Aug 19, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones (3) fumbles the ball as Washington Redskins nose tackle Chris Baker (92) chases during the second half at FedEX Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers Should Have Waited Until 2014 to Draft Developmental QB

In 2013, when the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Landry Jones from Oklahoma with their second pick, I had lots of questions.  Sure he had great stats while in college (63.6% completion percentage, 16646 yards, 123 touchdowns, 52 interceptions), but his draft profiles included questions about his confidence, consistency, and mobility.  His preseason performance left much to be desired (45.5% completion, 348 yards, 2 touchdowns, 3 interceptions), even if it was only a few months into the first year of his development. 

In my opinion, confidence and mental toughness are two things you are going to want in a developmental/backup quarterback (or any quarterback for that matter).  As a developmental project, I would rather take a quarterback with good intangibles that needs some work on his skill set rather than the other way around.  This player is going  to have to ride the bench behind the starter and be able learn, absorb, and practice as much as possible without getting his feelings hurt that he is not the starter.  He is going to have to shake off any mistakes he makes, and continue to progress and become a better quarterback.  If Landry Jones lacks the ability to do that, he is not going to develop into a good quarterback and I have reservations about having him on the team at all.

This year’s crop of mid-tier quarterbacks is an interesting group, especially the group coming out of the Southeastern Conference.  Besides “Johnny Football” who pretty much everybody is familiar with and is projected by most analysts to be a top ten pick, this is the crop of SEC quarterbacks coming out in this draft:


  • AJ McCarron, a three-time National Champion (two as a starter) with a 36-3 win-loss record as a starter, including bowl games.  He was also the winner of the 2013 Maxwell and Johnny Unitas Golden Football Awards and was a Heisman finalist.  AJ worked his way into the starting quarterback position at Alabama after receiving doubts from Nick Saban and continues to play with a chip on his shoulder and work harder than anybody around him.
  • Aaron Murray, was a four-year starter at Georgia and now holds pretty much every Georgia and SEC career passing record, including touchdowns (121) and yards (13, 166).  Prior to the 2012 season, I picked Georgia to go to the National Championship game that year, due mostly to the excellent quarterback play of Murray (along with the excellent linebacker play of the Steelers 2013 first-round pick Jarvis Jones) and while his NFL draft profile has some questions about his anxiety in big games, he led the Georgia team to being five yards away from beating Alabama in the SEC Championship and going on to the National Championship that year.  I think he could be developed into a great quarterback.
  • Zach Mettenberger, while not having the accolades of the first two, did have to work to overcome off-the-field mistakes he made during the early years of his career and eventually become the starter at LSU, showing improvement and maturity in his senior year in a pro-style offense.
  • Connor Shaw is Tim Tebow minus the hype. (And possibly the extreme religious views?)  While playing in a mostly dink-and-dunk type offense, Shaw had to use his athleticism and will his team to victory at times.  As far as intangibles go, he is the cream of the crop. As a late round selection (not a first round reach like Tebow), he will be interesting to watch and see develop.


These are a few of the developmental type quarterbacks coming out in the draft this year that showed up on my radar over the years.  Others that I don’t know as well that could be good developmental projects include Tajh Boyd who holds several ACC records now, Tom Savage from Pittsburgh whose stock has been rising, and Logan Thomas from Virginia Tech.  The way Teddy Bridgewater is falling down draft boards, he may be considered a developmental project as well at this point.

I don’t think Landry Jones is going to end up anything more than the third string QB for his entire career.  I definitely don’t want the Steelers to reach for another developmental project, but if one of these quarterbacks was to fall into a round where they become a great value pick, or even go undrafted, I would see no fault in adding them to the roster to compete with Landry Jones for the backup/developmental spot. 

What do you think Steeler Nation, is there any quarterback coming out in the 2014 draft you would like to see the Steelers select as a developmental project?


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    Should have passed on L. Jones last year w/the types of players still on the board, and they should pass again this year due to needs at other positions. I should also add that a rookie quarterback drafted now would have spent at least half of his rookie deal on the bench. And that would only occur if Big Ben doesn’t receive an extension before his contract expires in the spring of 2016.

    Last year’s draft was a complete shit-show in the first three rounds from passing on Tyler Eifert, Keenan Allen, Jamie Collins, Sio Moore, Zach Ertz, Eddie Lacy, Andre Ellington, Kenny Stills, etc for guys like Jarvis Jones and Le’Veon Bell in rounds one and two. Taking L. Jones was just the cherry on top of the shit-laden sundae.

    I’d like to see the Steelers sign someone as a UDFA to push Jones in camp, like a Casey Pachall, Keith Price, Chase Rettig or even Brett Smith if he goes undrafted. But to waste a valuable draft pick on another third string quarterback would be moronic. Of course, judging by this team’s decision-making last April w/their second fourth round pick, I wouldn’t put it past them.

    • ApexSteel

      You can’t really be angry with us passing on players to improve on a need. I mean Hindsight is 20-20 Who knew that JJ wouldn’t be as productive in his first year (I don’t know why you brought up Le’Veon though but whatever)? Now taking Landry was a bad choice in our eyes, but maybe the coaches saw something in him only time will tell.

      • Richard White Jr

        Everybody should have known Jarvis wouldn’t be productive in his first year. Rookies don’t play in Dick Lebeau’s defense for that very reason. Seems like too many people had unrealistic expectations about last year. Jarvis will be better, Le’Veon was a great pick in hindsight, and Markus Wheaton is still to be determined.

        As far as LJ, Idk what they could have seen. He is pretty much the opposite of Ben. I know that a QB doesn’t have to be just like Ben to succeed, but confidence is something every QB needs in order to develop. Hopefully, we never need him to play anyway.

        • SDAZT.STEEL66

          People had unrealistic expectations for Jarvis last fall, but it doesn’t dismiss the fact that the FO totally crapped the bed w/OLB situation last spring. Harrison should have been signed on the cheap for one more season, a Corey Lemonier-type prospect should have been selected on Day 2 to be groomed behind Deebo, Worilds & Woodley. It represented a more fiscally responsible move at the time, and the Steelers are paying the price for it now.

          My biggest question is, if the Steelers didn’t want or need Jones to play, what the hell was the point of wasting a valuable draft pick on him during a rebuilding process?

          • Richard White Jr

            If you remember they did try to sign Harrison back but he wanted more money and ended up going into free agency and signing with the Bengals for less than the Steelers wanted to pay him.

            As far as Jones, just because they needed him to play doesn’t change the fact that rookies never prosper in this defense, so it was unfair to expect him to regardless of the need or round he was drafted in, and the Steelers always draft with the future in mind not just the here and now.

            I think Jones will prove to be worth his selection in the near future.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Steelers could have brought Harrison back from a financial perspective after the market cooled for his services. That whole situation was a loss for both sides since Harrison played out of scheme last fall, and Pittsburgh’s situation at OLB would have been a complete dumpster fire had Worilds not stepped up.

            I sure hope Jones pans out, especially if they are unable to lock Worilds up for a long-term extension this summer. Otherwise, they’ll be using another high round pick and others just to acquire a starter and depth at the position in the very near future.

          • Richard White Jr

            I can’t disagree about Harrison. Who knows what happened with that situation?

            I could be wrong, but I don’t think they are going to try to extend Worilds this offseason. I think they will wait and see how he does in the 2014 season and sign him after the season is over if he produces similar to last year.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            If they can’t sign him before the season starts, Worilds is gone unless he suffers a major injury. He’ll gladly take the $9.5 mil from Pittsburgh, and then skip town for the type of greener pastures another franchise will offer him.

            They’d better try to sign him ASAP if he’s in their long-term plans, because Worilds holds all the cards now. He just has to play competent football during this audition campaign and earn his big pay day elsewhere.

          • Richard White Jr

            I don’t think so. I think the Steelers hold the leverage in this case. Worilds has previously stated that Pittsburgh is where he wants to play and he signed his tender with the quickness. I think the only way he is going anywhere is if the FO decide they don’t want him anymore.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            The Steelers do not hold any leverage in this case. Worilds signed his tender quickly because he is scheduled to make close to $10 mil this year and likely would not have made that during the first couple of years, base salary wise, of any long-term deal he signed elsewhere this spring.

            Worilds doesn’t have to show any loyalty to Pittsburgh if they don’t give him what he wants before the season begins. Any decent agent can let him know, and rightfully should, play out this season to the best of his abilities, and look to see what he can earn on the open market in 2014 if no long-term deal is reached w/Pittsburgh.

            The Steelers will have other FAs to ink to extension during the spring of 2015, Big Ben, Pouncey, Cortez Allen, David DeCastro, Mike Adams or Marcus Gilbert, Kelvin Beachum or Ramon Foster, etc.. Teams w/more cap space will be licking their chops to offer Worilds big deals if he hits the open market in 2015 after a solid 2014 campaign.

          • Richard White Jr

            “Likely” is an interesting word since Worilds signed his tender before he had a chance to hear offers from any other team.

            He doesn’t HAVE to show loyalty but he already HAS shown loyalty. He probably understands that Pittsburgh is the best place for him.

            Most of those players you listed still have a couple years left on their contracts. Pouncey will be the priority and Worilds if he produces again in 2014.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Why is Pittsburgh the “best” place for Worilds? This team will likely not qualify for the postseason for a third consecutive year, and he is going to field far more lucrative offers from other teams if he lights things up this fall.

            Also, Worilds (and any intelligent player for that matter) would have signed his tender so fast because it paid him a guaranteed $9.75 mil to stay healthy and weigh all of his options down the road if a long-term deal was not reached.

            Finally, inking Roethlisberger to an extension is the top priority over any of the players on Pittsburgh’s roster. Without him, this team is picking in the top 10 every year. IMO, Pouncey isn’t worth what he is scheduled to field on the open market, so I wouldn’t be sad to see him go.

            Of course, I’ll laugh at the angry fans who will despise Worilds for making a sensible decision if he leaves town for a better and more lucrative situation after the FO is unable to sign him long-term.

          • Richard White Jr

            As a Steelers fan you should understand players don’t always chase the money. Sometimes they stay because they like it in Pittsburgh. If Worilds (or any other intelligent player) was really paper-chasing, he would have held off a little while from signing his tender, which wasn’t going anywhere, and seen if he could have gotten a huge offer from some other team.

            Ben still has two years left on his contract. They might get it done next offseason or they might wait until after 2015.

            Pouncey is a great player when healthy, but he is not always healthy so if he is chasing the money he will probably be gone.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Worilds likely wouldn’t have received $9+ mil in his first year of any long-term deal, and like players who sign one-year “prove it” contracts, he could very well be taking a calculated risk to up his value with another solid year of play.

            Nevertheless, w/o an extension Pittsburgh is going to look pretty stupid if they shell out $9+ mil to Worilds if he ends up jetting next spring.

            I’ll believe that the FO is also committed to inking Roethlisberger long-term when it actually happens. Like you said “might” is the key word there.

          • Richard White Jr

            You don’t seem to have very much faith in the FO.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            None whatsoever. Especially since they botched the Woodley and Colon contracts after I expressed for almost a year and a half that they needed to use that cap space to extend Pouncey, Wallace and Roethlisberger.

            Plus, their blind faith in Todd Haley only exacerbates my distrust.

          • Richard White Jr

            Woodley was slightly overpaid, but if he had been able to stay healthy he would have been a great linebacker to have the last few years. There is no way they could have foreseen what happened.

            Wallace was overrated and paper-chasing. I was very glad to see Antonio get extended instead and Wallace in-turn leave for “greener” pastures.

            As far as Pouncey and Roth, there is still time for those extensions to happen. The FO never rushes these things. Patience is key as a Steeler fan.

            And the Haley situation, I don’t think is “blind faith.” The offense has shown improvement since he’s been there and will continue to into next season in my opinion. I’m not sure what you mean by “2014 version football” but I’m sure the Steelers will be able to hold their own.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            My argument wasn’t against injuries w/Woodley, it was against cap space, his age, how seamlessly OLBs in LeBeau’s scheme have been replaced, Worilds being behind him on the depth chart and the fact that Woodley greatly benefited from playing next to Aaron Smith & across from James Harrison. The fact that he was a loafer and overrated joke since he signed that deal was just a cherry on top of the crap laden sundae.

            Would you like me to send you the link? I know my view wasn’t popular back in 2011, but I feel like I saw that one coming.

            Wallace wouldn’t have left for greener pastures either had the FO offered an extension after the 2010 season. His price tag would have been manageable at that juncture.

            Keep in mind that Kirby Wilson saw an extended role in the offense’s success down the stretch last year. Of course, he’s gone now & Haley is still running the show after two 8-8 seasons and an offense which finished T16th in PG & 20th in TO.

            The 2014 football I alluded to relates to Haley’s moronic insistence on using Matt Spaeth & other useless TE’s in “12” personnel packages instead of spreading the field, utilizing his more explosive WRs or another joker TE, and creating matchup issues while removing defenders from the box so Bell & now Blount can have easier times reaching the second level.

          • Richard White Jr

            Sure give me the link. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it.

            Like I said, I’m glad the Wallace situation turned out the way it did. Antonio is a much better wide receiver. Good riddance.

            I have seen talk of Kirby Wilson’s “extended” role in the offense but nobody seems to know exactly what that was. For all we know, they could have added the task of bringing the coffee to the morning offense meetings or something.

            I don’t care what formations Haley uses as long as they are successful. The offense improved toward the end of the season last year so I’m willing to give him one more season. if the offense is terrrible in 2014, then can Haley.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Since it takes so long for the links to be approved, just search “$61.5 million mistake” in the search box at the top of this site. Then ask Craig if you want to what the subject of my sample post was.

            While I disliked Wallace’s attitude at times and his lackadaisical way of route-running and catching the ball, the team is still searching for a vertical field-stretcher, and his absence is definitely noticeable.

            As for Wilson’s extended role, I think it’s odd that him being tasked with more corresponded with the offense actually improving down the stretch.

          • Donnie Richardson

            Worilds is not going anywhere.. sometimes its not about the money.. mike tomlin was voted by nfl players as the coach they would want to play for

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            And that means what, exactly? Last time I checked, guys like Wallace, Lewis, Woods, Cotchery, Sanders, Mendenhall, etc. have all left town in recent years.

          • Rikki Giaro

            Developmental players need to be selected in later rounds, one sack does not provide value for the pick. Jones was not a converted DE, he was a 3-4 OLB, one that was too small and weak to handle NFL tackles. One off season is not enough time to change that, granted with only 1 sack , it is hard to think he could do worse. There were more than a few picks, Pittsburgh could have made in the first round which would have proven value last season.

          • Nine

            Allow me to point out that Harrison didn’t do much for Cincy last year. In fact, notice that they didn’t keep him around.

            Jarvis will be fine. Rookies get hammered too much when they aren’t stars right out of the box. People did the same thing with Heyward when he was first drafted – now look at him.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            The Steelers were T-16th in PPG and ranked 20th in Total Offense and you want them to waste another high round draft choice on a linebacker who will spend most of his rookie deal as special teams cannon-fodder? No thanks.

            Also, Harrison was playing out of position for much of last season. I guess you forgot how well he played down the stretch back in 2012 when he was a 3-4 OLB.

          • Donnie Richardson

            We started 0-4 and were last in every offensive category especially rb production.. but they figured it out.. we will be the best running team in nfl with bell, blount and archer.. so lets wait and see

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            4 of the top 10 rushing teams last fall missed the postseason, including the Bills who finished 2nd. Haha, enjoy watching this team finish .500 playing 1981-football.

      • SDAZT.STEEL66

        Umm teams can improve by BPA as well as need, and remember that tight end was a major need before the draft last season. Eifert was there, was a weapon as a joker tight end and represented an enormous upgrade over Spaeth. Eifert would have not only produced right away, but Ertz would have filled that same role as well.

        Hell, they should have taken Keenan Allen in round one, as I explained at length last spring, to find a legitimate #2 WR who would add a different element to their passing game.

        • ApexSteel

          Once again hindsight. No one knew who would or wouldn’t be productive in their first year and honestly it doesn’t matter. You don’t grade a draft after the first year so your argument in and of itself is premature. Tight End also wasn’t a major need last year and I haven’t heard anyone say it was besides you.

          They didn’t take Keenan Allen in the first for the same reason everyone else didn’t he had a mid round projection after a bad pro day and Combine. But hey if you’re so bothered by these “should have done” situations use your gift of hindsight, build a time machine, and tell Pittsburgh who they should grab in 2013.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Once again, BPA vs. Need. Also, plenty of people thought TE was a huge need because Miller was coming off of a season-ending injury & many didn’t know how many games he would eventually miss. In case you didn’t know, teams draft guys who represent BPA as opposed to need from time to time. But I’m sure you already knew that and I’m sure you also remember how awful the TEs played when Heath was out of the lineup.

            I know that I was someone who had a round one projection on Allen (if you’d like proof I’m more than willing to provide it), because when I watched his tape, I saw someone who could dominate in the intermediate passing game w/his route-running and would be a fantastic weapon for Pittsburgh’s dink-and-dunk attack and in the red zone as well with his large frame.

            I’m not giving an entire grade on the draft class, and still have hope that all who are still with the team from the 2013 draft class can reach their fullest potential.

          • ApexSteel

            I would say that the man who had 44 TFLs and 28 sacks in 2 years would be both the best player available and would fit our biggest need because at that time we had no idea that Woirlds would pan out. Now of course teams do pick BPA, but not when they have a glaring need at a certain position like we had at OLB, RB, and WR.

            And like I said, with how poorly Keenan Allen was in the offseason, who would have known he would actually have a rookie of the year caliber season? You don’t know who will pan out in the draft it’s a guessing game. It’s easy to say who we should’ve gotten when you have hindsight on your side.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Yeah, the Steelers had a glaring need at WR, so taking Allen should have been an option at #17 as well as Eifert who represented a leaps and bounds upgrade over the then-healthy TEs on Pittsburgh’s roster.

            I actually saw Allen’s potential and what he could do on the field because of how he performed at the college level, particularly with a sub-par quarterback and limited talent around him (particularly his 2011 season where he racked up 98 catches, 1,343 yards and six touchdowns). I didn’t have hindsight on my side, sir. I at least had the foresight to know what he brought to the table from a skill-set perspective. I get plenty of projections wrong, but predicting Allen’s success was easy.

          • ApexSteel

            It’s like you can read what I’m saying, but you just refuse to actually process it…

            We needed an OLB first and foremost ok? And the one that (like I already said) had 44 TFLS and 28 sacks in two years was there. We wanted him because he was the BPA AND he fit our need. We weren’t going to draft Eifert because Eifert didn’t fit an immediate need. We weren’t going to draft Keenan Allen in the first because he had a late second round grade so we could still get other players and had the possibility of getting him without potentially reaching. (Because like I said we had NO idea)

            Now in hindsight passing up on them was “bad” i guess, but we drafted what we needed and valued over players that we didn’t need or value.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Ah, like you refuse to process what I am saying.

            All I am saying is that while the Steelers obviously rated OLB as their biggest need, teams sometimes bypass their biggest need to draft a BPA at another position. They might very well pay the price for that over the coming seasons is the point I am making, especially since they had other needs besides OLB.

            Moreover, how would Eifert not have fit an immediate need?! Miller was injured, Todd Haley loves “12″ personnel packages and the other TEs on the roster were Spaeth, Palmer, Paulson and Johnson. They had Kelvin Beachum playing TE early in the season, but yeah, they didn’t need Eifert or any sort of competent pass receiving threat at the position to help.

            Of course, the team took Bell in round two, at a far more replaceable position, with other talented options left on the board (Ball, Lacy, Ellington, Lacy, etc.) so they could pass on Allen who would have fit another immediate need. The team had Sanders & Cotchery playing in the final seasons of their deals and are hilariously paying the price now that 113 catches, 1,342 yards and 16 tds from last year are off the roster.

            Also, I HAD an idea of what Allen could do for an offense, stated it multiple times and am shocked he fell into round three.

          • ApexSteel

            I say we because without fans the NFL is the UFL, but go ahead and pick at that if you want to kid.

            I get that teams pass up on their needs to get other players everyone gets it, but we had a major need so we drafted that need. Like I said Jarvis was the BPA AND he fit our most important major need.

            Eifert didn’t fit an immediate need because we use our tight ends more as blockers and Spaeth is a great blocker. All drafting Eifert would have some was make it so that we didn’t address our OLB need. The problem was (Here’s where that amazing all knowing entity that you love so much comes in. HINDSIGHT.) no one foresaw Spaeth getting hurt and Heath not being ready for the first few weeks so yeas we were stuck, but you don’t normally draft in the first for your third option.

            We drafted Bell because we needed a complete back more than we needed a slot receiver and Bell turned out great, I honestly don’t get your issue with that pick. His season was comparable to all of those players in 4 less games. Once again we nor did 31 other teams think he would have that season otherwise he would’ve stayed a first rounder.

            That’s fine we all have ideas of what players will do what, but when there are other needs to fill you fill the need

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            I simply find it hilarious to see people refers to “us” and “them” when they aren’t employed by,don’t actually participate on the field or in the front office’s decision-making process. No need to be aggravated though :)

            The point I am trying to make is that TE & WR were also important and major needs as well which I believed at the time should have been addressed but weren’t.

            Remember, TE represented (and still represents a huge need). Miller’s status was up in the air and the team needed a pass-catching TE to fill his role for however long he was out after he posted a Pro Bowl campaign and was a lynchpin of the passing game (something Matt Spaeth is not).

            In addition he was only signed through the 2014 season, was coming off of a major knee injury and finding a compliment to him in “12″ personnel packages would have made the offense more explosive. Other FOs around the league could have seen that the depth at TE was pathetic and needed an upgrade. Sadly, Pittsburgh’s didn’t and are still paying the price because of it.

            You also don’t seem to realize that the Steelers could have filled their OLB need later in the draft as well. In fact, since you refer to yourself as a member of the organization, you’ll remember that most of Pittsburgh’s fantastic OLBs of the last decade were all post-1st round picks or UDFAs (Porter, Haggans, Harrison, Worilds, Woodley) so keep that in mind.

            Finally, if you watched any of San Diego’s games at all, Allen is not solely a slot receiver, he has the versatility to play in the slot, but can do damage from there and outside the numbers. Due to that versatility as well as his size and route-running ability, he would have been a perfect fit in Pittsburgh’s offense.

          • ApexSteel

            Haha all I said is to keep picking at that point if you want and you chose to like I knew you would. You overestimate your trolling ability kid and we’re going back to the whole “You can’t read thing”.

            We addressed the Tight end spot with Spaeth because we would rather have our tight ends block (which is why we had linemen out at the tight end spot. It’s blocking over receiving in Pittsburgh). We then addressed the wide out spot with Markus Wheaton and thanks to hindsight we can see that pick didn’t turn out so great last year because broken fingers cost him a lot of his season.

            I understand that there are players we could’ve drafted later to play OLB, but we would have needed your best friend hindsight to figure out just which late rounders would’ve panned out right away. But that was too much of a gamble because the OLB spot needed a sure thing. You bring up those players, but you’re forgetting that when they were drafted there were starters in place already. (Gildon for Porter, Porter for Harrison, and Harrison for Woodley) Last year, Woirlds was a pretty much unknown commodity. Fun Fact also. We drafted Lawrence Timmons to play OLB not ILB.

            And I didn’t call Keenan Allen a slot. I’m just saying that Sanders and Brown played on the outside so Slot is the position mostly any receiver we would have chosen would have played. No one is questioning what he would’ve done I’m just saying that not many teams knew for sure because they didn’t have the luxury of hindsight. Hell, even I said Zac Stacy would be good last year, but I’m not crying because we didn’t grab him.

            That being said, it’s 3:30 and this is going nowhere so I’m going to go to bed and let you marinate on your L bro. Peace.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            The fact that the FO shows so much faith is Spaeth illustrates how stuck the franchise is in the stone age. They blew it, and people like you aren’t willing to admit it.

            The funny thing is, Jones was drafted w/starters in place like those OLBs I alluded to (Worilds and Woodley). Of course, I’m sure you already knew that much like I did about Timmons being an OLB.

            Also, Sanders is an extremely capable slot receiver, while he could and did play the “x,” where do you think he played his first couple of seasons in the league w/Hines Ward & Mike Wallace were here.

            The fact that you stayed up until 3:30 does make me laugh though. Aww, I’m just sorry I made you stay up past your bed time. :(

          • ApexSteel

            Ok once again. We had no idea that Woirlds would have a good season like I said he was a pretty much unknown commodity. So we drafted JJ to battle with him for the spot. There isn’t a Sio Moore, Jamie Collins, or any other prospect in the picture because like I have already said no one knew how they would perform last season they just knew that JJ had the most sacks of anyone coming into the draft. There was also no Keenan Allen for the exact same reason.

            It’s not that your argument is hard to grasp. It’s actually the exact same thing that everyone says the year after a draft. “Oh man. That player I wanted did great last year. Damn it I wish we would’ve drafted him.” Literally everyone says it. You’re not special kid sorry to break it to you haha. You just chose to argue last year’s wishlist to the death. I was just kind of trying to get you to understand that, but you’re just caught up in yourself I guess.

            And Jesus bro. My bed time? Are you always so passive-aggressive over the internet? Not only do your arguments suck, but you’re not even creative.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Basing a draft pick simply on sacks rather than what the guy could turn into and develop into at the next level is short-sighted. Both Collins and Moore had the type of athletic upside to offer tremendous value as a pass-rusher, the ability to hold their own against the pass, and the versatility to kick inside like Timmons did.

            Also, how was Worilds an “unknown” commodity? He had started a combined 10 games, racked up 10.0 sacks and 67 tackles in a reserve role the previous three seasons, including a career-high 5.0 in 2012 in relief of Woodley & Harrison. While injuries cost him some time, his productivity and his play on film illustrated that he could be a capable place-holder at the very worst.

            I’m not special when it comes to my prospect analysis, but most with a brain could have seen what a prospect like Allen brought to the table and that other needs existed outside of OLB when prospects like Collins, Lemonier, etc. could have been picked up at a later juncture. I guess what incenses me is that if it was so damn obvious to someone like me, why wasn’t it obvious to others around the league?

            You are right about me arguing last year’s wish list to death though. I guess it was because I saw value in players that FOs around the league didn’t for whatever reasons. I’ll admit that it is quite dickish on my part to do that. But hey, when you’re right, you’re right.

            I do hope that you enjoy watching Jones struggle again, and the wide receiver & tight end positions still remain issues this fall though, especially if this team puts off addressing those positions like they did last year.

          • Donnie Richardson

            Steelers draft on need period!!!

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            That’s the most idiotic strategy ever. If the team drafted solely on need, Ben Roethlisberger would not be this team’s starting QB.

    • Donnie Richardson

      Bell and Jones were great picks.. and how far did the bengals, packers and chargers win? We started 0-4 then 2-6 but we ended 6-2 when everybody bought into haley.. bell had steeler franchise record with 1200 all purpose yards a franchise record and bell missed the first 3 games.. this draft we got younger at key positions and alot more athletic and fast.. by the way what nfl team do you work for? Thats what i thought!! Now shut your damn idiot mouth

      • SDAZT.STEEL66

        Awww, someone’s mad? Haha! Last time I checked, Cincinnati, Green Bay and San Diego all went to the postseason, and while Bell shined, his position is far more replaceable than Allen’s. Also, remind me again how many sacks Jones racked up last year? That’s right, it was the same amount of Subway commercials he was in (one.) :)

  • Post Corner

    Minus “the extreme religious views”? Huh? Tebow was a “reach”. 580 Touches 32 TDs 9 INTs. Took a team with 1.8% chance to make the playoffs, to the playoffs. Never had the support of his GM or Coaching Staff and still led the team to the playoffs. I really don’t understand the hatred for this kid. Just because he’s religious! Stay classy!

    • Richard White Jr

      And where is he now?

      My dislike of Tebow has very little to do with his religious views. Although, you do have to admit he is a little over the top with it sometimes. I have always thought he was overhyped. He shouldn’t have been a first round pick, at least not as a quarterback. He is not a good quarterback. Sure he had his magical moments, but he was majorly incosistent as a passer.

      Plus I’m an Alabama fan so I may be a little bit biased.

  • Scot Hickerson

    You could not be more wrong about Landry Jones. He will be an NFL
    starter and he should have been a first round pick and would have had
    he gone out a year earlier. Landry will be Pittsburgh’s Aaron Rodgers
    and when Ben’s contract is up the Team might do what the Packers did
    with Brett Farve. The knocks on Landry are not true. He is
    inconsistent, He won 40 games and averaged 4k yards and 30 TD’s a year
    for 4 years in a Major BCS Conference going 3-1 in Bowl Games that’s
    very consistent. No confidence?? then how could he produce that much
    with out it. How can you own all the conference records in the big
    twelve that had like 7 QB first round picks came out of if in the last 6 years and have no
    Confidence. Not Mobile?? yeah he is no Johnny Manzeil but he moves
    well in the pocket and makes quick decisions. He was only Sacked 52
    times in 2183 throws. Ben was sacked like 47 this last year. AS far
    as his 45 percent completion he was only sacked like once or twice in
    preseason Ben was sacked like 8 times. Jones played behind the third
    string line and they were bad. Jones throws the ball away and doesn’t
    take sacks and many times he had to just get rid of it. I think he
    did pretty good for how bad the third stringers are but all rookies
    struggle at first. This year he will be the back up. there is a reason that the team won’t renew Ben’s contract this year. Pittsburgh isn’t going to pay Ben 100 mill at 34,35,36 Charlie Batch was right.

    • Richard White Jr

      I hope you are right, but I don’t see it. As far as Ben’s contract goes, I don’t know why everybody thinks he is going to want 100mil. He will sign an extension for a reasonable price.

      • Scot Hickerson

        You may be right but about Ben taking less. But with the trade talk last year and Colberts comments about what they are will to pay and what Ben is willing to take. He may be able to get a lot more somewhere else. Anyways, I have never gotten why everyone is so down on Landry both in college and now in the NFL. When his performance could have not been any better. Its not like he played at a small school or is 6’00 tall. If ou wanted to win a National Chamionship they needed to get a defense his junior and Senior year. Landry is more like what Ben Became in the Second half of the year, quicker passes got rid of the ball. i think Landry will be the back up and we will have to see what happens.

  • Donnie Richardson

    As a franchise we draft on the defensive side of the ball first.. so you people are right and so are the other teams that picked the players the steelers passed up? Well answer this… Why the hell are we the only franchise with 8 sb appearances and 6 rings?


      Why the hell has this franchise missed the postseason the last two seasons? Todd Haley is busy playing 1981 football. In addition, why has this franchise been either an utter joke or had competitive teams fail with fantastic defenses and rushing attacks throughout their history? Oh, I know, because they didn’t have franchise quarterbacks from 1933-1969 and 1983-2003.