2014 NFL Draft: Overall Impressions of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Rest of the NFL

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The NFL Draft has come and gone.  It felt like we waited forever for it (which we did), but it is already over.  Those three days flew by.  256 players got drafted.  There were surprises.  Players slipped.  ESPN couldn’t say Johnny Football enough.  Now comes the post draft grades.  Which teams did great and who looked clueless.  Before we know it training camp will begin and then actual football will be played.  117 days aways from week one Browns at Steelers, just saying.

Anyways let’s take an overall look at what occurred in Radio City Music Hall over the past three days.  I’ll obviosly talk about the Steelers draft class.  I also want to talk about the Browns because they are just intriguing to me, and also I want to mention Michael Sam.  So without further ado…

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  • bk

    FIrst off I will say what most are thinking about Sam… he was drafted because he is gay, not in spite of it. If he had not came out, he would have been a free agent… then the big show…puke..
    I wish him luck, but, if he gets cut he needs to accept it. The Media made me sick, they could not wait to make a huge production of the whole thing… once again someones agenda isbeing forced down our throats.. I have always supported gay marriage and have many gay friends and they thought it was way over the top…
    Steelers… Shazier.. fast, but lets see him shed blockers, Tuitt? ZIggy2 but fatter.. Dri? HAve you seen his ball security or lack there of? He will be a chronic fumbler…Bryant was a good pick there, a big upside if he puts in the work… after that we got a slow OS linebacker who tries hard, an unproven cb who got soked a lot in college, a smart and savvy OT who cant blow anyone off the line, and a big fat guy who can take up space.
    I hope they sign a bunch of FA cb’s…. Purifoy, Roberson, etc

    • Craig

      That’s a rather short sided, easy, and compartmentalized way to look at the Sam situation. When was the last time a SEC Defensive Player of the Year NOT get drafted? Did the SEC, THE hardest conference in college football, all of a sudden become daft and unable to determine talent and achievement? Please. Here’s a baggy for your puke. Clean yourself up.

      • bk

        Whatever.. if you like watching grown men kiss on tv, go for it. What about the millions of people whose religion is against that? Do their feeling not count anymore. I Have no issue with gays, at all, and I don’t wish Sam any ill will and hope he makes it on his play… I just don’t see it. He had a couple good games early last year against Juco’s basically, then nada…

        • Craig

          Again, don’t like it? That’s what the remote is for. You have as much a choice to change the station as much as I have a choice not to watch the 700 Club or the dramatic exploitations that is better referred to as the local news.

          I really prefer to only discuss football on this site, but since you seem to insist….

          I’m assuming that the religion you mention is of the Christian variety. And, for the folks playing at home, Christianity is based off of the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. Well I’d like for you to share with me a verse – anyone will do – of the many that JESUS stated where homosexuality is wrong/sinful/illegal. Go ahead, I can wait. If you’ve actually reached for your bible (where did you leave that darn thing last anyways?) and tried to look one up, good for you. But I’m guessing that you didn’t and never have in regards to this issue because a zealot you are not – you’re just a happy-go-lucky who doesn’t like to see homosexuals express love… not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m going to also presume that you only believe it’s a sin (do you? or are you speaking on behalf of the masses? If that’s the case, then kiss off because you don’t represent my Christian views or MILLIONS of other’s, but I digress….) Presuming that you believe it’s a sin without actually looking it up, you must then base this ‘belief’ off the premise of only believing if because that’s what you were told to believe by the loudest and angriest voices that have a platform to speak on.

          And I have to tell you bk, if that’s the case – if you believe something blindly because of what you are told – then I seriously begin to doubt your ability to break down anything having to do with football because are you just spewing back what you’ve heard by the loudest and angriest voices – i.e. Warren Sapp, Skip Bayless, etc etc. You’ve always been a solid commenter on here, bk (whether I or anyone agrees with you). But are your comments yours or someone else’s? I have to wonder….

          As for hurt ‘feelings’…. I have a weird feeling deep down in my gut that you have probably never ever been bullied, persecuted, or discriminated against to even begin to know what hurt ‘feelings’ are like. Christianity is under attack – REAL attack – about as much as the sun turns green.

          Thus ends my rant. Thus should end yours. Let’s get back to some football. As for Sam’s performance, yes he had some easier opponents in the first couple weeks but then he still had 3 sacks against Vandy (didn’t the Steelers just draft a good linemen from there???), 3 more against Florida in a big win, and helped his team win the Cotton Bowl against Ok State. Stats aside he’s an effective playmaker with football smarts and good character/work ethic – what scouts would usually refer to as a desirable and draftable player in the NFL.

    • Craig

      Also, there’s no agenda. If there is, who’s? Other than the agenda of making money off of “controversy” of course and pimping that until the cows come home. So if you want to piss and moan about being forced to watch (oh hey there’s the remote) something that wasn’t a big deal to witness any ways – blame ESPN for being persistent in wanting to put cameras around Sam all day long yesterday. Or blame any other outlet that decided to cover it as a ‘thing.’

    • ApexSteel

      Ignoring your completely wrong analysis of the Michael Sam situation that’s really how you see the draft class. I mean they’re not perfect, but come on man honestly.
      Shazier’s block shedding isn’t awful, but even if you think it is you don’t think that can be taught?
      Your Tuitt point is baseless so I’ll let that die on it’s own.
      Ball carrying can also be taught. Look at AP. They hired the same coach who coached him.

      You could’ve brought up Bryant’s drops and I would’ve agreed, but whatever you didn’t.
      Zumwalt tries too hard…I’ll let that die too.
      No one drafted is “proven” so unproven isn’t a good word to use for Richardson.
      Technique can be taught for Johnson and McCullers is a project.
      You also forgot Blancheflower.
      In conclusion, your opinion kinda sucks.

      • bk

        opinions are like A holes… everyone has one and that is mine. Yours is fantasy land in my opinion… who is going to cover the opposing teams wr’s? Where did the D rank last year in that and where is the help? When this team finishes last in the division remember where you heard it.

        • ApexSteel

          Pass D was 9th in yards per game, 9th in total passing yards allowed, 7th in tds allowed, and 5th in completion percentage. Soooo bad right? Pass D wasn’t the problem it was the awful run D. Which is why Shazier and Tuitt were picked.