Pittsburgh Steelers Defeat Green Bay Packers: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The Ugly

ClarkThe Refs (AGAIN!!) – I just knew this was going to happen after about five weeks ago I said I never call out refs.  I think it’s been five weeks in a row now that I have.  The refs were simply awful, and they were awful in handling each ummm…. unique…. situation.  What I wouldn’t give for a pair of Ed Hochuli’s arms to b!%#@ slap the crew that was officiating on Sunday afternoon.  I don’t think I really need to go into great detail about what happened.  We’ve all seen the replays.  We all know that Ryan Clark clearly had possession and lateraled the ball to William Gay, who then dropped, blah blah blah blah.  Here’s the thing that really has my Steelers boxers in a bind.  If you look at the initial angle of the replay, you can see that the side judge throws the blue flag onto the field once Clark laterals the ball.  That little blue marker means that possession has changed – from the Packers TO the Steelers.  It’s the same blue marker thrown after a fumble is recovered, a pass is intercepted, a punt is received, etc.  Why oh why was this not considered when the refs were huddled?  Or was it, and another official overturned that call?  The explanation to the stadium was crap, and I can only imagine how it was explained to Tomlin and Danny Smith that got them so fired up afterwards.  The lesson in all of this? – either have a challenge system or don’t.  If you have a challenge system then all plays should have the ability to be challenged.  I hope the league uses this as a huge example of the flaws inherit in the system.

Honorable Mention: Steelers defense blows 10 point lead in second half.

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