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The Pittsburgh Steelers Should Select C.J.Mosley in the 2014 NFL Draft

The 2014 NFL Draft begins this Thursday, so it is time for me to give my opinion on who the Pittsburgh Steelers should take with their 15th overall selection.  All offseason, I have been stuck on Mike Evans.  Even before any talk had come out about the Steelers taking a tall wide receiver in this class, he was my choice.  I had seen him tear it up in the SEC last season and especially against Alabama where he put up a monster performance.  Now, his stock has risen to a point where the likelihood of him falling to the Steelers at number 15 is small, and I don’t think trading up is an option.

Therefore, with the 15th overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Steelers should select C.J. Mosley from the University of Alabama. Mosley has lots of experience, being a four year starter at Alabama.  He is the field general the Pittsburgh Steelers need at the Will linebacker position alongside Lawrence Timmons. 

Currently, all the Steelers have at that position is a bunch of question marks.  I have seen Vince Williams described repeatedly as a “great two down player” which sounds like an oxymoron to me and translates to being a great backup.  We want our linebackers to be three down players.  How Sean Spence will fair after a major knee injury that has kept him out of action for almost two years is a mystery.

Mosley has great football intelligence, instincts, and leadership skills.  He could come in and learn behind Vince Williams or Sean Spence for a year (because rookies never prosper in Dick LeBeau’s defense as all of Steeler Nation should remember from 2013 with Jarvis Jones), and be ready to become the starter by year two.  He is a three down linebacker, that can play the run as well as cover on passing downs.

The biggest knock on C.J. has been his injury history, which is somewhat extensive, with a few shoulder, elbow, and hip injuries during his college career.  However, he only missed three games in four years due to injury, two in the regular season and the 2012 BCS National Championship.  His medical history is something team doctors have taken a look at by now and if they feel he is in good shape, the Steelers should pull the trigger on this pick.

While his injury history does worry me some, I feel cornerback and wide receiver should be selected in the next few rounds when the depth of this class at those positions will begin to show and the Steelers will be able to get better value picks.  Zack Martin was another player I considered here, but the team has spent so many high draft picks on the offensive line the last few years it seems like overkill.  With the talent on this line and Mike Munchak coming in to coach it, barring injuries it should shape up pretty well this season.  Considering all of that, and Mosley’s abilities, he is the logical choice at number 15.

What do you think Steeler Nation?  Would you like to see C.J. Mosley become part of another great Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker corps with Jarvis Jones, Lawrence Timmons, and Jason Worilds?

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  • Joshua Giovannone

    I wouldn’t mind them taking him I just really believe we should take a corner. Gilbert or Dennard and they are even worth trading up for. They will both be gamechangers for whoever drafts them and their position is the number one need for us.


      Gilbert & Dennard are both terrible scheme-fits, and Dennard is one of the draft’s most overrated prospects while Gilbert is talented but has issues tackling in open space, supporting the run and w/his footwork. Stick & stay at 15 and pick either Fuller or Verrett if they’re looking for a CB.

      • Joshua Giovannone

        You sound like Merril Hoge.

        • Joshua Giovannone

          Dennard is great at open field tackles, can stop the run better than most CBs, and definitely the most physical of all the available. All four guys will be good in the nfl but dennard and Gilbert are that much better than Fuller and Verrett.

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Dennard can’t play off-man coverage or zone coverage, lacks the agility to stay with shiftier receivers, and does not have the top end speed to deal with bigger & faster receivers if he cannot get his hands on him at the next level. (Go watch the Notre Dame game if you don’t believe me).

            I like Gilbert’s ball-skills, quickness and return ability. Sadly, his skill-set would be wasted in LeBeau’s archaic “catch-and-tackle” defensive scheme.

            Verrett would be the perfect shut-down guy in the slot for this team, has fluid hips, can support the run and plays very well in space. Fuller’s long arms, ball-skills and ability to play both off-man, zone and press-man would make him a solid addition to the secondary as well.

          • http://nicepickcowher.com/author/richardlamarwhitejr/ Richard White Jr

            You don’t think taking Verrett or Fuller would be reaching at 15?

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Not necessarily, they are my top two corners on the board and they are much better scheme-fit options than Gilbert or Dennard. Verrett would also fill a huge need for a defense which has been mercilessly exploited by slot receivers. Personally, I would hope they could trade back a few spots, a la what they did w/Big Snack in 2001, to get either player. But of the defensive players who will likely be in play for them at #15 overall, I think they’d be great picks.

            Of course, I’d rather see them upgrade their offense before they do anything since they lost Sanders & Cotchery this spring and Spaeth will likely see significant snaps unless a competent pass receiving option is drafted to pair with Miller.

  • CP21

    Not at pick 15…maybe in the second round if he slides. Not convinced Mosley is not just another Bama LB…great in college, mediocre in the NFL. Hard to name one recent Bama LB who made a splash in the NFL…McClain…big time bust. Hightower…below average at best, Mosley could be next.

    • Chris Doakes

      You are on point about mosley definitely wouldn’t take him there corner is where I would go Justin Gilbert if you ask me would be a hell of a choice stay away from darqueze Denard.

      • daddeeekip

        Gilbert doesn’t like to tackle and that doesn’t translate well in the AFCN

        • SDAZT.STEEL66

          I’m sure Lake could teach him and Gilbert could learn. He has the athletic potential to do so. Sadly, like Keenan Lewis, by the time he’d see the field on defense, half to three-quarters of his rookie deal would be over. And that would be if he panned out nicely.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com/author/richardlamarwhitejr/ Richard White Jr

      Hightower has been doing pretty good in New England. Idk why those previous linebackers didn’t work out but Mosley is not those guys.

      Will linebacker is hardly a splash position anyway. It is a consistency leadership type of position.

  • Steve Wade

    Hope they load up the d line on friday


    Why would the Steelers take an inside linebacker at #15overall when they have Timmons, Williams and Garvin as the top three in the rotation along with Spence as a wild-card? In addition, why would they gamble on a talented yet injury-prone guy like Mosley who has issues shedding blocks in the run game, and could struggle behind an inexperienced defensive line?

    This team needs help at WR, TE, CB, DE and OLB before they need anybody at ILB.

    • http://nicepickcowher.com/author/richardlamarwhitejr/ Richard White Jr

      See paragraph 3 in regards to the linebacker rotation.

      See paragraphs 5 and 6 in regards to the health issue.

      He is likely to be the BPA when the Steelers pick at 15.

      • SDAZT.STEEL66

        Exactly how would Mosley represent a BPA over someone like
        Fuller or Verrett? The last thing this team needs is to waste a high round
        draft choice on a LB who will be special teams cannon fodder for half of his
        rookie deal.

        • josh gill

          Pretty sure I would take my chances on the best ILB in the draft over the third and fourth best corners

          • SDAZT.STEEL66

            Shame the Steelers took the second best CB in the draft when the best corner, Verrett, was still on the board.

  • ApexSteel

    No we shouldn’t…

  • [email protected]

    Richard, no offense, but if we take Moseley at 15 the ENTIRE front office must be on drugs and should be immediately fired!!!
    Don’t get me wrong, Moseley is a very good player but he would be a luxury for us given our needs elsewhere and the nature of players available to us in rd 1 (CB in particular).

    • http://nicepickcowher.com/author/richardlamarwhitejr/ Richard White Jr

      Everybody needs to stop talking about needs so much. I understand the team has needs, but they need to focus on the BPA also so that they don’t reach for players. If Mike Evans is gone and the top two corners (Dennard and Gilbert) are gone, then Mosley could be the BPA at number 15, so I wouldn’t want them to reach for another corner or WR. If they feel that Fuller or Verrett is rated higher as some people do then so be it, maybe they should take one of them. My point was that in a realistic situation when the Steelers pick at number 15, Mosley may represent the Best Player Available and also fill a position that is not a great strength on the roster right now.

  • Jesse Murray

    I dont get it at all. I watched 4 games with Mosely and saw a solid ILB nothing more nothing less. I did not see a player with any explosion, few if any splash plays and a guy making a boatload of tackles 3-4 yards beyond the LOS. I look at his work out numbers and meh. 9 TFL and 1/2 a sack and this is the guy you believed would lead PS D back to where they belong? ESPN, CBS and other major networks trumpet Bama players/games like crazy. They’re literally Saban’s PR machine. Without that non stop hype Mosely is good college football player that would likely be looked at end of 2nd or early 3rd round. When I watch games for players that will be difference makers at the next level, I expect to see difference making plays. I didnt see that with Mosely at all. Toss in his durability concerns and why folks think he is a surefire pro bowl prospect is mindboggling. He isnt.