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Ryan Succop and Referees Finish Tumultuous Season



Hey, Steeler Nation.

Tough game to watch today in San Diego, am I right?

The fact that the Kansas City Chiefs lost in overtime to the San Diego Chargers is not what necessarily upsets me. The Chiefs’ backups blew a 10-point fourth quarter lead, and Ryan Succop missed a 41-yard field goal as time expired which would have given Kansas City the victory.

As maddening as Succop’s miss was, the fact that the refs clearly botched a call on an Eric Weddle fumble on a fake punt in overtime is what was truly incensed me.

How can the referees declare that he was ‘down’ when he a) had his legs still moving off of the ground, and b) was being pushed forward (illegally) by his offensive linemen? Moreover, if the play is considered ‘dead’ when Weddle’s helmet comes off and fell off before he crossed the sticks, then why did the Chiefs not receive the ball at the spot where he was stopped?

The fact that the referees gave zero explanation on the field and simply let the Chargers line up and continue their drive was nothing short of garbage. Of course, those negative situations would have mattered little if at all had the Steelers taken care of their own business earlier this season.

Pittsburgh’s 0-4 start to the regular season made them the butt of jokes throughout September and October. Their losses to Minnesota, Tennessee and Oakland proved how ridiculously under-prepared and inept they were in the early going, and they deserve to be sitting at home during the postseason.

Granted, the Weddle call itself was an utter joke. Yet it would be nice to see fans placing blame on Pittsburgh’s players and coaches for missing the postseason, not a kicker on another team. The Steelers could not control their own postseason destiny because of their own incompetence, not the incompetence of a kicker on another team.

Am I sad that the Steelers’ 2013 season is finished?

Of course, I am a fan of the team. Thus, why wouldn’t I be?

I just hope that the members of this franchise will be pointing the fingers at themselves for their long, cold winter. Moreover, I hope that this fanbase starts pointing fingers at the franchise and their recent decision-making for this team’s dive into mediocrity.






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  • Redd Mahoney

    The Chiefs loss is hard to take but your right, If the Steelers had gone just 1-3 at the start then they would be playing next week. But football games are not about what ifs….they are about wins/losses. The season should never have come down to the choke job of a Chiefs kicker. Let the off season ripping by you begin my friend. HeHe

    • Dom DiTolla

      Oh, again with the snarky b.s.

      Told you the Steelers would be sitting home in January. Also, if this team maintains the status quo during the upcoming offseason and necessary changes aren’t made, they’ll be sitting at home next January and the one after that.

      • Redd Mahoney

        Please, the Steelers were 1 missed field goal away from making the playoffs so your not so smart there Mr. “meaningless games”.

        And I’m sure that you’ll have all of the off season answers for the team right, you genius of a G.M you?

        I can’t wait to hear your Super Bowl plan. HeHe

        • Dom DiTolla

          Really? What offseason moves do you believe should happen? You know,
          since you’re such the expert.

          You seem to believe that you have all of
          the answers. I’d personally scrap the mediocrity plan right now by
          firing Haley, getting an OC Big Ben’s comfortable with who can utilize
          the passing game personnel properly, then “retire” Dick LeBeau for Keith
          Butler or someone else. Youngsters can’t keep sitting on defense,
          especially in today’s NFL where 2/3′s to 3/4′s of their rookie deals are
          wasted riding the pine.

          Seriously though, what’s your plan? You seem so ready to criticize, so I am all ears…

          • Redd Mahoney

            There’s no need for me to explain my thoughts to you Mr. “meaningless games”.

            Oh, quite the contrary my friend. It seems that YOU are the great talent evaluator(or so you keep telling us) that has all of the solutions for championship seasons to come.

            First, you say the Steelers make “comical” draft picks, then you advocate for the playing time of these “joke” draft picks over proven established veterans? Huh?
            If the Steelers would have had the same intellections as you did and played these not ready for primetime rookies and tanked the season…that Cleveland game would have really been “meaningless”. Instead they trusted the play of the veterans to improve and the team battled to the very end. Remember this next time you jump the gun on “meaningless games”.

            Then, you want to get rid of LeBeau/Haley when you’ve been saying all season long that the talent of this team is of a 5-11 variety and is in dire need of much more talent. So which is it….the chicken….or the egg?

            And since you are of the opinion that Le’Veon Bell will be nothing more than a “rotation back” and that his selection with the 48th pick was a “waste”, I thought I’d close out 2013 with the thoughts of Joe Soriano from Spin Zone on the Steelers/Browns game:

            ” The Browns were able to force Ben Roethlisberger to have a rare bad day, but they were beaten up by star rookie RB Le’Veon Bell,
            who had a sick spin move for a five-yard TD, and couldn’t get their own
            offense going. Bell, by the way, has been a revelation for the Steelers
            this season, and the Michigan State product is indeed the kind of
            feature back the Steelers have been looking for”.

            Let’s see you rip this guy, you who thinks the Steelers will be “stuck” with Bell.
            Now that’s comical!

            HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

          • Dom DiTolla

            Why? You seem to disagree with everything, so why can’t you enlighten us with what you would do to fix this team’s problems? Oh that’s right, you probably have no thoughts of your own. Are you afraid of what people will say?

            Moreover, did I say that all draft picks were comical?

            I’ve been advocating that the team plays guys like J. Jones, Thomas, Wheaton, Williams, Garvin, etc. more this fall. Those guys will be tremendous factors down the road, and getting them much needed experience will be helpful.

            Guys like Jones, Thomas, Williams and Garvin would have never seen the field had LeBeau had his way, and Haley’s insistence on benching his explosive personnel is maddening. Not only could the team use more talent, but the coaching staff could use the talent on the roster in a better fashion.

            I said the juncture where they took Bell was a waste. Not the pick itself. Again, try reading next time. He’s definitely improved in recent weeks, so it has been nice to see him develop. I’m not above admitting I was wrong, you however seem to piss and moan anytime anyone calls your ‘logic’ (as I did above) into question.

          • Redd Mahoney

            Sir, I do not disagree with everything you say here so it is YOU that needs to try reading next time. It is you that seems to have trouble coping when your overwhelmingly negative “logic” gets questioned by the likes of us peons,,,,how dare we! :)

            Yeah, go ahead and back track on your negative comments about Bell, o’great talent evaluator. You mentioned that Bell lacked agility, speed, didn’t scare the 2nd level of a defense and would be best suited as a rotation back and his selection was a “wasted” one. Never mind that you never would have selected Bell in the first place. Oh, yeah I indeed read EVERYTHING! In your comments to me about Bell , not one positive word was stated, self proclaimed “Negative Nancy”. You also mentioned to me that Markus Wheaton’s talents weren’t even close to those of Keenan Allen’s and yet you want to crucify Haley for not playing “explosive” talent? Did someone say “logic”?

            It’s OK, you’re a big boy, so quit whining and just admit that you were wrong about certain things you genius of a G.M.

          • Dom DiTolla

            Guess you didn’t read my thoughts on Wheaton after the draft, during the preseason or throughout the regular season when he was healthy. I loved the pick then and love it now. Wish he didn’t have to rot on the bench. Where you’re getting that nonsense is beyond me. I’ve been clamoring for him to play over Spaeth, Paulson and Palmer all season when he has suited up.

            Do I believe Allen is the better receiver with a higher ceiling than Wheaton? I sure do, but I thought he was worthy of a first round selection. 71 catches for 1,046 yards and eight touchdowns as a rookie is quite impressive, and I am sure scouts around the league are kicking themselves for passing on a player of his caliber. The sky is the limit for him, and I’m anxious to see how he pans out for San Diego.

            I’m not whining about being wrong about Bell, I’m actually happy he proved me wrong. I can at least admit that I was wrong you on the other hand…Lol. Where were your early season predictions by the way?

            You still didn’t answer the question you have dodged in this section: What would you do to fix this team? You seem to have every other answer, so I’m just curious.

          • Redd Mahoney

            Seroiusly dude, are you really gonna gloat and give the Chargers credit for backing into the playoffs when the Chiefs/Steelers clearly were SHAFTED by the N.F.L zebras just to pound your chest that you were right. If it soothes your audacious ego to hear that you were right then OK my friend…you were right….geez.

            And are you really suggesting that the Chargers made the playoffs and the Steelers didn’t simply because the Chargers played Allen very much and the Steelers played Wheaton very little?

            Lastly, although I do have some ideas(we’ve discussed them before), I cannot give you anymore of my intellections on what I’d do fix the Steelers for I am not a resident football genius G.M like you are sir….I just play one on T.V! :)

          • Dom DiTolla

            That’s funny, because I swore the Steelers shafted themselves by starting the year 2-6 and by losing to awful teams. San Diego won the games they needed to (5 of 9 wins against playoff teams) and are in the postseason because of it.

            Bad calls exist in every game, and this debate would be moot if Pittsburgh took care of their own business early in the year. I’d also call starting 2-6 and having three teams lose on the final weekend ‘backing into the playoffs’ as well, so this nonsense that the Chargers didn’t deserve to get in is laughable.

            I’m simply suggesting that Keenan Allen was an enormous part of San Diego’s success this fall, especially since they lost Danario Alexander before the regular season even started. It was a wonderful pickup in the third round of the draft, and their GM & FO deserve credit for finding first round value that late in the process. Did I mention that Allen recorded the same amount of touchdown receptions as Antonio Brown and a higher YPC than the veteran this fall as well?

            Sounds like you want to dismiss the former Golden Bear’s fantastic rookie campaign. Wheaton has nothing to do with Allen’s success.

            I’m still waiting on those thoughts of yours regarding how to fix this team, I’m beginning to believe that you don’t have any.

    • Jeff Johnson

      If they had just beaten the dolphins, that would have been enough

      • Redd Mahoney

        Yeah but the losses to the Raiders and Vikings still sting…ugh!

        • Dom DiTolla

          They still sting because they are an 8-8 team and will continue to remain an 8-8 team until the necessary changes are made.

    • Dominic Di Tolla

      Really? What offseason moves do you believe should happen? You know, since you’re such the expert. You seem to believe that you have all of the answers. I’d personally scrap the mediocrity plan right now by firing Haley, getting an OC Big Ben’s comfortable with who can utilize the passing game personnel properly, then “retire” Dick LeBeau for Keith Butler or someone else. Youngsters can’t keep sitting on defense, especially in today’s NFL where 2/3′s to 3/4′s of their rookie deals are wasted riding the pine.

  • Brian Willis

    Cut everybody on defense and make sure Dick Lebeau retires.

  • lkw

    If we had made the playoffs we would have beat cin then got utterly destroyed by Denver so at least we don’t have to witness that and hopefully this coming draft is one of our best ever cause we’ll need instant contributors next yr for sure.

    • Jeff Johnson

      Hopefully. They need secondary players

  • BossSteelerChick

    The NFL has acknowledged privately, and will probably acknowledge publicly tomorrow, that the Chargers should have been flagged for too many players on the line when Ryan Succop missed what would have been the game-winning field goal. If the penalty had been called, it’s possible the Chiefs win and Steelers make the playoffs. Just sayin’.

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  • Jeff Johnson

    the only extra game they needed to win was the game vs the dolphins. if they had taken care of business in that game,, then they would have been in. It’s their own fault for losing that game, especially the defenses. Many changes coming on the defensive side of the ball. The next 4 months leading up to the draft will feel like an eternity for steeler fans

    • Dom DiTolla

      If they draft defense, particularly early, those guys had better see playing time early (at least in subpackages) instead of rotting on the bench for half of their rookie deals if not more.

  • [email protected]

    What a screwing. Yes, our fault that we (once again!) lost 4 imminently winnable games and finished 1 game out…. However, I think there are a lot of positives coming out of this year – Bell’s development; valuable in-game playing time for new players like Williams, Bell, Thomas, etc.; steady improvement of the O line; Ben’s and Brown’s awesome play which is the bedrock of the team now. Draft some more D and I think we will be alright next year. Not too many teams win year after year after year without a down season – and even our down years are not losing seasons. Keep the faith Steelers Nation!!!