Oct 3, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel (3) throws a pass during the first quarter against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills: Who Wins?

A fierce battle begins, as two powerhouse squads that are fighting for the tops of their divisions….. Oh and the bottom feeders of the AFC East and North divisions – the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills – are playing too somewhere else.  Both teams have been suffering from sub par performances from top to bottom as well as poor coaching from just about every position.  But don’t let your guard down against these Bills.  They have the 8th best rushing game in the league, and the Steelers have just about the worst run defense.  So, as long as Pitt and Notre Dame replace half the divots they make on Saturday night at Heinz Field, Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller will be tough to stop for a Steeler run defense that hasn’t been this bad in… well… ever.  QB EJ Manuel is slated as probable, and even though Dicky LeBeau has a history of fairing well against rookie QB’s, the combination Manuel, Jackson, and Spiller might just prove too much for the good guys.

The Steelers hope to bounce back from being annihilated against the Patriots in Week 9.  Despite a couple of picks, Roethlisberger had one of his best weeks in a while throwing for 400 yards and four touchdowns.  He hopes to continue the good numbers and hooking up with Antonio Brown and Jerricho Cotchery a few times in the end zone against a Bills defense that is tenacious up front but struggles in the middle of the field.  Rookie running back Le’Veon Bell will hope to continue his continued improvement from week to week.  The defense is the unit that will need to majorly step up and play well if they want to have any chance in winning.  Another performance like they had in Foxboro and Manuel will look like a Tom Brady on Sunday.

My gut tells me this will be a struggle throughout for the Steelers.  The Bills will dominate in just about every category, but the Steelers will hang tough during most of the game after their usual first quarter ‘slow start.’  I think it will be a repeat performance of being behind too much too late in the game, and the Steelers will fall short in another 4th quarter comeback attempt.

But, I want to know what you all think.  Will the Steelers win?  Will they be blown out?  Will coach Tomlin bench himself?  Let’s hear it.

What will be the result of Sunday's game against the Bills?

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  • chas territo

    Your poll missed the choice that will happen…”The Bills in a blow out!” Bills 24-13, but the Rusty Oil Cans might not score at all! GO BILLS!!

    • Craig

      Hey, genius. One of the options has the Steelers losing in a blowout meaning that the Bills win in a blowout. Guess you were too busy trolling to figure that out. ;) good luck Sunday.

      • chas territo

        Read it again! 4 choices, none what I said. As for me trolling , be a mature man(?). I got this from a Buffalo link. If you call that trolling your just dumb.

        • chas territo

          Of course you have no comeback. Is it because when you re-read it you were too embarrassed to reply? Being a jerk is your way i guess. GO BILLS!!

          • Dom DiTolla

            Being a jerk is your way I guess too. Enjoy another terrible season up in Buffalo.

        • Craig

          You’re right, I forgot one choice: “Manuel completely rusty in return, Bills get outplayed in every way by a Steelers team that is struggling like crazy.” That’s the one I should have put on there. Eh well. Happy 2013 Bills Season to you. We shall both suffer for months.

  • Thom Lang

    My heart sats Steelers win, but if I was betting, bills get the W and another step towards getting fired for Tomlin.

    • chas territo

      Don’t rush to judgement! Tomlin has to be worse than he is now to be fired. GO BILLS!!

  • Niyi Delano

    remember me, the troll, well Ben threw an INT in the bills redzone, which was returned to ours and allowed the Bills to score.
    I will wait for you guy’s spin tomorrow on how everyone but Ben is the problem. till then, 9tds, 14 turnovers for the guy who makes more than 10 percent of the steelers cap

    • Craig

      He also just threw some nice passes to move the ball downfield and then threw a TD pass to Cotch. Yeah, what a bum.

      • Niyi Delano

        1st drive – INT – in opponent’s red zone

        2nd drive – punt

        3rd drive – punt

        4th drive – field goal

        5th drive – touchdown -Ben

        6th drive – end of first half

        7th drive – ben fumbles – recovered own fumble –punt

        8th drive – thanks to special team hard count that draws bill offside- touchdown – Bell

        9th drive – punt – ben didn’t read un-blocked defender since the bills were blitzing

        10th drive – punt

        11th drive – started in opponent redzone due to INT – field goal

        12th drive- started in opponent redzone thanks to special teams – field goal

        3rd down efficiency 8-17

        Ben’s QB rating – 77.6

        Again Ben had another average day. The INT was just poor as he starred down his receiver. On numerous plays he threw the ball low, even one hopping one pass to Brown, and he wasn’t under duress.

        Now I know the Steelers have restructured his salary a few times but I believe he is currently making over 12 or 13 million per season. Well our other QBs could give us those same
        awful stats. Thanks to Defense, Special teams, and running game which gave Ben some simple throws we actually won a game. Laughable that people still think Ben is top 5. I will put in the top 20 because his play and lack of defensive reads prior to the snap shows on game day.

        I really hope those trade rumors are true. Also Ben has actually fumbled 7 times but lost 4.

        • Dom DiTolla

          A lot of those you have to chalk up to poor play calling and Haley sticking with the run or completely ignoring the play-action passing game when Buffalo was selling out against it (especially near the goal line). He also had some garbage pass-protection as well, can’t blame him for that one, jagoff.

          And I suppose a rookie would have done better?

          But hey, you can go crawl back under your bridge of ignorance.

          • Niyi Delano

            you know what I would love from you and craig, is when I bring facts forward like I just did, you don’t jump to insult. lol
            The play calling was fine and the sack fumble ben took was due to the un-blocked defender coming in and Ben doesn’t read it, as usual. But am sure, according to you, O Line is the problem.
            Please, come to me with facts and not insult to prove, once again your horrid point. Ben was 18 of 30, turned the ball over twice, luckily we got the ball back on the other turn over. But again, according to you, it is the O line and Haley. Classic work from someone who throws insult when someone provides fact to him. But, I will await your facts, won’t hold my breath though, since I know insult is all I will get back in response.

            And I would also guess you have no clue was ignorance mean. Ignorant people don’t list facts, they usually talk out of their, you know what. so far, the only person not listing any facts and talking out of his you know what is you. so, next time you say ignorance, please look in the mirror or look at craig.

          • Dom DiTolla

            Actually I listed facts, the play-calling in the red zone was terrible. The offensive line allowed four sacks,

            Big Ben did not have adequate time to get rid of the ball on the fumble, and the lack of play-action was a major hindrance with Buffalo selling out against the run for much of the game, especially in the red zone. Calling the play-calling “fine” in that area is ridiculous.

            Also, where did I absolve “Big Ben” for his interception? It was a poor throw.

            Yet did you watch the flailing efforts by Beachum and Gilbert on their sacks? I guess that was Ben’s fault right? Of course, a stats wizard like you who supposedly watches the games saw those?

            Blaming Ben for all of this team’s problems is a joke, and in a way I hope fans like you get what you deserve when his replacement crashes and burns.

            Personally though, having you come on here makes me laugh. Are you interested in becoming “NPC’s” mascot?

          • Craig

            I don’t think anyone is disputing the facts of Ben struggling this season and at times in the past. But, to lay him down in front of the entire team bus for the losses this season is just flat wrong. Football is a team game. There is no one man that will win or lose it all. That’s why you are partly correct about the defense keeping this team in games (when the defense was good). The defense did their job by keeping the game close, and it was Ben and the offense that orchestrated game winning drives.

            Your hatred for Ben and whining about how much of an unjustified money-suck he is to this team is a little unfounded. You make it seem like it was your sister who was the one in the bathroom down in Georgia…. or was it your mom in that car that Ben hit with his motorcycle?

            Come on dude, just get on the level and admit that a single player is not responsible for a team’s win/loss record. When you get there, then I can respect what you are dishing out. Until then, you are just some bitter guy with some strange beef against the best QB to grace this franchise.

  • Dom DiTolla

    Did you actually watch each sack? I did and I saw Kelvin Beachum being beaten by a speed rush by Jerry Hughes, Guy Whimper manhandled at the point of attack, and Marcus Gilbert absolutely tooled. While you claim that we blame everybody “except” Ben certainly seems like you want absolve everybody of blame but Pittsburgh’s signal caller..

    Those are facts sir, and to deny that his offensive line failed him on those plays is a joke.

    Also, where are you getting this “Ben is infallible” nonsense from me? We have plenty of issues with Pittsburgh’s quarterback, and when he has been at fault we have been more than willing to call him out. It might behoove you to do some research on this blog before making moronic accusations and assumptions.

    But pardon me for worrying about what the team has at the position behind him. Furthermore, pardon me for not wanting the Steelers to jettison their most important player when he still has productive seasons left. I guess you don’t remember the years 1983-2003 though.

    Also, why do we have to “prove” anything to you? We have a large following here and people not only enjoy but agree with our analysis. We prove our worth every day with our posts and thought provoking discussion regardless of what people with a deep-seated “anti-Ben” agenda believe.

    If you’re so concerned about people getting their news here and from other Steelers blogs, start your own. The fact you keep coming on here is not only sad but hilarious since you continue to drive up our traffic and bring more people here.

    Keep posting your ill-founded attacks and rants though, they happen to be quite cute. :)

    • Niyi Delano

      Since i already told you my take on how the O Line played, here is Scott Brown, the ESPN’ Steelers correspondant, here is his take.

      Offensive line: The Steelers used tackle Mike Adams as an extra tight end early and often, and the line more than held its own against Buffalo’s vaunted front. The Steelers’ 136 rushing yards were their second-most this season, and they shut out Bills sack maestro Mario Willliams. Williams, who entered the game with 11 sacks, did not even record a tackle against the Steelers. Grade: B

      The links: http://espn.go.com/blog/pittsburgh-steelers/post/_/id/2413/grading-the-steelers

      enough said.

      • Dom DiTolla

        Did you happen to read my recent article on Adams? Despite your hatred of me and this site, you might actually enjoy reading that aforementioned post from Monday.

        I have discussed at length why I like him as a right tackle, discussed in that post how well he has played there, and I believe he could be one of the best in the game at the right tackle position if he is allowed to stay there full time. I’m sure you would agree that he has illustrated to that he is the best run-blocker of all of their tackles on the roster in recent weeks.

        Also, keeping Williams at bay was nice. While they slid protection to stop him and chipped, it still didn’t take away from watching Beachum get tooled being out of position and Gilbert and Whimper not provide adequate time on those negative plays.

        Personally, I’d love to see them draft Jake Matthews, move Adams to right tackle, keep their starting core of three (Foster, Pouncey, DeCastro) in the middle, and then have Beachum be the ultimate “swing guy.” I could take or leave Gilbert at this point, but pitting him against Adams for the starting right tackle job would be fantastic for competition purposes.

        While they’ll likely be too cap-strapped to ink Velasco beyond this year, they’ll probably need another “interior backup” away from being a formidable unit if those things occur. From the guys I’ve watched, there could be some “diamond in the rough guys” they could snag late at the guard position in this year’s draft. Plus they’ll have Chris Hubbard and Nik Embernate competing with them as well.

        Any thoughts on that?

        • Niyi Delano

          Seriously, why do you think i hate you or your site. lol, if i hated your site i wouldn’t come on here.

          But first let me start by saying, no where in any of the post i have sent you or craig have i ever played down the fact that our O Line is average. my problem with you and your site is, you don’t admit that Ben’s play most of his career has been above average neither.

          I thought the coaches made a mistake when they chose not to start Mike Adams at right tackle to begin the season. Adams played left tackle in the preseason last year and even though that was his spot in college, he had problems with speed rusher, again the same thing is happening this year. Adams won the Steelers rookie of the year by playing on the right side. Personally i have never liked Gilbert. I thought he wasn’t strong enough to play last year and the year before as he was overwhemlmed on two instances that ended up blowing up the leg of his teammates. It happened couple years ago and David Johnson was the victim and since then he hasn’t been the same and the same thing happened to Decastro last year. Again i agree with you on Jake Matthews. After blocking for Manziel, blocking for Ben will be an easier feat.

          My belief is, the Steelers should seriously address this O line in the offseason, i believe you, I and probably every steelers fan would like that. Honestly, i am not even sold on Foster. Maybe i am greedy, but i blame Faneca. His play at left guard for this team was awesome, to see foster trying to man that spot leaves a lot to desire after seeing how faneca played. The problem with Velasco in my opinion wouldn’t be paying him, it will be starting him. if we paid him, who would we bench to play him? And i doubt he would want to hang around and be a backup when he knows he can start. My dream scenario would be the Steelers draft a Left Tackle high, if one truly deserves such an honor and maybe, like you suggested, look for a guard, have Adams and Gilbert fight for the Right Tackle spot, and get some good backups, since we can’t keep our players healthy.

          Now back to Ben, you, craig and I will probably never agree on Ben, and honestly i am fine with that but watching Ben all his career with the Steelers, i see a guy who has benefited tremendously from the talent around him and once that talent has diminished, he has shown, that without that talent, this team can’t just say we will ride on Ben’s back to the playoff. The first half of last year, i actually was saying, i think Ben has truly gone to that next level where people always thought he was, but not me, then he got hurt, and then he came back, and started under throwing passes, like he did against the cowboys, or wasn’t reading defenses properly as he threw an awful INT against the bengals to Hall that lost us that game. And this year, to me, he has continued the trend he started late last year.

          • Dom DiTolla

            On Ben, I think the chest injury was probably a bit more serious than he led on. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and he has shined enough in the past to warrant more chances so they can build a competent offensive line around him.

            Personally, I’d love to see more creativity out of the coaching staff with the play-calling suited to the personnel better. But hey, bygones aside, we all can’t agree on everything and it is nice to see different and impassioned arguments here. I’m sure people will be having that debate over him once his name enters the “Hall of Fame” consideration process.

            I am glad that we at least agree on the O-Line issues and what the franchise should do to fix them.

            If you remember, they tried Adams at left tackle during the 2012 preseason and he was so awful that they re-signed Max Starks. Personally after that Eagles game, I in no way shape or form wanted to see him as the blind-side protector and should only be relegated to right side duty where he would be (and is) a much better fit.

            He played so well as a rookie on the right side though that Beachum would have rode the pine all season had Adams not been injured. With his size, strength, and run-blocking ability, Adams is a natural fit at right tackle and his pass-blocking for that particular position is above average. I’m also down on Gilbert myself, and his recent stints on the injury report do not bode well for him.

            That’s why I think some increased competition for Gilbert’s job might help, especially since he has been thrust into the lineup only by injuries during his career.

            In theory, they could start Velasco at center and kick Pouncey to left guard like they did with him and “Leggo” against the Ravens. But I think the market for Velasco will be too great for the cap-strapped team, and unless they can find a sure-fire replacement for Foster, they’re better off keeping him there.

            It has been nice to watch the emergence of DeCastro this season though, and he has the tools to be a really solid player and potential Pro Bowler. Keep an eye on Nik Embernate as well. If he can come back from his knee injury, he has a nastiness to him which could make him a viable 8th guy on gamedays and at the very least a practice squadder next year.

            I do have a question for you though: How high should the Steelers trade up to acquire the services of Matthews?

            They’ll probably win 5-6 games this year, so they’ll likely need to move up to get him. I think Taylor Lewan, Cyrus K. of Alabama, and Antonio Richardson all belong at right tackle at the pro level. And while I like him, Cameron Erving is a bit too raw for the Steelers to gamble on in Round 1.

            While James Hurst could be a possibility in Round 2, do you think it would be wise to roll the dice and trade three (approx.) picks to get Matthews?

            I’m certainly in favor of it since he is talented enough to help the team, and his addition would put a guy like Adams in an even more advantageous position to succeed.

            I’m a huge fan of Matthews for the reason you alluded to above, and his pass-protection ability gives the Steelers something they have lacked at the position since Marvel Smith’s back gave out in ’08.

      • Craig

        Well here’s an article from Bouchette from the PPG and a quote from the article:


        “This year, three-time Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey was knocked out for the season on the first offensive play, and the trend has continued from there, although not with such major injuries. Is it any wonder they rank 28th in the NFL with an average of 3.6 yards per run, or that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been sacked at a record pace of 35 times?”

        For a guy who’s been covering the Steelers for a long time, he doesn’t seem to think Ben’s the problem.