Nov 23, 2013; Columbus, OH, USA; Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Shane Wynn (1) runs with the ball after a catch and tries to avoid Ohio State Buckeyes linebacker Ryan Shazier (2) in the first quarter of the game at Ohio Stadium. Ohio State Buckeyes beat Indiana Hoosiers 42-14. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NFL Draft Round 1: Pittsburgh Steelers Select LB Ryan Shazier

And the pick is in. With the 15th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft your Pittsburgh Steelers have selected linebacker Ryan Shazier out of Ohio State. The pick comes as somewhat of a surprise as it seemed as though the Steelers were looking towards a cornerback for their first round pick initially. Proves you never really know how it’s all going to play out.

Ryan Shazier is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He ran a 4.38 40 yard dash and did 25 reps on the bench press. He’s 6’1”, 237lbs and did 25 reps on the bench press. Shazier was a first team All-American last year for Ohio State recording 144 tackles and seven sacks. Should be interesting to see how he fits into the Steelers defense.

What are your thoughts Steeler Nation?

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  • Joshua Giovannone

    Awful. Just wow. Not even a top priority.

    • OVP66223

      How so? We have 3 starting LBs and one of those will not be brought back next year (Worilds) due to wanting too fat a contract. Only had Timmons at ILB. Jones is not yet a sure thing OLB, though I think he’ll be a solid starter in 2014. LB was definitely a NEED. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I agree that CB and DL are big needs as well, but we do have more draft picks on Friday and Saturday. We’ll get a CB and probably a DL (and maybe more). The top CBs weren’t particularly impressive this year (no shut down CB in the draft), so passing on forcing that need was wise.

      • Anthony Hargraves

        Again we were terrible at stopping the run last year. That was our biggest weakness….smh, stop listening to the media and watch the damn games. when as the last time we were ranked 21st against the run? We were 9th against the pass! duh! Its not rocket science ppl damn!

  • Michael Holder

    F- pick… completely wasted pick by the FO.

    • OVP66223

      What player did you think was a much better pick at 15? Just curious. I didn’t see any with the ability to positively impact our defense more than Shazier.

  • Mangler

    Shake my head, so many areas of need, I guess we’ll see how it works out….

    • OVP66223

      LB was also a need. We had/have needs at DE, NT, CB and LB. Only QB, RB, OL and S were not positions of need. I have no issue with taking the best playmaker and athlete (Shazier) that was available at an area of need.

      • Mangler

        If they wanted a LB why let Mosley slip to the Ravens, he is at home in a 3-4, unlike Shazier who played a 4-3 in college… like I said…see how this works out….

        • OVP66223

          Mosley is slower than Shazier and overrated. They are about the same size and Shazier is faster, quicker, stronger and more agile. What part of Mosley has you thinking he would have been a better pick? Playing for Saban maybe? I didn’t get why Mosley was rated so high. I saw him play and he is solid, but that is it. He has no upside beyond average ILB and too slow to cover the quicker TE and RB’s in the NFL. The biggest need was speed due to a pass-happy league with quick RB, WR and TE’s all over the place and Shazier has it… Mosley is a better fit for 20 years ago that today.

          • Mangler

            I really hope you are right , we shall see….

          • Anthony Hargraves

            Man you and I think a like! There is no up side to Mosley. Shazier is younger and faster. Mosley stayed another year to improve on shedding blockers so his draft stock would be better…mission accomplished. Butler will teach Shazier to do the same this year. I doubt if Shazier will start this year but he will be in on 3rd/passing downs for sure.

        • OVP66223

          I admit you can’t find 100% truth anywhere, but I feel more like this grader (Walter football) than any other (need fix a slow D and Mosley not all that):

          Pittsburgh Steelers: Ryan Shazier, ILB, Ohio State: B Grade

          Talented prospects tend to fall to the Steelers – David DeCastro and
          then Jarvis Jones – but that wasn’t the case this year. That’s fine
          because the Steelers are still making a decent selection. Ryan Shazier
          is a speedy linebacker who will upgrade the middle of the defense.
          Pittsburgh’s defense was very slow last year, so Shazier was taken to
          compensate for that.

          Baltimore Ravens: C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama: C Grade

          I hate to question Ozzie Newsome, but I’m not a fan of this pick.
          Trusted sources who wouldn’t smokescreen us told us that they had C.J.
          Mosley in the second round because C.J. Mosley was damaged goods. We
          actually spoke to two teams that thought Mosley would be available in
          the second round. The pick makes sense for need purposes, and Mosley
          could pan out, but this selection has a very high bust rate.

  • OVP66223

    Shazier was a freakish playmaker and his combine results were off the charts for a 240 lb man. What exactly do the 3 previous posters want from a 15th overall pick?

    I would caution you that picking SOLELY on biggest need will kill a franchise. Dennard was no lock-down CB and no sure thing. Is CB a need? Sure. Is/was LB a need? It sure was. Is DL a need? It sure is. We can’t fill ALL the holes in one pick, but we got the best overall disruptive athlete available. What is NOT to like?

  • OVP66223

    One other note. I am sure like me, many Steelers fans saw how terrible our LBs were at covering backs and tight ends last year. We were just awful. This pick infuses badly needed speed (with good size) and the ability to stick with nearly all RBs or TEs in coverage. This was definitely a need pick and maybe more of a need than a first round CB to play zone coverage 10 yards off the line (we can find a solid CB later to do that, like we always have in the past).

  • Anthony Hargraves

    You guys do know that our run defense (21) was worst than our pass defense(9) right? You remember troy playing LB a lot last year? well now Troy can play in is normal spot. Also we don’t have to worry about the likes of Manning not allowing sub’s by running his hurry up offense. Bill Parcells always says build from the inside out. give me a good front 7 and the db’s don’t have to be shut down corners.

    • Craig

      The run defensive woes was due to D-line play and not LB play. Also The Tuna coached in a very different league. The offenses are built to counter a strong front seven. Corner play is just as crucial as anything else.

      • OVP66223

        Every position is as crucial as anything else. That is an empty statement. We had a huge need for a fast, agile LB and got the fastest, most agile…and most productive college LB in the draft. He was first team All-American, not like he is just some combine freak that couldn’t make plays.

        We had a need for a good CB, a good DL (or two) and a good LB (or two). Worilds won’t be around next year, no way they make the same mistake of paying him 8 digits per season like they did Woodley. That leaves Jones (not yet proven) and Timmons. That is it. Vince Williams is NOT a good starting LB, but would make a very nice backup.

        There was NO shutdown corner in this draft, not a one. This is a deep CB draft, but weak at the top. Nothing like previous years. I had no issue with them passing on any and all of the projected top CB’s as there was much better value in taking the fastest LB in college (and now the fastest LB in the pros…as a 21 year old…this reminds me of Polamalu pick a decade ago).

    • OVP66223

      I am with you Anthony…but we seem to be in the minority. How others can’t stand picking the fastest LB in the country, that also happened to be 1st team All-American and is now the fastest LB in the NFL is beyond me. There wasn’t a top CB in the draft and very little potential to become a lock down CB.