’s just not finishing. He was the reason for the Timmons interception against the Raiders. The stats may show that he’s not splashy with the sacks or tackles, but he’s causing disruption. I say let him start the rest of the season and get better with real time football snaps. Dude isn’t getting any better riding the pine.

    • Dom DiTolla

      Well I hate to be a “Negative Nancy,” but Jones was doing almost zero at the point of attack. While I agree that he should not have been benched, especially during a lost season like this one, what should the coaching staff have done?

      I’ll start to come around once Jones notches more sacks than the amount of Subway commercials he has.

  • Justin

    When I read something like this, swapping players at whatever position, it just hits me as a desperation move. I mean, they’re moving some bricks around while our house is falling down around us. There’s a much bigger problem at hand. What are they actually DOING about the poor play on each side of the ball? How are they changing up practice or play calling to actually prepare for an opponent aside from freaking table game bans?

    Basically what I’m saying is exchanging one turd for another still leaves us with crap.

  • lkw

    Isn’t it funny that in the subway commercial rg3′s arms are twice as big as Jones’. Still think eifert would have been a better pick now and in the long term.

  • DefSoulMode

    I think at 2-5 the Steelers ride the season with Jones if he’s healthy and coach him up. Sitting isn’t benefiting him and he needs to learn while playing. Getting reps is what he needs and he will learn from his mistakes and get better. Wrong move Tomlin.