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Mike Tomlin Thinks Most of Us Are Crazy


If anybody thinks I or anybody else would do this [step in the way of a kickoff returner on the field of play] on purpose they are crazy.

-Mike Tomlin (text message to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports)


Oh Mike Tomlin, you hilarious individual you.

“Crazy” is it?

We’re crazy for believing that you stepped in front of Jacoby Jones on what should have been a cake-easy kickoff return for a touchdown in the third quarter of last Thursday’s game? You know, despite the fact that film, particularly a telling angle provided by KDKA, proves that you impeded the Raven’s route to the end zone.

If you didn’t step onto the field on purpose, then how come you saw where Jones was heading on the Jumbotron and stepped enough into his path to slow him down so your coverage unit could make a play?

Don’t piss down our legs and tell us it’s raining, Mr. Tomlin. Not only do you insult our collective intelligence, you make yourself look like an fool as well by attempting to save face after you committed an “obvious” penalty.


Final Thoughts

I guess that the new “standard” in Pittsburgh is to lie and finger-point when one is faced with adversity or is called out for breaking an obvious rule. I can only assume that any affront, no matter how based in reality or clearly illustrated on film, to coach Tomlin can be interpreted as a “below the line” attack on him.

I for one hope that the N.F.L.’s league office hands Tomlin and even more harsh penalty for his aforementioned behavior. His complete disregard for the rules of the game is one thing. His complete and total inability to tell the truth and admit that he made a mistake is nothing short of pathetic.






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  • Kimmy

    Check me into the asylum then. I think this reaction is crazy. I hope the fine comes down soon and the rest of us can move on. And those that don’t move on need to realize that you’re not owed a pound of flesh no matter how much you don’t like the guy.

    • Milliken Steeler

      I agree. This is being way overblown but its typical anymore,

    • Dom DiTolla

      So a majority of people with 20-20 vision are “crazy” because we saw a head coach impact a game by interfering on the field of play? Garbage. “All sizzle and no steak” can point the finger at himself or stick it where the sun don’t shine for being “crazy” enough to believe that his actions don’t have monetary or suspension consequences.

      Of course, it’s “obvious” that “the standard is the standard” and Tomlin gave a “below the line” performance which he “must wear” for the rest of his coaching career. Lol.

      Another postseason-less January & February on the horizon for the Steelers with Tomlin at the helm.

      • Kimmy

        Wow, the overreaction level is off the charts right now. Even after his press conference today. Why is it that Tomlin doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt? What exactly has he done to make you trade common sense for just pure anger and resentment? I don’t understand the lack of perspective here.

        • Dom DiTolla

          Wow, the overcompensating for Tomlin’s “apology” is off the charts right now.

          Benefit of the doubt? I lost benefit of the doubt for him when I: a) watched the replay of him clearly obstructing Jones and b) saw him smirking after he knew what he did in the aftermath of the play.

          Also, I nor anybody else who saw what he clearly did, appreciate being called crazy either. I’m sure you would’ve been singing a different tune though had it been John Harbaugh of the franchise you affectionately refer to as the “Ratbirds” who impeded Felix Jones on a kickoff return.

          • Kimmy

            How dare he have the nerve to smirk! Such an offense is surely punishable to the highest degree. The coaches film released today backs him up that he stood with his back to the play and didn’t see Jones coming till the last minute but that’s not important because anything that goes against the “Tomlin is garbage” broken record just isn’t acceptable around these parts.

          • Dom DiTolla

            There is also plenty of film from other angles which illustrates that he did know where Jones was and tried to interfere on the play.

            But that would go against all of the “Tomlin is absolved of all blame” garbage which is unacceptable in most of “Steeler Nation.”

            Also, you’d be signing a completely different tune had it been John Harbaugh obstructing one of Pittsburgh’s return men.

          • Kimmy

            Yes he should have been flagged and he should be fined for wrongly affecting the outcome of that play by where he was standing. I don’t think any reasonable person thinks otherwise. But you can look at whatever angle you want and still can never know his intent. I’m choosing to take him at his word because there isn’t any logical reason not to and not overreact as if he committed crimes against humanity. Dom I think we must be distant cousins or something because I’ve never come across anyone this stubborn that I’m not related to before lol.

          • Craig

            I would say a logical reason (though a bit of a reach) is a desperate coach whose team is one win away from .500, looking at a playoff run, and looking at being in the hot seat if things don’t go that way. Desperate times call for desperate measures – how far would you be willing to go to keep you seven figure coaching job?

          • Kimmy

            Hahahahaha! Benstonium does it again! I think Tomlin is too smart of a guy to risk everything by pulling a stunt like that but he’s also too smart of a guy to not pay attention to where he’s standing on the field during a kickoff. I think his presser yesterday and the fine today should have put this thing to bed but apparently the NFL doesn’t want that since they’re going to hold a draft pick over our heads. Dumb PR move by the league, IMO. I get making an example of him since this clearly can’t be a common occurrence but a heft fine would have done just fine in that regard.

          • Craig

            Look Kim. He’s at it again. He needs to stop!! LOL

            Post by

          • Craig

            Do you think he should have been at least flagged for being in the white area?

          • Milliken Steeler

            His foot was barely on the field and his body was right on the line. Jacoby was being chased down by a faster Cortez Allen and Jacoby is carrying a football which makes him a tick slower than his 40 time.

            If it was a slower player chasing him it would not have mattered but it was a slightly quicker player…with an angle.

            I believe Tomlin should have been flagged and of course the league putting a fine on him also however,.,,,,,this insane might or should lose a draft pick nonsense is just plain stupid.

          • Craig

            I agree that the draft pick talk is just nonsense because the league won’t go that far…. because they lost the game. I, however, strongly feel that if the Steelers walked away with a tie or better then this would be a much bigger deal to a lot of people – mainly team owner Bisciotti. They would be banging down Goody Goodie’s door, and I think he would feel the need to oblige with a stiffer penalty – aka draft pick.

    • Craig

      I think Dom is a bit excited over the issue, but he makes valid points and questions. I find it strange that there are fans that truly believe it’s not a big deal what Tomlin did – intent or no intent to interfere. If it were Bill Belichick as the offender instead you know darn well everyone in Steeler Nation would be calling for his head. Why does Tomlin get a slap on the wrist within the Steeler Nation fan base – because he’s never been known to cheat before? So what.

      Like him or hate him or indifferent about him as a head coach – this stunt by him was stupid. And, as a part of Steeler Nation I’m jacked at this jack ass for doing something so stupid. It’s an embarrassment, and if the NFL decides to come down hard on the organization because he thought he was getting away with something and being all Joe Cool about it with that damn smirk of his, then it’s even more salt in the wound for me. The Steelers are lucky they didn’t win that game or this whole thing would have blown more wide open than it is right now.

      If the NFL doesn’t come down hard, then the Rooney’s sure better. But I guess it will just get swept under the rug of Class Casualties like Santonio Holmes and Big Ben.

  • Todd Williams

    I’m with Dom here. I don’t know how after seeing the video how this could have *not* been interpreted as intentional. I mean, who takes a step *towards* something they are trying to avoid? It was obviously intentional. What does this say to the players if your coach is willing to do something shady for an advantage. This kind of behavior within leadership sets a terrible example for the team.

  • Carl Eagan

    All of those who are in love with the sound bite machine and think he’s such a great coach are in the same boat as Mike.There is no way Tomlin could not know where he was on the field as he was checking himself out on the jumbotron and he was right there and it is possible he was so focused on himself he didn’t see Jones behind him. The moron along with his soccer mom fans think lies will win over evidence.

    • Kimmy

      Pretty childish to resort to insults when you obviously lack the intelligence to be objective.

  • Geezer33

    As a dyed-in-the-wool Batimore fan of 57 years, I will say that I thought Coach Tomlin’s mea culpa the other day was classy. I don’t know what made him go out onto the field of play during the runback, but I really don’t believe that he made the premeditated decision ahead of time to impede Jones’ progress. That said, it was still an illegal move per the NFL rules and the notoriety it has engendered requires that the NFL take significant action to preclude such faux pas in the future. A large fine is in order. Loss of a draft pick? A bit excessive, I think, even though I want the Steelers toothless in the future. Steelers fans: good luck for the rest of the season. GO RAVENS!

  • Jimmy Stuart

    Anybody remember this
    scoll down and you will see Cowher was almost face to face the ball carrier and good yard over the white line. By the way Dom how many ” postseason-less January & February on the horizon for the Steelers with Tomlin at the helm” does this make.

    • Dom DiTolla

      I remember that play, I also remember how Cowher didn’t impede Mr. Hudson in the manner which Tomlin did to Jones. In addition, this will be a third postseason-less January & February for the Steelers under Tomlin. Team will probably be sitting at home in 2014 and 2015 too.

      I also seem to remember how Cowher and his staff accumulated and developed a wealth of talent during the franchise’s last rebuilding stage (Faneca, Ward, Townsend, Burress, Porter, A. Smith, Haggans, M. Smith, etc.).

      I’m eagerly awaiting for Tomlin to do the same.

      • Jimmy Stuart

        I’m eagerly awaiting it too,…. I think it’s on it’s way.

  • Chris Alexander

    Who cares. I think the NFL just has to go back and watch from previous games and see how he positions himself on the field ( hehe) to discern if it was intentional. Personally I think this is the biggest joke since well Roger took over. Tomlin is a competitor but he is not going to try to impede a return by putting his foot on the field. I will let the analysts go over the game film and see where Tomlin is on kick returns . I think it’s a sad day when the collective media spends more time talking about Tomlin then the actual game or games coming. As for the draft pick pending. Pfffft. I am with Ryan Clark on this one. STOOOOPID