Predicting the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 Season

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously it’s a bit ridiculous to predict the season on April 27th.  The first game of the season is 133 days from now.  We still have the draft ahead of us, more free agents will be signed, training camp, and preseason but I assume I’m like most of you when the schedule came out.  I go down the list of games and go, “That’s a win or ehhh that’ll be a tough one.”  And within two minutes I have the Steelers going 16-0 on their way to the Super Bowl.

For right now however I’m going to try to be realistic and figure out what the Steelers can do this year.  According to team’s winning percentage, the Steelers have the 23rd hardest schedule but FiveThirtyEight has a formula to predict the actual strength of schedule, in which they have the Steelers at 28th.  So they don’t have the tough slate of games this season.

So without further ado let’s make predictions about the upcoming season that will most likely be wrong because it’s very hard to predict the NFL.  Who would have thought the Texans and Falcons would have combined for six wins last year after winning a total of 25 games in 2012?  Anyways enough chit-chat.

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