October 7, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) calls a play in the huddle against the Philadelphia Eagles during the first quarter at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers Morning Huddle 5/17/2014

Steelers season goes all year long so whether we’re breaking down free agency signings, recapping the draft choices, or looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

How the 2014 Draft picks fit in

Bob Labriola of the Steelers Digest broke down the Steelers 2014 draft class in terms of where they might best fit in with the team. He’s got some interesting takes on where and how these young guys will be contributing to the squad. He’s convinced that the Steelers first round pick Ryan Shazier will have expectations on him even last year’s first pick Jarvis Jones did not.

“It doesn’t sound as though Shazier is going to be spoon-fed the defense and allowed to come along slowly. There will be expectations for him to get onto the field as a rookie, and more than just that, expectations to make plays as a rookie that positively impact games.” – Bob Labriola

Local players get tryout chance at rookie camp

According to Mark Kaboly of the Trib, the 20 players the Steelers invited to rookie minicamp for tryouts include some home-grown Western PA guys. Gateway graduate LB Dorian Bell is among the local guys hoping to work their way onto the Steelers roster. He’s got three of his teammates from high school trying out with him as well in CB Corey Brown, CB Dayonne Nunley, and LB Delbert Tyler.

Bryant got a welcome call from Roethlisberger

If you were happy to see the Steelers draft a tall wide receiver in Martavis Bryant, you can imagine how much happier Ben Roethlisberger was as well. As ESPN’s Scott Brown explains; Ben called Bryant 10 minutes after the Steelers selected the former Clemson wide receiver in the fourth round of the draft.

“Yeah, I was surprised to be honest with you but it was a good experience for me. He asked me when I was coming out here and I told him I report Monday.” – Martavis Bryant

Roethlisberger has already had a chance to throw some passes to his new receiver, although naturally he’s not participating in rookie camp.

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  • Carl Eagan

    Although I think drafting Shazier in the first round was a mistake I’m hoping with time he could become the player we all hope he can be. However throwing him in immediately won’t be doing him any favors he needs time to learn the defense and truly beat out Williams and Garvin and that won’t happen until they start wearing pads and hitting. Ben calling Bryant isn’t that big a deal he does it every year, Bryant is not going to be a savior he drops more than he catches and if Mann couldn’t develop Moye and Brown Bryant doesn’t have a chance.

    • Kimmy

      LOL Carl, you’re a constant ray of sunshine.

      • Carl Eagan

        I hope I’m wrong and every single draft pick starts and plays at pro-bowl level but that just isn’t realistic. I also think that Shazier, Tuitt and Bryant could be better than average players but I also think they will need time to learn the system and develop and it’s unrealistic to put very high expectations on them as the pro game is much harder and faster than college. Realistically the team of Colbert and Tomlin have many more misses than hits during their time together. Is that because the Steeler’s have the smallest team of scouts in the NFL and rely on other scouts to give them info? Or is it hoping players with a particular trait (this year it’s speed) meld into the system?

        • bk

          YOu can’t say anything negative on here or you get chastized… never mention the back to back 8-8 seasons and the inept in-game coaching and poor time management of TOmlin or you will be shunned…LOL

          • Craig

            Get a life bk, you can’t possibly say that with a straight face. I’ve been one of the loudest voices on this site against Tomlin. I don’t think he’s a very good coach and is terribly flawed in his in game management. Check enough posts back from last season and it’s pretty well established. Obviously.

          • bk

            Wasn’t talking about you…

          • Craig

            Well when you generalize, the assumption is that you are talking about everyone or everything that deals with this site. Saying things like “can’t say anything” or “never” are unfair generalizations about what gets written on here or how the writers comment on the posts.

            Look, some people have optimistic opinions, others have negative opinions. Some agree with the optimists, other don’t and visa versa. Plus you need to understand the history between this site and Carl – he loves to stir the pot with us and we give it right back.

          • Kimmy

            I think it’s the other way around. We can’t write anything optimistic about the Steelers without a couple of you guys knocking it down with your arm-chair in-depth analysis of how you think you’re so right about everything that’s wrong with the team. It’s almost comical at this point.

          • bk

            I am optimistic that Bryant will be more like Plaxico than Sweed… I was optimistic that Jarvis Jones would be the next great OS LB (then I saw him play in the NFL and can see he is not quick enough) I loved the DeCastro Pick…
            This year IMO they (maybe the rest of the NFL is wrong) needed to address the CB spot and did not… Cleveland now has 2 top notch CB’s, CIncy likewise, we have a guy well past his prime, 1 servicable guy and a bunch of scrubs…
            But hey, we are now loaded with LB’s and DE’s…

          • xeranar

            Every year teams are desperate for CBs. Every year teams draft way too many in the top 60 picks. There just aren’t that many good ones worth the picks and frankly you can still dominate a team at the pro level with a good front 7.

            Last year 0-4 start was an oddity and if we had just been .500 we would have been 10-6 in the playoffs and probably to the divisional round. Griping about how the steelers aren’t whatever hot team is annual but we’re 6 for 8 in SBs, 2 for 3 in the last decade. That’s better than New England, Baltimore, Indy, SF, Seattle….the list goes on. The big argument over the ’09 & ’10 draft falls apart because we lost them to free agency, not to poor decisions.

          • scott sinclair

            I don’t think we can break it down to negative/optimistic, it’s more like we have to be realistic. I stopped writing on this site because I just got tired of getting name called by complete strangers( and I have a pretty thick skin). Plus I just had too much going on. Truthfully, I didn’t appreciate being labelled an idiot, etc. Everyone thinks they know better than everyone else, hell look at Mel Kiper, he’s made a career out of it. Point is you can’t have a debate on here without it breaking down into name calling. I commented on draft day that I hated the Shazier pick and you should see the comments that ensued. I think Tomlin is a horrid coach, but again I got lambasted and was told I didn’t know what I was talking about. I even broke it down by how many of Cowher’s players Tomlin was winning with and now that it’s his team with his players they have been going downhill. I called out Lebeau last summer (boy the comments that followed that). I’m neither negative or positive, I just try to be realistic but many in Steeler land aren’t, and many can’t have a debate unless they sink into name calling and personal attacks.

          • bk

            I agree, especially about Tomlin.. He reminds me of President Obama in that I was hopeful of them being top-notch.. I just have not seen it..
            Politic’s aside I just do not think Tomlin is a good coach, he sticks with his game plan too long and seems unable to adjust during a game…Don’t even get me started on clock management and challenge issues (Cowher was the same on the clock mgmt issue)…

  • Giahead33

    I see Shazier being ROY, and Bryant is gonna be the next Santonio Holmes (minus the problems off field) and help explode Big Bens best season yet this year!! I just hope Derek Moye gets more playing time, dudes a fast and great handed receiver!! Gonna be a great season!!! GO STEELERS!!!