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Steelers Morning Huddle 2/25/2014

Steelers season goes all year long so whether we’re looking ahead to the start of free agency, predicting the possible draft choices, or looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

NFL Competition Committee to consider making use of N-word a penalty in game

ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” did a special report on Sunday night over the use of the N-word on the football field and the NFL’s competition committee’s possible ruling to implement penalties for players using it during games. The report and possible rule change proposal was brought on by the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which monitors diversity in the NFL in response to reports from this season mostly referring to the Miami Dolphins locker room situation in where Richie Incognito used that term repeatedly to refer to Jonathan Martin. Steelers free agent safety Ryan Clark weighed in on the topic with the perspective from an organization that obviously requires respect and common decency in their locker room as opposed to Miami. He said that the Steelers locker room is a place of “mutual respect and even restraint” mostly due to the directive of Steelers chairman Dan Rooney.  He recalled that Rooney told Ike Taylor not to use that word in the locker room.

“And his reason behind it was that people fought against people using that word. People felt like that word was demeaning. There were terrible acts done by men using that word and by people using that word.” –Ryan Clark

Steelers could be active in free agency

The Steelers are getting some salary cap help so far, even before the deadline to be under the cap. According to ESPN reports, the salary cap keeps rising north of $130 million. Gerry Dulac of the PPG explains that this extra space, along with the many needs for the offseason, could contribute to the Steelers being a little more active than we’re used to seeing them be in free agency. The Steelers still need to move some things around considering the fact that even with the increase to the salary cap they’d still projected to be over. It will definitely be interesting to see if the Steelers go after free agency for starters as opposed to backups, which has been their style of late.

Steelers should draft a WR with their first pick?

Joe Starkey wrote a column for the Trib explaining his reasoning behind wanting the Steelers to go after a wide receiver with the 15th pick in the draft this year as opposed to using that pick to address the many defensive needs. His explanation includes a jab at Dick LeBeau that it takes about 9 years to learn his defense anyway so why not go offense and grab a tall receiver like Texas A&M’s Mike Evans.

What are your thoughts, Steeler Nation?

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  • Milliken Steeler

    You can’t have it both ways. The hypocrisy has to stop. You can’t condemn a word and then feel free to use it amongst yourselves. Its bad or its good..

    Further hypocrisy. Its not acceptable to call an African American ” Black Boy” and rightfully so. It is apparently except able to say white boy, honky and cracka though?

    So lets just say racism only applies to a Caucasian person and leave it at that because apparently it doesn’t apply to everyone.

    • Kimmy

      Who exactly “can’t have it both ways”? Where’s the hypocrisy? You think the people involved with the Fritz Pollard Alliance use the word for fun but are now trying to take it out of the NFL? Or do you think Dan Rooney uses the word for fun but doesn’t want it in his locker room? If you actually read the article I linked this to than who exactly are you saying is condemning that word but then using it freely among themselves?
      If there is going to be a culture change where EVERYONE gets the message that this word isn’t acceptable to use in any situations, it has to start somewhere doesn’t it?

      • Milliken Steeler

        Where is the hypocrisy? Are you serious or did you not read what I just wrote? If the word is bad, you dont use it period. You dont get a special little club that can use the word because we’re friends.

        Then I mentioned racist words period. Racism is singling out a person by the color of their skin. That definition applies to everyone. What part of that was to hard to understand since you just came at me like that Kim? If you are gonna have a discussion like this, be prepared for someone to be honest and not play the PC side of the fence.

        One more time since what I said was apparently so outragious you didnt understand me the first time. Its not acceptable to call an african american a black boy and RIGHTFULLY SO. It should also not be acceptable to call someone white boy, honky or cracka but its seems to be okay. That “white boy” has a name does he not?

        If we want to stop the bs. The names need to stop on all sides. It applies to EVERYONE. I myself do not accept hypocrisy. Its all or nothing. There is no middle ground.

        • Kimmy

          I read what you wrote but you obviously didn’t read the article the story linked to. Do you know what the Fritz Pollard Alliance is? I don’t know the “you” you are referring to when you’re saying that “you don’t get a special little club that can use the word”

          The directive the Fritz Pollard Alliance is trying to pursue is taking the word out of the NFL, still not sure where you think the hypocrisy is in that unless you’re saying that people in the Fritz Pollard Alliance use that word in their “special little club”. If you’re generalizing that because you’ve heard it used from some black people that all black people use it and anyone wanting to eliminate it is therefore a hypocrite than you’re just showing your ignorance there.

          No where did the article I linked or the summary I wrote spoke about anyone being referred to as “white boy” so I’m not quite sure how to address that one. I didn’t realize there was such a widespread problem of white males being degraded by being called “white boy”.

          I do agree with you that the BS needs stop and does need to stop with EVERYONE. I don’t see how this isn’t a step in that direction, though.

          • Milliken Steeler

            Okay Kim, I understand. I actually didnt disagree that this isnt a step in the right direction. I was just listening to people discus this today and a lot of them are saying “Its their word and they have the right to use it.

            I find that statement as clueless as the person who is still talking about anyone else of any race, like its 1950.

            Cheers. I think we misunderstood each other:)

          • Kimmy

            Yeah I think we were definitely on the same page with the understanding that that particular word should be eliminated by everyone, that’s the direction the NFL is trying to go into with this rule change proposal.

            I feel the same way you do, I think this word should be wiped from everyone’s vocabulary and I think the NFL has a very good chance and making some headway in that area because sports influences culture in a lot of ways.

            Glad we worked that out :)

        • Milliken Steeler

          Maybe I should clarify further. There are people that are saying that they have a right to use that word but yet others cant use that word. if the word is defined as racist…don’t use it..period. It sets a bad example to others when you say its racist and people are observing other people calling each other the word.

          The hypocrisy is about racism period as if we want this to no longer be a topic…there is no middle ground. NO ONE should be allowed to call another out by their skin color and it be acceptable. It stops when it stops period.

          I actually had few young employees using racial slang multiple times in front of me and when I said, you realize that is racist and offensive..do you know what the response was? ” Racist?, I’m black how can I be racist?” That is called hypocrisy and until I heard it, I would never have believed people thought like that. Were is that being taught? Racism equals Caucasians? I sure didnt teach that.

          Oh and by the way, I’m Spanish as in Spain. My last name is Alaniz I’m light skinned and therefore considered white except for Latino’s who recognize the name.